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Child Custody And Visitation In Nyc

Cmpgroup Private Investigation for Child Custody andor Child Support Divorce is hard for adults, even moreso for the kids. Especially in cases where there is a dispute over child custody andor child support. Private investigation can help with these matters. Wouldn’t you want to know if your child’s future stepparent has a history of substance abuse, violence, driving violations or a criminal record These things can be discovered by running a covert background check. Surveillance is another possible tool. Surveillance can provide you with information to make informed decisions. It may even ease.

Your mind. Perhaps it could provide a voice to children who are too young to communicate a dangerous situation. Surveillance answers questions. Do you wonder if, during visitation with the other parent, if your child is being left with a baby sitter or unauthorized relative while your ex attends social events Are there certain people your child shouldn’t be around because of your concerns, or a court order Is your child being properly supervised Is your child being exposed to inappropriate behavior, perhaps substance abuse Is your child being abused Wouldn’t you like to know the answers to these questions.

Are you concerned that your ex is planning to take your child out of state, or worse, out of the country Surveillance can be set up to monitor a parent during those visitation to report if they seem to leaving the state or heading to an airport without informing the other parent. Does your ex have a history of reckless driving or driving under the influence What about their significant other or relatives Surveillance can ensure your child is being transported safely. Does your ex claim that they are not working Surveillance can show that your ex has a job,.

NYC Private Investigation for Child Custody andor Child Support Cases CMP Group

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