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Child Custody Arrangements Examples

Oliver Ross Hi, I’m Oliver Ross. I’m the founder of OutofCourt Solutions, and for the past 18 years I’ve been a full time mediator. Not only more effectively, but also less expensively because child custody, actually, that’s a misnomer now because here in Arizona, the law changed. It’s no longer called custody ’cause custody denotes ownership. And, of course, we don’t own our children. Now, it’s called legal decision making. So what are examples of legal decision making Around their education, what schools do they go to, public schools, private schools, charter schools.

Around medical needs for sure. What doctors do they see What medicines do they take It could be around religion. What religion will they be raised in Those are prime examples of determining what’s now called making major life decisions for minor children. It’s no longer called custody, although I imagine that that term is gonna hang around for a while because it’s been used so frequently in the past. So, it’s my actual blessing to help people go through the collaborative and cooperative process of mediation rather than using two separate lawyers in the adversarial way.

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