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Child Custody Laws Sri Lanka

Male We’ve heard this story before. Khadr You don’t care about me. That’s what. my arms, although is it healthy Is it healthy I can’t move my arms I requested medical for a long time. You don’t do anything about it. Male Well, they look like they are healing well to me. I’m not a doctor but I think you’re getting good medical care. Khadr No I’m not. You’re not here. Jennifer Six days after President Obama’s inauguration, Omar Khadr’s trial is set to begin. Hina If President Obama does not stop the.

Military commission prosecution of two young men who were captured as children, then one of the very first acts of his administration will deal a devastating blow to one of his own stated goals which is to restore the credibility of America in the eyes of the world. Jennifer President Obama allows that trial to begin he will be breaking with international practice and will be presiding over the first warcrimes prosecution of an alleged child soldier since World War Two. When Omar Khadr was taken into custody by the U.S. at the age of fifteen, he was subjected to severe abuse and torture, including being.

Held in painful stress positions, suspended by his wrists for hours on end, being hooded and menaced by barking dogs. He was even used a human mop to wipe up urine after he urinated during the interrogation. If there’s evidence that Omar Khadr committed a crime then he should be transferred to U.S. Federal Court to stand trial before the American judicial system for the crime that he allegedly committed. That trial would be in standing with U.S. values, U.S. justice standards and international juvenile justice standards. We don’t know how Omar Khadr ended up in Afghanistan, but his lawyers have suggested that he is.

Obamas Child Soldiers

A victim of other combatants who used him as a child soldier. Male You want to go back to Canada Well, there’s not anything I can do about that. By using this strategy to talk to us, it’s not going to be any more helpful. Khadr I am being honest. Male You can’t even bear to look at me when you’re saying that. Jennifer Recently released footage of an interrogation really raises the question of his mental state. It shows him sobbing and begging for help. It shows that he was a scared teenage boy and raises serious cause for concern.

Of how he’s been treated and whether he was too young to be held and treated as he says he’s been treated. Khadr Help me. Hina Mohammed has quite literally grown up in Guantanamo. Medical records show that his height has grown, he’s filled out. He became a young adult in the terrible confines of this isolated island prison. Afghan forces captured him and they held him, number of officials interrogated him and essentially told him that if he didn’t confess to the grenade attack, he would be killed and his family would be killed. Mohammed’s alleged.

Confession became the basis for his detention by U.S. authorities and also the basis for the war crimes charges that have been leveled against him in the military commissions. Jennifer The predictable result when a child is taken into custody and held without access to an attorney, without charge, without contact with their parents or other children for years on end and subjected to abuse day in and day out. Hina Mohammed was subjected to what’s euphemistically called the Frequent Flyer Program and he was subjected to it a few months after he attempted suicide on Christmas Day 2003. Frequent Flyer.

Program is a program of extended sleep deprivation. Mohammed was subjected to it for approximately two weeks, during which he was moved a hundred and twelve times every three or four hours to prevent him from going to sleep. Mohammed is entitled to all of the protections of the international legal treaties that the U.S. is signatory to and bound by, which emphasize the rehabilitation and reintegration of the child as opposed to the further victimization of the child. Mohammed was never rehabilitated, certainly not reintegrated, but hasn’t received the kinds of services in custody that the U.S. is obligated to provide when it is holding.

Children in detention. Jennifer Omar Khadr spent onethird of his life at Guantanamo yet he still has not had a trial. He still has not had his detention reviewed by a judge. Hina This is a critical moment in history. With America’s reputation on the line, Presidentelect Obama is at a crucial point where with the stroke of his pen, he can suspend the military commissions, accord to both Mohammed and to Omar the rights to which they’re entitled, and with respect to Mohammed whom we represent, release him. Because as even his former prosecutor says, Mohammed does not present a threat and.

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