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Child Support Calculator For 50/50 Custody

I’m going to discuss why there might be child support paid when there is 5050 time sharing. As I’ve discussed in other tutorials, child support in Florida is calculated according to the Florida Child Support Guidelines. Spending 50 of the nights with your children is only one factor in determining a child support obligation. There are situations where the guidelines provide for zero child support. For example, in a 5050 time sharing situation where both parent’s incomes are roughly equivalent, the guidelines will show a very low or zero child support amount.

Other then incomes, you will also have to take into account anything paid for child care or the child’s medical insurance. For example, suppose a mother and father earn the same amount per month. The child spends equal time with each parent. If these are the only factors present, then the child support should be very low or close to zero. However, now suppose that the mother pays $600 per month in day care costs. Since the parents each earn 50 of the family income, the guidelines provide that they use this percentage 50.

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