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Child Custody Lawyers Topeka Ks

Today’s tutorial question is who can serve as a Gaurdian Ad Litem for a minor child settlement in California, would you like to know more will come on in in join me, my name is Mark Blane and I am a San Diego personal injury trial attorney practicing law here in the State of California The California law says that any person ever eighteen can step up to the plate and assume the role as the Guardian Ad Litem for the settlement funds for an injured child in California uh. however generally speaking we always appoint a family member, usually it is a.

Close family member the mom or dad, usually it’s the mom uh. if the mom has the most flexible schedule of the family we will go ahead and appoint her and have her serve, sometimes it is the dad if not uh. will go to the next in line in relationship with the family to see who can do it but alot of times and it may be an aunt or uncle or it could be grandma, grandpa sometimes we have military families they get injured uh. in a car accident and maybe mom is out stationed somewhere else.

Whatever reason dad can’t serve so in those circumstances will appoint another family member uh. and the court is really good with that, remember the reason why we need a guardian for the injury for the settlement funds is because California law requires a Guardian Ad Litem, it is what they call it, to serve as trustee for those funds when the child turns eighteen so, those folks can serve their responsibilities are basically, huh, keeping the child informed of the settlement funds at the particular bank and the law requires it be in some federal insured uh. financial.

Who Can Serve as Guardian Ad Litem for a Minor Child Bodily Injury Settlement in California

Institution until the child turns eighteen usually now there are other circumstances called special needs trust uh. that can be set up for the injured child if they have special needs the family members can do it the responsibilities are basically just let the child know when they turn eighteen where they can uh. pick up those funds from the bank, and, uh, go from there now there are other things you can do, you can stick these funds into a structured annuity that’s another uh. another tutorial another time you folks have any other questions you want, just feel free to post in the.

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