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Child Custody Drug Test California

Mom gives birth and moments after giving birth her child is taken away from her because the social workers says she’s a drug addict. Let me tell you why they were totally wrong. My name is Vincent Davis. I’m an attorney in California and I help people get their children back from social workers. In the story that I was telling you, they did a routine drug analysis. Her analysis came back positive for methamphetamine. The social worker in the hospital and the county social worker concluded that my client was a meth addict.

And therefore unable to take care of this child, despite my client’s statements to the contrary. Mom contacted me and insisted that this drug test given to her at the hospital was false, that it showed a false positive. What we did is we made arrangements to retest the sample and upon retesting the sample came back clean, devoid of any methamphetamine or any other illegal drug. Turns out what happened was that the sample that was used in her testing originally belonged to another mother who had given birth that same day.

So there was a mixup in the urine samples and a mislabeling of the urine samples. We were able to show the court and to show the social worker that Mom was not a methamphetamine addict and that she not only got this newborn baby but her other children back in her custody. So why do you need to know this You need to know this because if you’re accused by a social worker of being a drug addict, there may be other explanations. I know you’re watching this tutorial because you have questions. I answer questions like this all day long. I’d be happy.

Mother Falsely Accused of Drug Use Child is Taken After Giving Birth CA Lawyer Vincent W. Davis

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