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Child Custody Broward County

Hi my name is Scott and today we’re going to talk about how to testify in court this is very important and seldom discussed with clients. I’m going to take a few minutes so you can have the benefit of testifying in court and being I’m the best presentation the first thing to remember is that it is a formal proceeding so we want to dress formally for the gentlemen I recommend suit and tie and for the ladies of course a conservative dress or suit as well you’re being judged the moment you walk into the courtroom before we even.

Open our mouths to speak or testify or address the court, we are being addressed on how we appear so we want to have our best appearance secondly when we address the court we wonder just the court as your honor I do not recommend that we speak to the judge as judge because I think that’s less formal we always address the court as your honor when their court ask a question we say yes your honor and then explain the answer, third,many times in trial the person testifying will say something that you don’t like.

It is crucial not they have emotional outburst to say for example that’s not true I strongly recommend that we have a pad of paper next to you you write down your notes you give it your lawyer slide across the table for a lawyer to read but to limit the amount of the emotional outburst in court, the court will admonish you the court will instruct the lawyer to control his or her client and to maintain court civility. You really want to make sure your that you maintain your control in the courtroom and the last point please do.

How to Prepare to Testify at Court by Broward County Divorce Attorney Scott Stadler

Not speak to your lawyer while somebody else’s testifying again write notes to your lawyer but if you tend to whisper in the in the lawyers ear the lawyer can not hear what was being testified to and the lawyer may miss an opportunity to object to the question object to something or miss the answer which might be crucial in the case because if you feel the need to speak your attorney I’m sure it’s very important but you don’t want to are prevent the attorney from listening to the testimony it’s been given.

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