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Child Custody For Unmarried Fathers In Florida

What does paternity establishment have to do with child support hi i’m nydia streets childsupport lawyer with vari and associates of miami paternity and child support are related in the sense that you must establish paternity before you can require a father to pay child support the establishment of paternity is a legal declaration that a male is the natural and biological father of a child and therefore has the duty or obligation to pay child support for that child so once you establish paternity and establish that a male is.

The legal father then the question becomes how much child support will he pay or how much time sharing will he have with the child and of course the more time sharing that a parent has with the child the less child support he is likely he or she is likely to pay so if u are a father who has had a child outofwedlock with with the mother you must seek a final judgment of paternity in order to secure your parental rights and that does include you paying child support to the mother.

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