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Child Custody Court Forms Uk

Hi. My name’s Andrew Isaacs, I am a divorce lawyer, thank you for watching this tutorial. I want to talk to you about court fees. Now we all know that legal fees can be expensive, but part of the process involves payments that are made to the court itself and they’re what we call ‘court fees’. Now if you’re going to get divorced you have to pay the court a fee for filing your divorce petition. And that at the moment is 410. There used to be a further fee for your Decree Absolute. They have done away with that now.

Although they haven’t really lost any money because they’ve put up a petition fee. I think overall the court fee’s gone up by about 20. So there is a 410 court fee for your divorce. If you have contested financial proceedings then you have to pay another court fee for that. And that is 255. That is what you pay when you file what is called a ‘Form A’, which is your application for a financial order. The only other court fee that you would pay in those financial proceedings is possibly.

A 50 court fee if you come to an agreement with your spouse. That is what happens when you have what is called a ‘Consent Order’. And when you file your application for a Consent Order, there’s a court fee that’s payable that’s 50 and the usual method is that it’s shared, alright So both of you pay 25 each. That would be the only other court fee that you pay in financial proceedings. If you have proceedings in the Family Court over your children then the court fee for.

Divorce Court Fees in 2015, How much does a divorce cost

A C100 application is 215. So you need to be aware of all of these things. You can possibly be exempt from paying court fees, it depends if you’re on benefits. If there are no exemptions at the time that you apply then what you can do is you can apply for a refund within six months if you then become exempt. Now I wouldn’t hold myself out as an expert on exemptions because I don’t deal with it as a matter of course, but the rules are there. But you will find that the civil service, who operate the courtrooms.

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