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Custody Battle For Jace

I think I’m gonna go hire a lawyer and fight for custody. I have been on my best behavior just to get my son back. all Whoo! Jenelle Evans, will you marry me Yes, I will. We have agreed to go ahead and take a drug test. No drugs were detected in your system. Okay. Counseling would help us understand each other. I feel like I need more time with my kids. I just don’t know if that would be the best option for them. Adam wants to either have 5050 custody.

Or change the visitation. He was just in jail for domestic stalking. I’m gonna gonna ask Taylor if she got served papers too. Do you think it’s a good idea that we go at this together It is, and we don’t object to parenting time but it has to be supervised. I’m thinking about possibly moving to Delaware to be closer to him. When are you planning to go down there When I find a place. I have nothing to hide from you, Javi. Okay. I’m not gonna give up all my privacy.

Because you’re insecure I’m not gonna do that. Because you’re texting all these dudes We’re getting a divorce. We know what’s coming. I know he knows. upbeat rock music Mommy Yeah, baby Where are we going We’re gonna meet your daddy. Leah Jeremy and I are dropping off the girls with Corey, and I’m nervous because the last time we talked, he asked to change our visitation agreement so he could see the girls more. girls chattering I really haven’t thought about it yet.

No Apologies

I mean, I will. I just. Well, I just asked Leah last time if, like, we could agree to something to where I could have more time, you know, with them. That’s between you and her. You understand why I want more time with them. I mean Yeah. I mean, it would be hard to not be part of their lives except for just on weekends. See, it’s so ’cause there’s only seven days in a week. You have. Friday to Monday. Friday through Monday. If I give you two more days,.

That’s Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. But there’s other options here. There’s Like Sunday to Wednesday or is that what you’re thinking Something like that, yeah. We could split the weekend up. So that way you’re a part of the school week. Yeah, we could both have Split the weekend and half the week, and it’s fair. and we’d both have every weekend, and we’d both have school time. Right. Will you think about it I mean Yeah. And if we agree to something, you know, we could, I guess, have the lawyers sign off on it,.

So, you know, it’d be protecting both of our asses later on. Yeah. All right. All right. Bye. Bye. See you later. I swear, though. The last time he had the conversation with me, he wanted, like, way more days. It wasn’t like that. I have no problem whatsoever with splitting it up like that. Take a lot of stress off you. Yeah, it would. It would take a lot of stress off me. It would give them a little bit more responsibility. It’s different days that’s all it is.

It’s different times I can’t give him four and four, ’cause there’s not eight days in a week. Jenelle Nathan and I got back from St. Thomas last night, and I’m trying to get ready for school. I told my mom we were engaged, but I haven’t heard back from her yet, and she still hasn’t told me when I can see Jace again. Hit it! Oh, whoa! Home run, man. Go around the bases. Jenelle On the last day of our trip, Nathan and I got in a big fight with our friends,.

So now things are tense at home. cell phone rings Hey. Thank you. So first of all, I’m engaged. Oh, wow. He went and got tickets for St. Thomas, and when we went out to a fancy dinner, he ended up proposing to me, so. I know. Yeah. Tori I’m very happy for you. Actually, when we were in St. Thomas, he invited his marine friends to go and then his brother and his brother’s girlfriend Paula. And then the second to last day, they started this big argument with Nathan,.

So then I said, bleep both of you. And then she’s yelling, You don’t deserve your kids. You don’t deserve to get Jace back. You don’t deserve Kaiser. He’s standing in between both of us, not saying a word and telling me to go in the bedroom and be quiet. Blow my mind they are so stupid. Yeah. The whole trip was supposed to be for the engagement and to be happy, but it’s like, then everyone ended up ganging up on me. And because of it, me and Nathan have been arguing.

And I tell Nathan, I really feel like you’re still not sticking up for me. Stop it. Oh, my God. What Okay, understand this. I am aggravated from hell. Please, just stop talking to me. Oh, my God okay, Nathan. And then when you have your bleep friend on the phone. And I hope she can hear me. Tori Tell him I can’t even hear him. She can’t even hear you. Oh, my God, dude. I know. man I see only blue Even when you’re down in chains.

