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Cost For Custody Lawyer

Do you know the two most common questions that a mans asks in a divorce lawyer’s office I do and I’m gonna share them with you. my name is David Pisarra, I’m a divorce and child custody lawyer in Los Angeles California. I represent men. When they come into my office they generally sit down and the say the same thing, I want out, it’s over. What’s it gonna cost me how long is it gonna take What’s it gonna cost me is a hard question for me to answer because oftentimes I won’t.

Know until we really get into it and figure out is this going to be one of those simple divorces or is it going to be very long drawn out ugly, very expensive divorces The easier question is how long is it going to take Most divorces take, on average 12 months from the time we file to the time we’re actually at judgment. Why am I telling you all this because i answer questions like this all day long. Feel free to call me at 310 664 9969 or if you want go to my website, mensfamilylaw theres.

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