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Child Support Visitation Rights Kansas

We have a story from kansas and the supreme court there for all that and not in biological lesbian mother has the same rights parenting rights as a birth mother this came in the case of kelly gold chaal she lifted her ex partner marcy frazier’s visitation rights to their children on the grounds that she is the biological mother of the children and only she deserves those rights well the supreme court thought otherwise ten role that date she does get the same rights as a parent police biological first look at that terry here so there was a lesbian couple in one of them was.

Artificially impregnated s and then decided since or contracts or parental contractor that they’re both parents of the uh. the kids as long as it together sometime later they split up and the biological mom said no no no she didn’t have anne writes to these cases are mine and they’re not hers and the kansas state supreme court of all places in the way lesbian moms whether it’s bill the biological mom or not the biological mom has preparator acting as a meeting and i can walk first by police were you.

Uh. i think it’s a great decision and i’m surprised that it has a sweet good for kansas americas from this is based on the college of design someone on a limb i don’t have it directly my head which states are uh. allowing gay marriage because then i can tell you that i don’t have taken the position is that not all of this in that as the date of respect that relationship to form a from a status but they decided projects of their lives up to go buy the.

NonBiological Lesbian Mother Gets Same Rights as Birth Mother

Book on that particular bluegreen the mood for it i think it’s a go of course it’s great to hear so i actually don’t know if arm base on the market or or or that i read on this if the decision was based on the contractual relationship war the parental issue but living in the same household are left in that in this a combination of the two but you make a good point j repeated have a contract what what happened to me i wanted to uh. and of pride and recognize you know i think it would not let me tell you how you.

Access from a legal standpoint i mean i don’t see why financed by might not have the right of children don’t deserve it but their parents just because my hands a lesbian was not grandmother it sounds like none of the guns came on as far as saying you know i’m beginning to get out immoral what we see is minuet you relationships when as soon as the the divorce or break up in his kids then people start using other of dysfunctional harmful to the child although surrounding events come into play here.

Is just using it well i can easily lend aims at making is that for me wants gambia internet within an hour we’ll already that and since this is what happened first merely the father’s alliances automatically don’t get the benefit of the doubt no matter what level of incompetence you see from the mother this is a start solving courses already like well some other just look at the actual situation this time anderson a sequel to happen that way for because she was there one carrying susan yet you know what i mean that’s a really good point uh.

In a typical manwoman marriage tried to force i think the woman just at the mother just the presumption of having custody holly’s joint custody uh. but in a minute today leslie relationship which was the mother uh. means i guess the biological when israel on the mother of my finger in the mother but they might be prideful had motherly role so it’s very interesting but you know i look at how this is this is great uh. and it sounds good but the rights the rights of algae bt americans are are being honored more more every single day.

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