You’re blue Chelsea Okay, here we go. laughs instrument buzzes We call it the zit zapper. Chelsea Aubree went to Adam’s last weekend, and his mom and I got in a huge fight because I found out they weren’t supervising Adam when he has Aubree, which violates our current agreement. Chelsea Okay, Aubree. Watch your show. Get tired. Okay What’s up How’s it going How was your nice little workout scoffs Good. What’s going on I don’t even know where to start. Me and Taylor are talking,.

And we both met with a lawyer together. And that way he can, like, use both of our information Against him. Yeah. He got arrested for domestic stalking. What But he thinks he’s gonna get 5050. So after he got arrested, I text his mom, and I’m like, I just don’t feel comfortable with her going alone with him at all. Okay, she comes to pick up Aubree and she’s like, Adam’s gonna take her to a birthday party tomorrow. No. You got into it She was like, These are all false accusations.

You just wait, because they’re gonna get dropped. He is not a monster. That’s nuts. All his exgirlfriends. You are blind. I was like, You think all of us are just Crazy Is that her Yep. Aubree Mom Chelsea Yes, dear I want some water. I put your water on the nightstand. I already got you covered, girl. laughs Oh, man. And then when I was talking to the lawyer, I was like, What does general supervision mean And he said it means she has to stay under their supervision. Like, they have to be wherever she’s at.

Right. What’s the next step Like, respond to their letter. I don’t know. I have to meet with my lawyer. Again. How’s everything going with Cole I mean, with all this stuff going on Grand. Yeah. I mean, I would never sit and talk to him about this stuff, just because I like to keep Adam drama separate. That’s understandable. You know, I mean, he knows that this is going on, but I’m not gonna sit and like Like, tell him everything, vent, and Yeah, you know what I mean.

Seriously, we’re good. So good. That’s good that’s good. We’re going strong. Iseriously, he’s, like, the best. laughs moans chuckles Like your new ponies Yes. Good. I’m happy when you’re happy. Kailyn The past couple of weeks, things with Javi and me have been really bad, and even though we’re doing a little better now, we need to work through a lot of our issues. Therapy again. Do you like coming here Yeah. I mean, it would be better if we used the stuff that we actually learned in therapy.

So how have you been since I’ve seen you Pretty good. We’re doing okay. We’ve gotten into some arguments. Kristen Did you guys dialogue about it at all It’s hard to dialogue, like, when we’re in that moment. Kailyn When we’re already mad. So what you can do is, after the situation kind of calms down, then say, Okay, let’s do this dialogue thing. If it’s not resolved, then it’s kind of touching on that open wound, and then things build and build and build. Okay. Okay.

So now what Oh, I wanted to do the appreciation exercise where you say something that you appreciate about your partner. So who wants to start I will. Okay. laughs One thing I appreciate about you is that you are hardworking, and when you do that, it makes me feel proud. One thing I appreciate about you is your passion, your passion with everything you do. And when you do that, I feel joyful. I feel blessed, and I’m proud. Kristen Is it hard for you to hear something positive.

Well, I think that he kind of bullbleep, like, his things. Like, I think that that’s, like, a bullbleep compliment. Why are you getting upset Because I don’t think that was a good one. Like, I just want to hear that I’m a good mom or something. I don’t want to Like, how does my passion affect anything I don’t need to tell you you’re a good mom. You already know that. But my passion doesn’t affect you at all. No, but it’s good to see how passionate you are about starting school.

You made the dean’s list that was your main goal. We barely spend time together because you’re doing all this stuff. We fight if you don’t make time for me while in the process. So then how can you compliment me on it if we fight about it tense music camera shutter clicks horse whinnies Chelsea Aubree’s in preschool, and I’m meeting with my new lawyer by myself today. Hi. Good morning, Chelsea. How are you Good, how are you Good to see you. Yes.

Did you have a nice Christmas I did. Good. So how’s everything been going I don’t know. His mom thought that Adam could take Aubree alone. Uhhuh. He can have Aubree as long as Mom and Dad are there. I believe that’s what you thought it would be. Well, yeah, and it just frustrates me because I don’t want his actions to affect her. And they do. Right. I’ve drafted a reply affidavit. Okay. Okay I’d like to go over that to you. I have no other choice but to request that any supervision.

on the part of the defendant be formally supervised at the family visitation center. Today’s date my notary seal. Yeah. After this, we send this over Yeah, then they’ll have a chance to reply. Okay. Oh, yeah. I kind of want to look at the visitation center. Is that possible Yes. It’s supervised, and it’s filmed, but the parent and the child can’t tell that it’s going on. Good. That makes me feel a little bit better. Hi, Adam. Hello. All right. Which case do you want to talk about first.

