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Custody Battle Hollywood Actress

Sharon stone uh. basically wanted full custody of her son right understand life she was invented that custody until now itn’s is reporting so take it for what it’s worth that sheila overreact we had medical conditions like for example are if you didn’t have medical conditions on should make it up in internet for example uh. she thought that he had this crazy spinal condition without distorting told her no in fact he doesn’t and she also wanted him to get their talks on his feet because that’s because he had but order.

How come uh. that said remain desirous of of the day i think again i don’t know custody no none disbelieve the child go away don’t come back i was had no expectation that for the story i was inside all by right anything about that some of the yet that was that was basically the main part of the story that was astonishing with a complete it’s crazy and i mean if i said well you got photo their son why don’t you stop wasting his about socks and maybe we’ll get you some fifty ordering.

Perfect westchester crazy talk now case in bold type stuff it’s anything how can anyone think reporting but that’s correct his feet first loss how dumb that is who put their separate country everything but that would solve and owner problem and sharon it’s called frickin doctors souls work into it and rich people they get mentally so let me get mental now whatever way she said the stupid things about china issues that college and i had the earthquake coming this is an arm and the exhibit needed to bet.

Why Does Sharon Stone Want to Inject Botox Into Her Kids Feet

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