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50/50 Custody For Dads

This at the start of the young texans brought to you by jack that do is a man in indiana he’s having some of madeline she’s in fact is the worst got three kids these have arrangement for sharing because that was fine accuses serb recently for a number of reasons which i’ll explain a little bit above the coordinating the ruling on how they would show the kids uh. we got a new story here on what they could be because generation to make that willing which is absolute lou guido regis.

So let’s watch the store for the past four years he’s lived his life like many divorced dads sharing fiftyfifty custody of his three children about him actually a m and ended up last week rex carburetor argues that time with his kids would be cut the just four hours a week and every other weekend mainland around me and my children for more than fiveten minutes dancy the love the one that’s their dispute with because that was perfect since they’ve been born i have been accepted the medal searching the ruling he found judge.

George hancock wrote the father did not participate in the same religious training is the mother you noted that the father was agnostic goes on to say that when the father considered himself a christian the parties were able to communicate relatively effectively i had never uh. impose my belief systems on the children macbeth accuse go to a christian day care uh. that when we had really all i had to agree to the last you know threefour years aside from all the friction and a motion with his exwife scarborough veteran of the us.

Agnostic Dad Loses Custody Of Kids

Navy says his constitutional rights that he fought for had been trampled and at the highest degree because nothing else is important to me in this world other than my relationship with those kids discovery says he will appeal the judge’s ruling ill have until december first to do that and then two weeks later he’ll hold a protest here in madison county forefathers rights in edition record reciprocity ideas this is better unbelievable story it’s as you see out of anderson indiana uh. and and he has in his cracks carver is yusof.

And it in racially they have disagreement at another show the kids but they’ve been having trouble lately because uh. now that’s why claims this car break come once came to our office who was going out ur expletives outlook then at the court said it’s garber a presented no risk whatsoever to the kids and that that was not an issue at all right the is there a conflict not less carburetors of his exwife hey you know what she doesn’t she sometimes i even in the house on the kids are there.

And that’s neglect so it’s a typical divorce in the sense that they’re getting at one another and it turns each other with all sorts of things but what kind of anything physical ever happen was one time there was an argument risk are very and exwives current boyfriend and back i came out of the car and his car in the pics and then police charged in later and said he was the restaurant misguided uso star bright was addictive so started a new anything they read he got him to have three different times that is.

Script and then these judge comes in an ounce of tell you it is exactly and how they will get some i’m blown away by it uh. it’s sad that santosh appeared court st commissioner george c panchal and it was a firm by judge thomas newman they came in and said well yeah i hope you guys in the house again you know uh. that’s a relative these proceedings that’s not relevant that’s crazy you can’t not only can you not consider that in whether you give him uh. more time with his schedule as i was kids.

Wildly unconstitutional he imagine if the court said out what does it do you of course you can but spend more time with this is going to let some of it but the outrageous right examined estimate batman religion islam question here much of the documents on or the desecration community christians are stupid i’m not going to give bike the country will explode alert micra file through covered twenty four seven that issue and that’s not right that’s not constitutional and here’s inc guy who you know as exciting as freedom of religion and not the believe.

Religion antigens polishes import antics it was partly used as a way in getting to spend more time with him the thing that’s most precious tool so beyond outrageous socio protests which is planning on december sixteenth hell yes and that court in indiana should hear it apple from a lot of people across country annisten here from citizens there is no orders position not step jack president spots pretty likely there are members only online shopping club but because you know auteur to get it but we cool that but here’s a pity party eighty percent off.

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