There’s so many. So many. I have no idea. Okay. We have your two civil cases regarding your children. Let’s go ahead and talk about your case against Chelsea. We were trying to go for 5050 custody or in the very least, have unsupervised visitation. Right now I just got Aubree every other weekend, but that’s supervised through my parents. Okay. So I received this in the email from Chelsea. She is basically alleging in here that your parents have not been bothering to supervise you and that they should have been doing that.

She also brings up your felony stalking charges, that you have anger and extreme disregard for the law and safety of others and that you should have supervised visitation only at the family visitation center. Do you know what the family visitation center is Okay. DSS actually supervises every single visit that goes on there, records and films them That’s ridiculous. And makes sure that it’s safe. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. That visitation center is for, like, drug addicts that can’t even take care of themselves. bleep stupid, but what can I do about it now.

Fight it. Yeah. I’m gonna be doing that for the rest of my life. Drama with Chelsea is gonna be forever. Jenelle Things between Nathan and me are still rocky, but we’re trying to get along. My mom hasn’t let me see Jace in almost two weeks, so tomorrow, I’m gonna meet up with my lawyer about getting custody back. Eat those carbs. Munch, munch, munch. laughs Shut up. What are you, little Miss Piggy Can you hold him So I think that my mom is gonna freak out.

No offense, but your mom’s as dumb as rocks. What does she think That, like, you’re just gonna wait on her to, you know Be comfortable Don’t Don’t kick the baby. So are you gonna come with me tomorrow when I go see my lawyer to talk about custody, or If you want me to. I mean, I’m still kind of debating, so if you’re lucky, I might go. Oh, my God. Babe, stop. Why are you acting like this Acting like what are you talking about I’ll go with you.

You better. I know you want the support. Jenelle My appointment is this morning, and even though I want Nathan to come, he’s making me late. Oh, my bleep God. Hurry up, man. Come on, Nathan. You’re gonna make me miss my lawyer’s appointment. Dude, I’m gonna be late. I’m so pissed off, dude. My day is already bleep ruined. Nathan Dude, I’m staying home. Jenelle Are you serious I’m not fighting with you today, Jenelle. Are you serious again, Nathan I told you. Come on, Nathan!.

Nathan Go by yourself. No, come on. Oh, my God, dude. Here we bleep go again. Dude, I’m so sick of this. Let’s just go. I have an appointment, Nathan. This means a lot to me. This is for my son, and I want you there for support. Oh, my gosh. Come on, Nathan. I’m begging you for your bleep support. No, I’m done. Please, just come with me. Just bleep go. Jenelle Oh, my God, dude. This is for my son. First of all, you’re gonna sit there.

And step for Jace to be his father figure, a now you’re gonna sit there and say he’s not even your bleep Whatever, Nathan. Nathan You are dumb, Jenelle you’re a bitch. Jenelle I don’t even know if it’s worth it to even get him back, because if he’s gonna come home to this Kaiser is already going through it. Jenelle Stop acting like a bitch. You do this all the time to me. Nathan Instead of support me, instead of to act like a Shut up. Shut up. Jenelle You just sat there and yelled at me.

No, I didn’t. Yes, you have. Nathan I swear to God, I did not. Jenelle Okay, Nathan. Shut the bleep up just shut up. That’s what I’m talking about. Oh, my God, dude. Jenelle Are you serious Leah Ali and Aleeah came back from Corey’s last night, and Jeremy is working, and I’m actually starting to think that splitting the week with Corey might be a good idea. Oh, Ali. Why did you pee on the floor You peed all over your Ugg boots. Are you gonna take a bath for Mommy.

Huh Are you gonna take a bath real quick Come on. Come on, sugarplum. Leah Not in the bathtub. Oh, I got to go check the ravioli. Gracie, your ravioli is done by the way, baby. It’s in there. Hold on I’ll get it ready for you. Ah! Leah Do you want a piece of bread with it Gracie, sit down. You guys are about to go to bed. Ali, I just gave you a snack. You guys need to go brush your teeth.

