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Child Custody Attorney Sacramento

Unfortunately bankruptcy and divorce do go handinhand sometimes. A lot of people, the financial stresses that they go through starts to break down a marriage. Likewise, if they’ve separated and are living apart and now they have twice the expenses that they previously had and still the same income. So we regularly have to deal with what’s better file divorce first, do a bankruptcy first, or do them together. And what we’re finding in most cases is that whether you file the divorce first or not isn’t quite as important as the completion of the divorce. A lot of times what you want to do is file.

The bankruptcy either first or as part of the divorce process, and the reason for that is rather than fight over who gets stuck with what debt, which is what most divorces are about these days unfortunately, let’s wipe out all of the debt, and that way the divorce is only dealing with what assets may be available and some of the more important issues such as child custody and child visitation. So I typically, when couples are having financial struggles and are probably going to have a divorce, I like to see them earlier in the.

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