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Child Custody Lawyers Vermont

VTLaw, 8002284405, 300 East Broad Street, Suite 190, Columbus, OH 43215 Client After being in an experience like a car accident, it’s very hard to GRAPHIC Client of Volkema Thomas Miller Scott, LPA relive that moment over and over in talking with the insurance company, with the different people that you need to deal with when something like this happens, and it’s so helpful to have a staff that you know can do that for you because it takes that burden off you to have to relive that accident over and over.

I realize now that even for the little things, you do need that support and that help and somebody who that’s what they know. They helped me in dealing with the insurance company. We were having a hard time getting reimbursed simply for the medical expenses that I had incurred because of the accident, and my attorney, Craig, was instrumental in helping deal with them in a very hard time for us. I would highly recommend them, and already have recommended them other friends of mine who have been in similar situations.

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