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Child Custody Modification Nj

Today we are going to discuss one of the most controversial issues in all of New Jersey Divorce law the termination or modification of alimony payments. As a New Jersey Divorce Attorney for the past twenty years, I have handled or defended countless applications to modify or terminate alimony in the Superior Court of New Jersey. While some cases are rather simple, most are hotly contested and very complex. An example of a simple case, is when the recipient of alimony remarries. This is because when the receiving spouse gets remarried, alimony payments are automatically terminated. However, if the.

Payer of alimony faces a significant change of circumstances such as losing their job, this may justify a modification or termination in their alimony payments, and this is where the law becomes complex. Now a family law judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey, must consider a number of factors in order to determine whether or not alimony should be modified. These factors include the loss of a payer’s job. In this case, they must produce evidence that they diligently pursued a new job with similar or comparable income. In addition, the court shall consider.

Reasons for the loss or reduction of their income, such as the inability to remain in their particular line of work. An excellent example of this is a case I handled few years ago where my client’s lucrative Wall Street job was replaced by a computer. In that case, we were successful in terminating my client’s alimony obligation due to the radical decrease in his income. In addition, the court will also examine any reasons for the change of the payer’s financial circumstances. An example of this would be another case that I handled in which my client.

2015 NJ Alimony Laws Explained, After Divorce, Part3

Faced losing the alimony that she was receiving, due to the fact that her exhusband retired early. He retired early because when he remarried, he married a billionaire. We prevailed, as the court was not going to deprive my client of the alimony payments that she desperately relies upon, simply due to her exhusbands good fortune. Other factors include the health of the payer of alimony and how it affects their ability to obtain or maintain employment. Furthermore, the court shall consider, the respective financial circumstances of both parties for the date that the divorce was finalized, or any other.

Subsequent court orders. It is important to note that a New Jersey family court shall highly scrutinize every application for a reduction in alimony. In my opinion, this is because too many litigants file applications to determinate their alimony payments for bad faith reasons. In other words, simply because they no longer wish to pay. It is also important to note that if the payer of alimony is selfemployed, the court’s legal analysis changes. Therefore, please do not ever hesitate to contact my office to learn how we may best protect you. Thank you.

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