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Child Custody Forms Nebraska

Colingtgt C Good Evening, thanks for joining us. I’m Colin Murphy. developments tonight in the April 18th death of a Hastings four yearold boy. Colingtgt Beau Pecor’s mother and her boyfriend have been arrested. Amanda Pecor and Matthew Edwards are in custody in Hall County Jail. They are facing charges of Class Three Felony Child Abuse. Meanwhile, the 9 yearold brother is being charged as a juvenile with manslaughter in the death of Beau. But according to arrest affidavits. There was a history of concerns surrounding Beau’s older brother. When you put all of those.

Concerns together and see what information the parents, the mother and her boyfriend had about what’s going on. It’s the totality of those things that form the big picture of why we filed the formal charges. Pecor and Edwards are facing a maximum of 20 years in prison, or a 25thousand dollar fine or both. And a minimum sentence of one year in prison. Katiegtgt That history of concern is outlined in the arrest warrants News 5 obtained for the boy’s mother and her boyfriend. The papers tell a story of a troubled past. The case has shaken the.

Hastings community. The affidavits released against Amanda Pecor and her boyfriend Matthew Edwards shed light on a troubled home environment. School officials noted several incidents of the boy choking, kicking, and hitting other students. Other incidents include choking and killing a cat, gory threats, threats of physical harm to students, animals. And, the boy even threatened to kill family members. On March 10th, Officers responded to the home located at 907 North Saunders Aveune, after the boy shot an object from a bow at the 4 yearold, barely missing him. Two days later, the 9 year old.

News 5 at 6 Beau Pecors mother and her boyfriend are in custody May 9, 2014

Was admitted to a Lincoln hospital for evaluation. Reports say the boy was having visual and auditorial hallucinations. He was discharged with a change in prescription medications. School officials met with Amanda and Matthew on March 19th. They urged Amanda to secure all knives and remove any guns from the home. During an April 10th home visit by the MidPlains Behavioral Healthcare Services. Again, Amanda was told to secure all sharp objects. But, reports say the boy’s mother did not see the urgency. Eight days later tragedy struck. Six guns were in the home at.

The time of the shooting. Officers found several weapons up against the wall, behind the door of Amanda and Matthew’s bedroom where the shooting occurred. There were no gun locks or safety mechanisms on the weapons. Ammunition was in an unlocked dresser in the bedroom. But, Matthew Edwards told Officers quote I don’t understand how this happened, the guns are not loaded and the children have been told not to go into the bedroom. Katiegtgt The warrants were filed Thursday in Adams County Court. Colingtgt Bond has been set at 250 thousand dollars for Amanda Pecor and Matthew Edwards.

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