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Child Custody Evaluation New Theoretical Applications And Research

MUSIC MILES O’BRIEN It’s handson time at the Museum of Science Discovery Center in Boston. Kids can touch and play their way through scientific exhibits. KATHLEEN CORRIVEAU Can you sit right here MILES O’BRIEN And even take part in actual science experiments in Living Laboratory. PETER BLAKE Hi. My name is Peter. I’m from Boston University, and I’m doing some research in the corner today. MILES O’BRIEN Scientists ask parents, on the spot, if their kids would take part in a quick exercise for one of the ongoing studies. KATHLEEN CORRIVEAU We’re playing a game today where.

Children watch a movie. And then we’re interested in what they do after they watch the movie. Okay. So do you think he’d be interested in playing PARENT Yeah. MILES O’BRIEN Neuroscientist Kathleen Corriveau is testing a child’s ability to sit and wait for two minutes before ringing a bell, a sign of maturity. KATHLEEN CORRIVEAU Good job. PETER BLAKE Now, let’s go over the instructions to make sure you understand. Okay MILES O’BRIEN Psychologist Peter Blake wants to know how many stickers a kid will consider giving away to a.

Stranger, a measure of generosity. CHILD I gave her five and me five. Then, she might think that I got five, too. DAVID BICKHAM You’re going to try to catch what’s falling from the sky. MILES O’BRIEN Psychologist David Bickham is testing how playing this tutorial game, that rains advertisements, influences what a child like Lucy decides to pack for lunch. MALE So our general kind of research is about how children develop as teachers. MILES O’BRIEN Living Lab is not just for kids. FEMALE This does need some wipers. We don’t have any of.

Living lab combines research with outreach Science Nation

Those. That would be a good improvement. MILES O’BRIEN With support from the National Science Foundation, Becky Kipling and her team provide training that helps scientists to talk oneonone with parents and guardians. The goal, help them better understand the scientific process while, at the same time, allowing researchers to hone their communication skills. PETER BLAKE It gives us a change to explain our science to the parents. So it’s helping them to think of things the way that scientists think of things. KATHLEEN CORRIVEAU So if you wait, you get both stickers,.

Okay, Christian Parents seem to really like it. They like watching their kids kind of do this task and engage in these funny strategies. You wait until I come back. It’s been a great way to train my students to work with the public as well as design really fun tasks. MILES O’BRIEN The scientists benefit by conducting their research in a dynamic setting. And a visit to Living Lab has parents learning a thing or two about how science is done while their kids are active participants. KATHLEEN CORRIVEAU Okay. Good job, Christian.

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