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Can Temporary Custody Be Overturned

Alabama To Remove Female Prisoners Parental Rights To Prevent Abortion

The state of alabama is attempting to take the parental rights away from a female inmate who is attempting to get an abortion in her first trimester.This is involving a woman who was unidentified, she goes by the name of jane doe.She is incarcerated, and she wants to make sure that you get an abortion, which would require her to travel pretty far away from the prison in order to have the procedure done.The woman who is referred to as jane doe in court documents is seeking a.

Restraining order against the county sheriff’s office so she can be furloughed and transported to the closest abortion in huntsville, alabama.However, there is an issue, because alabama is a red state that is not very much in favor of prochoice advocates, or anyone who wants to get an abortion.Since the abortion is an elective procedure rather than a medical emergency, she would have to obtain a court order to leave the jail.The court has already decided that they do not want to give her that were.The state court has.

Appointed a guardian to represent the interests of the fetus in a hearing to determine jane doe’s parental rights.Lauderdale attorney chris connelly said his opposition to doe’s request to have an abortion derives from the chemical endangerment of a child charges she faces.Let me give you the last part and explain it.In alabama, they have something known as chemical endangerment laws.Chemical endangerment laws were meant to protect living, viable children from being exposed to chemicals in certain environments.What the rightwingers in alabama did was, they extended those protections to fetuses.

So, if you are a mother who is addicted to a drug, or you are pregnant who is addicted to a drug, you have broken the law and you will be incarcerated as a result of that.That is what happened to this woman.They incarcerated her due to the chemical endangerment laws.Now they want to make sure that she cannot have an abortion, so they have decided to hand her parental rights over to someone else.That way she cannot make a decision about her own body.She has no reproductive rights under this context.

Chris christie was saying, just yesterday, that you have to enforce federal law, there is no way around it, that is why he is going to go hard after colorado if he gets into office and becomes president.He says that your state law contradicts federal law.Federal law is that you have a right to an abortion, but in alabama they do not want to give you that, so they make up a whole bunch of stuff like, i decided fetuses should have a guardian because, well, its against federal law,.

But i’m going to it call a person.I’m going to interpret this law to say that fetuses are human beings, but that is not federal law.You made that up.Where are all the rightwingers saying, federal law oh, abortion, that’s inconvenient.Think about the results of that.They put this woman in jail, she’s pregnant, they say you don’t get to control your body, you have to sit there in jail and have the baby.I don’t get to control my own body i can’t physically leave this jail that you put me in to make sure i don’t have.

This baby nope, you’re stuck.Her lawyer says that they are treating her like chattel.Like she’s a vessel for the baby.They don’t respect the life of a living, breathing, viable human being.They respect the life of a fetus, as long as it is a fetus.As soon as she gives birth, do you think these rightwingers give a damn what happens to the baby are you going to adopt a baby no, you are going to throw in foster care.That is the last time a republican ever gives.

A damn about that baby.If he or she is ever born, then they are going to completely abandon it, and if you dare say you want to help the child, they say, it’s a rough world, we have to give tax breaks to the wealthy so that they can create jobs, we don’t have enough money in the budget, they gotta take care of it on their own.For god’s sake, let her make her own mind up about whether she wants to have a child or not.But you.

Don’t want to, and they are now treating people like property.You don’t control your body, we control your body.The guys who believe in small government are inside your uterus controlling your body, that’s what they do.And remember, she’s in prison in the first place because of the chemical endangerment laws.She’s a jane doe, so we do not know all the details about why she is incarcerated, but we know she is in there because of chemical endangerment laws.I can only speculate that she might be addicted to something.

They tested her, realized that she had a drug in her system, and then decided to incarcerate her.That is the most counterproductive thing you can do to somebody who is addicted to drugs, especially somebody who is pregnant and addicted to drugs.If you are pregnant and addicted to drugs, and you know that the laws exist, you think you are going to go to a to make sure you are getting the health care you need no, because you are going to be afraid you might get caught.

100 pregnant women have been arrested because of this lot.We are criminalizing pregnant women who are addicted to drugs.People addicted to drugs are not bad people, they are dealing with a bad situation and they need help.We treat everyone like criminals in this country.You don’t need to be addicted to drugs, just have it in your system.We don’t know how or why they are tested, but if you have that in your system, and by the way, marijuana lasts in your system for forty days, that’s.