Go brush your teeth now. Give me kisses night night. Can I have the kitty Love you. Not right now. Night. man It comes together and then it falls apart Leah It’s time to get up. Leah I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, but I still need to get the girls to school by 815 this morning. yawns Gracie, you better be getting out of bed, missy. Look who’s up and is awake. laughing Squished you. laughs Leah Ali, come here.

Let’s put your clothes on. Leah We’re gonna be on time for school. You guys are crazy. Gracie. yawns Oh, my God. Doesn’t Gracie cheer in Columbus this weekend Yeah, I think so. Here you go. Thank you. You’re welcome. I feel like I justboom could fall asleep. Why I never have any energy ever. I’m so tired. I knew when you got pregnant at such a young age how hard it was gonna be. And then when they said twins, you know, you’re looking, like, seriously.

Yeah. I’m gonna put the girls on birth control at 13 whether they like it or not. laughs How’s you and Corey I’m gonna talk to my attorney, I guess, because Corey is wanting to switch his days. Like, he wants, instead of, like, having them on the weekends, have them a couple days during the week. That don’t make no sense to me. To be honest with you, if he wants them two days during the week of school, so be it, because that’s the hard part. Jeremy’s away. It’s, like, I’m dealing with so much at once.

How’s he gonna spend time with them That’s crazy. He goes to work. But why not I mean, do you think I’m stupid You all just went to court and got that settled. Y’all need to stop with that mess. I don’t know. Kailyn Things are still rough with Javi, but I’m trying to focus on school. Now you’re gonna start a new paragraph. Exactly. Kailyn I have to go pick up Isaac from Jo’s. I filed papers to change our visitation agreement, and Jo should have gotten them by now.

I’m still not sure if he’s actually moving to Delaware, and I’m not really comfortable with that idea. Hello. Hi. How are you Good. Isaac, were you good Mmhmm. So I got something the mail about another mediation. I had to file. I mean, it’s just not worth it to fight with you. I can’t afford to miss classes to meet you for custody. But you couldn’t, like, just wait a little bit Wait for what I plan on moving down to Delaware. I understand that. So what’s gonna happen.

We’re gonna go to mediation. This is not gonna get worked out. We’re not gonna go to court and see a judge until May, so what’s the point By then, I’ll already be there, and the solution will be solved. No, it won’t be solved, because I still Because I’ll be there. I’ll be able to take him to karate if I need to. I’ll be able to pick him up and do whatever I need to do. Jo. What I really don’t want you to move to Dover.

Mommy just doesn’t like seeing my face. Do you want Daddy to move to Delaware Umm. no. Kailyn No, why not A house. I believe he should be in one household during the week at school, whether you’re in Delaware or not. I think you’re moving to Delaware thinking that it’s not gonna cause you to lose time that you already have, and I don’t think that’s a solution to everything that you’re trying to do. I’m gonna make it a solution. I’m gonna make it work. camera shutter clicks.

Guitar music crying cell phone ringing cell phone ringing woman At the tone, please record your message. beeps Hey, I just wanted to talk to you and tell you, like, why I’m so upset. Jenelle After hearing Nathan’s voice mail, I decided to go back and get him. Was he sleeping No. cell phone ringing Yes, I was just wondering, is Trey in the office right now Can we still see him if we’re late or not Okay, all right. Thanks a lot.

I seriously can’t do with the yelling anymore, you saying, Stop being a bitch. I said, If God did not grace her with a vagina between her legs, I would knock you clear through the bleep wall. You knew I had this appointment, and you knew I needed you there for support. And, you know, and since me and my mom aren’t getting along, you are the only one that I freaking have right now, Nathan. It’s justI feel like you haven’t been there for me since the St. Thomas trip.

We need to go to counseling. Yeah. I grew up in a broken house, and I know you grew up in a broken house, and I don’t want that for our kids. I think it’s very important for us to get along, especially since we’re going to court to get Jace. We just have to stop. It’s just exhausting. Chelsea Aubree is with Adam’s family this weekend. I hate that she has to go back there again, and I’m still worried that Adam’s parents aren’t supervising him. .

Are you gonna be here a lot this summer Uh, yeah. The grill is gonna get used and abused. I already use and abuse it. And you’re getting a new pool Yes. You’ll probably just wake up, and I’ll be already in there lounging. I’m scared to go back in there because there was a spider. Uhoh. I’ll kill him. My favorite part of you is having someone to kill spiders. I’ll take care of those spiders. Okay, so put a lot on No, no, no. Ooh. You like that.

