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Appleton Child Custody Lawyers

We’e a broadbased general practice law firm, been around Madison for 80 plus years. The history of our firm is really summed up by Bob Murphy. He was the epitome of what we believe a lawyer ought to be. Gave a lot back to the community and did this business with class and dignity. We still try to live by the principals that he espoused, which are, get the work done on time for your clients, get it done in an excellent fashion, treat people with respect and dignity whether they be people out in the community or people inside.

The firm and give something back to the community, and that’s what we do. I think I am most proud of the way we deliver the service to the client. Collegiality, working as a team to insure that the client has the best possible lawyer taking care of his or her needs. We were recently chosen by the Madison business community, the executives of this city, as their number one choice in a law firm. You get that because you’re able to give people the full relationship and deliver it in a way that the client knows you can. We really are configured in a way.

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