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Child Support Division Broward County Fl

Hi my name is Scott and today we’re going to talk about child support in Florida child support is governed by is Florida Statutes 61.3 0 and 60 1.13 I suggest you read the statutes get a very good understanding of what they say in how child support works there’s a mathematical formula that governs the calculation of child support here three mean criteria the first is the net monthly income in the mother the second is the net monthly income a father in the third is the overnight timesharing schedule that the children will spend with each parent.

There’s a direct correlation between the number overnights that the children spend with each parent in the matter child support that each parent will pay so yes the less a number more overnights the more child support the more overnights the less child support and the other concept to recognize in Florida is that child support is a function of both parents both parents will pay contribute to the support of the children so under the mathematical formula the state law will come up with a minimum support him out that will be broken into a percentage so that one parent pays one percentage in the.

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