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Child Custody For Single Moms

HOST Emily Frances Hello everyone, this is Emily Frances and welcome to How to Mom TV. Actor Dean Cain didn not just play Superman on TV. If you ask his son, he is a superman in real life too. I caught up with the former pro football player in our hometown of Malibu, California to talk parenthood. Emily and Dean Cain Talk Emily Being in the Malibu Country Mart park do you have memories of being a child in this sand pit Dean it was such tiny sandpit then its ridiculous. It has changed quite a bit. I have memories of my son being in sandpit.

And he is too big to be there now. HOST Emily Frances Dean has put his acting career in the backseat, as his number 1 priority is his 2 year old son Christopher. After a lengthy custody battle, Dean now has full custody of his son and says being a single dad is the single best job in the world. Dean Cain, Actor Single Dad Being a father is the greatest thing in the world. I love my son more than anyone on the planet and my favorite thing to do is spend.

Time with him. I dont care what it is. Emily What are the biggest challenges of balancing career with being a single father Dean The challenge is you cant just make career choices, you have to make life choices. I love where my son goes to school, he has great friends here and I’m not gonna take him elsewhere. So I wont work outside of Los Angeles for a series which is difficult because so many series film outside of los angeles. That is the part of the balance, and I take a hit on my chin because I love my career.

Actor Dean Cain Talks About Being a Single Parent and a Fathers Rights

But I love my son more than that. Emily Given you’re an athlete and actor are you wanting to encourage your son to go into sports or the entertainment business Dean. He has had a tough time already with athletics. He ended up not playing tackle football, playing for a bit and he was like I dont love it and dont like getting smacked. I liked getting hit and there is a certain mindset for things. I encourage him to find his own path but I do encourage him if he starts something he should finish it, be part of, do it right.

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