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Child Visitation After Divorce

Hello, I’m Dr. Felicia and I’m here to speak to you about how to arrange a visitation after a divorce. Now, this is never a happy time for any family, but, for children in particularly, it’s their world that crashes the most. Whether they remain with mom or with dad, visitation between each other has to occur. If you have a high conflict divorce situation, the best way to handle visitation is to have either parent pick up the child at the school. For instance, a dad might pick up on Friday afternoon from the school and have visitation for the.

Weekend and bring the child back to school on Monday and then of course mom will get the child Monday evening after school, if that’s the arrangement. A particular arrangement that does not work is when you have a child in a split week, where they might leave school on a Tuesday evening, take a bus home to the parent’s house and then on, on following week, on a Wednesday, they might take a bus to the other parent’s house. So you want to be as congenial as possible. If you mix the split week with the children, they usually get very.

Mix up and sometimes even take the wrong bus home. So please, when you arrange visitation, try to split it through a school day so that neither party has to negotiate with each other, either party has total ownership, each party has shared custody and certainly the right for visitation with their child and the right to privacy while they’re visiting. So, when you arrange this visitation, try to use the school as an impartial mediator to pick up and deliver your child. And also, if you need to communicate, communicate by email. Email.

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