Oh, yeah. You like that laughs Am I doing it right Yeah. Great success. Great success. engine revs Daddy. Adam Ready to go eat What laughs laughter Whee! grunts Adam My dad’s waiting outside. He’s gonna take Aubree back. Go ahead and pull up. Adam Do some tictactoe. Can we play again Yeah. A small chocolate sundae for the little lady. Oh, boy. Who won I did. laughs Adam Would you want to spend some more time with me.

Yeah Would you like to stay at my house Yeah. Soon, promise. Very soon. They want me to take what visitation I have now down to a visitation center with Aubree. Why No idea, man. You wouldn’t like it at a supervised center where we couldn’t leave or do anything fun. Mmm. Mmm, no Me either. Well, you can ask your mother about that one. Mmmm. Good choice. laughs Taylor is in the same freaking boat. I haven’t seen Paislee for, like, two months. You would like to see your sister, wouldn’t you.

Yeah. No, do you know why ‘Cause Taylor thinks he’s mean to Paislee. Have you ever seen me being mean to Paislee Mmmm. Do you think I’m mean Mmmm. Does your mom We still doing good here Yep. Awesome. Your mom thinks I’m mean to you Mmhmm. What does she tell you That’s all right. camera shutter clicks country rock music engine drones laughs engine drones laughter Mm, it does. We usually try to make time to have fun.

You know, our lives are pretty stressful. At the very beginning, whenever me and Leah split up and bleep, and I wasn’t around the kids all the time, I had to, like, really train myself how to cope with it, because it killed you. You’re used to coming home and seeing your kids every day, to come home to nothing. Awhile back at the dropoff, I asked her, you know, why couldn’t I have more time What was the reasoning, and if she would think about giving me more time. Do you think maybe she just sees it as a pride thing.

I’d say, yeah. I mean, but she says I work and bleep. She would be, like, willingly giving up time with her kids, like, that would be hard. I just feel like our house is more, you know, structured. You know, we got routine, you know. I just want to change some of their routines and habits, and they need to go to bed earlier. Well, they’re five years old. Yeah, they need to go to bed early on a school night. It’s healthy for them. Eat regular, healthy meals, and I want to be part of their lives,.

And I don’t want to just have fun on the weekends. You should be able to. Kailyn As soon as I got home from picking up Isaac, Javi and I got in another huge fight. I’m tired of this. That’s it. I’m tired of it. All right. Okay. Bye, handsome. Bye, Isaac. Talk to you later. Love you. tense music cell phone ringing Sterling Hello Hey. Hey. Kailyn Javi left. He went to a hotel. Well, when he got home from CrossFit, I’m upstairs,.

And he’s screaming from downstairs, Why the ‘F’ are you following Mike on Instagram Just some kid. People accidentally follow people all the time. Like, it’s not that serious. So then he’s freaking out, and he was just like, I’m leaving. Like, we’re done. This is stupid. You’re sneaky. I don’t know. I don’t let him go through my phone. He said he was done and that it’s over, and. I have to put Isaac to bed. I’ll call you later. Okay, let’s go night night. Give your brother a hug and a kiss.

Aw! I don’t know, babe. Want me to go get my phone to call him Yeah. All right, hang on. cell phone ringing Javi This is Javi. Sorry I couldn’t come to the phone. Leave a message, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I was just calling to say good night. Say, I love you. Love you. Good night. You okay I know, but he’ll be back. You can give him a hug and a kiss tomorrow, okay I know. I love you. man Too late, that’s far gone.

Vocalizing camera shutter clicks Jenelle We dropped of Kaiser at day care, and I finally made it to my lawyer’s. Hello there. How you doing Good, how are you Hello, Nathan. You know, I called you about it. I want to get custody of Jace back finally. Absolutely. The order that is in place, the terms of it, were very protective of Barbara and not of you. Yeah, so it’s under her rules. Yeah, pretty much. So the only right you have is the word visitation..

When I was 17, I wasn’t even under the understanding what any of these papers even meant. What is the custody arrangement that you would like to see the court order Basically, I want to switch roles with her. I want full custody. She can visit him, but only when I say. So that being said, we have to show that a substantial change of circumstances has occurred to demonstrate to the court that he should be with you. So let’s go through a few of these. Using illegal drugs on a consistent basis.