It, throw them in prison.If they try to get an abortion, we treat them like property.By the way, the whole point of these legal proceedings is that she’s in the first trimester, they just wanted to delay her long enough until she can’t get an abortion.Then they go, oh, sorry, your past twentyfour weeks.Now you have to have a baby.M i can help you with the baby was not.I just want to force you have it, then totally ignore you from thereon.Probably put you back in prison.This whole system is sick.

Samsung Electronics wins appeal in patent battle with Apple

An appeals court in the united states has overturned apple’s lowercourt victory in a patent suit against samsung electronics.The u.S.Court of appeals for the federal circuit in washington ruled the korean tech giant did not violate three apple patents and therefore does not need to pay about onehundred20 million u.S.Dollars in damages.The judge dismissed apple’s claims that samsung infringed upon patents on quick links, slidetounlock and autocorrect technologies.The appeals court also upheld a lower court ruling that apple infringed on a samsung patent.5title korean air most loved airline on twitter as most feedback was positive.

, sns ‘ ‘ 1 korean air has been named the world’s most loved airline on social media.The survey of onepointthree million tweets sent between november 2015 and january 2016, was conducted by content marketing agency fractl.The poll included 70 normal and budget airlines.Korean air received a score of plus zeropointfiveseven on the survey, where plus 1 means all of the comments were positive.Air france, icelandair and air new zealand were among the top ten.According to the poll,.The most disliked airline on social media is ultralow cost.

Court Texas Can Enforce Abortion Law

Court texas can enforce abortion law,The threejudge panel of the 5th us circuit court of appeals overturned a temporary order against enforcing the law and then went further to advise us. Cuba cuban boy custody battle father,Spanishnat juan miguel gonzalez has left cuba for the united states on a journey that raises the possibility he will regain temporary custody of his son elian. Joliet family law top 10 child custody mistakes 1 breslanlaw,Joliet family law visit breslanlaw for a free family law consultation or call 815 7267950 hi im victoria breslan a divorce and family attorney.

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Court Suspends Pennsylvania Attorney Generals Law License

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Ukfrance pinochet high court hearing opens in london,Engfrspannat the crimes committed during general augusto pinochets rule in chile are beyond legal immunity lawyers for british and spanish prosecutors. Usa cuban boy custody battle update,Englishnat elian gonzalezs florida relatives clashed with immigration authorities again on tuesday the immigration and naturalisation service met with. French labour laws could sink lacemaker,A 126yearold french lacemaker faces collapse after a court overturned the companys decision to cut jobs in what business groups say is another case of.

Child custody secrets mothers and fathers custody rights,Theweighoflifegochildcustody child custody secrets mothers and fathers custody rights get my kids back kids custody child custody secrets. Umc good morning utah august 24th 2016,Why is the sale of former miller motorsports park being called fraud county commission votes to sell the racetrack for 20 million tooele abc4 utah. Obama smackdown by supreme court unanimous,Washington ap 62614 the supreme court on thursday limited the presidents power to fill highlevel vacancies with temporary appointments ruling in.

Bbc News Austria Presidential Poll Result Overturned

Bbc news austria presidential poll result overturned,Bbc news austria presidential poll result overturned austrias highest court has annulled the result of the presidential election narrowly lost by the candidate of. Berlusconi supreme court verdict today,Italys supreme court the court of cassation is expected to rule today in the conviction of euronews the most watched news channel in europe subscribe for. Samesex marriages on hold in alabama,Mobile ala wpmi friday a federal judge for the southern district of alabama struck down the states ban on samesex marriage but late sunday that same.

Termination parental rights vs legal custody,Smarturlitlegalcustody call us today if you or a loved one need professional help with termination parental rights or legal custody in arizona and visit. In arizona how long does divorce take,Smarturlitarizonadivorce divorce can either be temporary or for an unlimited period of time this is a legal decree which is issued when the judge. Swiss federal court rejects russian appeal to participate in paralympics,Switzerlands highest court has refused to overturn a decision by the court of arbitration for sport cas to ban russian athletes from taking part in next months.

Samsung electronics wins appeal in patent battle with apple,2 an appeals court in the united states has overturned apples lowercourt victory in a patent suit against. A fivepage typed will signed by michael jackson was presented in a los angeles court wednesday t,Headline jacksons will named mother guardian of his kids caption a fivepage typed will signed by michael jackson was. Restraining order and protective order violations,Courts can issue two types of orders to prevent someone from having contact with either another person or a specific location protective order prevents an.

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