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Child Custody Attorneys In Sacramento California

What I see a lot in my practice of family law is fighting over children, child custody, child visitation. And I have to say that that comes directly into my heart in a way because I am married, with two young children, 5 and 7 year old. I can’t imagine having to go through that. I can definitely feel the pain and stress that people are going through during this time. Custody visitation issues are handled by the court in what is in the best interest of the children. It’s not what’s best for mom, it’s not what’s best for dad. It’s what’s best.

For the children. Sometimes the courts will order things that neither party really likes and so it is specially important in custody visitation issues to have a local professional handle your case and get the results that you need. The difference in custody is legal custody versus physical custody. Legal custody is being able to have the right to say possibly what church the child goes to be able to observe the child’s school work, be able to decide what kind of medical care the child needs. That would be along the lines of legal custody.

Physical custody would be where the child lives. Primary physical custody and non primary physical custody. Normally what we receive in the state of California is two kinds of custody, joint custody and primary physical custody. Joint physical custody could be achieved where we have equal sharing of the child. Week on, week off or other ways of sharing the child fairly equally. Primarily what we receive in the state of California is one primary physical custody parent and one parent with visitation. There are many methods of visitation besides actually seeing a child. We have out of town.

Child Custody Attorney Carlsbad San Diego, Ca

People who live in different parts of the state or different states in general where we have virtual visitation. We also have issues regarding visitation for non parent such as grandparents and other parties that may be interested in visitation with the children. In many of my contested cases we are dealing with the issue of supervised visitation. Supervised visitation is just what it says, one parent is supervised while they’re with the child. That can be extremely necessary in cases where you are dealing with drug and alcohol issues, mental abuse issues, physical abuse issues or other issues that are important to the.

Child’s wellbeing and supervised visitation needs to be instituted. You can contact my San Diego office in Carlsbad to discuss any of the custody visitation issues that you might want to. You can contact my Riverside county office in Marietta to discuss any of the visitation or custody issues you may want to discuss. One last issue I would mention in custody visitation that I had to deal personally a lot with is move away motions. People want to move. If you have the need to move to another state because you have a job offer or you have family there that can help you with the.

Children were you are not getting the help in the state you’re living in California or you want to move from a state to the state of California, a move away motion is something that we can help you with. It can be very complicated and difficult but we can help you through those issues. Another question I get a lot in custody visitation issues is what is the best interest of a child mean and what is the best interest To go with mom To go with dad In today’s society, I don’t think there’s really a tendency to lean either way. The.

Courts look at this much more openly than they use to and you’re going to need a trained professional in your area to help you through and make sure that you get the custody visitation arrangement that you deserve and that your children deserve. Another issue I deal with a lot in custody visitation is the myth that the woman is going to be the primary care taker for a child. In today’s society that is not true! So you need a seasoned professional that understands the courts to allow you to get the custody.

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