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Child Custody Appeal Uk

The judge has made a decision in your case that you don’t like. What can you do Hi. My name is Vincent Davis. I’m an attorney in California and I help people get their children back from social workers. What can you do Well one of the things that you can do is file an appeal. What is an appeal An appeal is a document that you file with a higher court asking that court to make a decision that’s different from your judge. In most cases, a judge your judge may decide that the children shouldn’t be returned to you.

Well you can appeal that and the court of appeals can make a decision that the children should be returned to you. What’s the process of an appeal The process of an appeal is where you and your attorney file what’s called a brief, a document with the court of appeals. Then the other attorneys on the case get to file briefs as well. And then finally, you and your attorney can file what’s called a reply. The final step in an appeal is where the attorneys show up at the court of appeals and do something called oral arguments, where.

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