Changed, correct Yes. Unable at the present time to provide a safe and stable environment for the minor child. I’ve been in a stable house since I moved to Myrtle Beach. Okay. So basically when she gets these papers from the court for custody, and if she gets mad, she can keep him from me, right Because it’s, like, it’s under her rules. Right, correct. And quite frankly, she has a lot of discretion to do that. She’s just gonna blow up when she gets these papers, and I’m not doing it to be mean.

It’s just, I’ve done everything she’s asked of me. I did go to school, and now I graduated, and I go to college, and I’m gonna graduate in July. Bottom line, if she’s not going to voluntarily modify custody, then you have to do it the way you are. I’m just ready to pursue this finally, so. Chelsea I’m waiting for Adam’s mom to drop off Aubree, and I really hope his parents were around this time. cell phone ringing Hello Hi. Randy What are you doing.

I went to the lawyer. He had written up an affidavit. Basically that he definitely doesn’t deserve 5050 custody. I know he’s gonna shoot himself in the foot, because Taylor and myself are asking for visitation in a visitation center. No more nice guy. Yeah. Hi, baby. man We are one Hello. Oh, boy! Oh, did you miss me Mmhmm. I missed you. You want to draw Yes! I’m using purple. He’s in here somewhere. Okay, do you want to draw some more stuff.

If you don’t lose that page I drew. I’m not gonna. Promise Yeah. My dad promised me that I would go with him to go to a place. Where Like, to his house. gentle music He promised me. When is he gonna take you I don’t know. He didn’t know. But he promised me he would. Really You can never, ever break a promise. You’re right. camera shutter clicks Kailyn Don’t go away. This episode ofltigt Teen Mom 2ltigt continues right now. .

Leah Jeremy’s back home for the weekend, and his mom is watching Ali. I have to get Aleeah to a cheerleading competition today, and I’m running late. Leah Taking care of the girls has been really overwhelming lately, and it’s starting to put a strain on me and Jeremy. We got to go. I’m serious. Mommy’s gonna be very upset, ’cause I woke up early and everything. Addy Mommy. Leah Jeremy, we got to go. Come on. So are we. Help me out with these hoodlums. Shoe. Today you’re cleaning that car out.

Leah Okay. I don’t know where you’re gonna put anything. laughs Leah Okay. We got to go. screaming Addy screaming No, that’s bleep ridiculous. No, look in the back. I don’t know. screaming Leah It did! Leave me alone. Can you shut up God, you don’t know what it’s like. You don’t know. Shut up! Kailyn Javi came back after a few hours, and even though we’re trying to work things out in counseling, it seems like the arguing won’t stop. I left the house because I needed some space,.

So now that I’m back, we can try what the therapist said, and we can talk about it. Why are you making those crazy faces Because when you left, you said you were done. I mean, it’s pointless for us to sit here and say, Let’s try, let’s try, let’s try if that’s not what we want. It’s gonna go in circles and circles and circles and circles. Because the issues that I tell you that I have with you at therapy, they’re the same thing when we come home. I can’t trust you when you’re on your phone.

You’re sneadon’t tell me you’re not sneaky on your phone. I’m not sneaky. Every time you’re right here, sitting right here, Hey, babe, you lock your phone. Because I don’t need Hey, who are you texting None of your business. Because I don’t need to tell you. It’s not about that it’s just, why are you so sneaky Like, why can’t you finish your text You want to know why Because I’ve caught you going through my phone. I’ve caught you going through stuff on my computer. I’ve caught you doing things that piss me off.

Okay, if you didn’t do that, I wouldn’t have to do that. You were smothering me. And that’s when I was like, Okay, now you want to invade my privacy Now I’m gonna be even more private. We’re not getting anywhere with this conversation. No, we’re not. Okay, so either leave and stay gone Okay, a part of me wants to leave, and a part of me can’t leave. We can’t be miserable in the marriage for the kids, because at the end of the day, it shows them nothing. It shows them a broken home.

If we’re better if we’re happier divorced, then that’s what we need to do for our kids. man Call off the hunt We’re running on a tour Beg pardon, soul No sign of ceasefire, so carry on The sooner it comes, oh, the sooner it’s gone Look at the ghost No sign of ceasefire, so carry on She was acting like I bleep killed somebody. Even if he does change, I will never trust him.

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