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Custody Battle Songs

Nayak! Nayak! Nayak! Nayak! Nayak! Coming. Who are you Nab him! Stop. Don’t let him escape. Kolkata is in your hands therefore, I will cut off your hands. Wait and watch. Call out for your leader. Call him. Call and tell him Ghatak is going to kill us today. Please come and save us. Did you hear me Call him else I will kill you right here. Call him. Storm doesn’t come by call. It comes whenever it wants and creates destruction. Even you won’t be able to get away. Your death is coming.

He’ll come. Where will he come from How will he come When will he come He’s not a bus or a train to tell his arrival timings. He’s a storm. When Nayak comes, he will bring destruction. Heed my advice. Pack your bags and get going from here. Otherwise, remember God. Because when death comes, he is the only one who is remembered. Beat him up! I’ll forgive you if you try to harm me. But I’ll kill you if you try to harm my friends. How did this happen Who killed so many people.

Tell us who is responsible for it Our boss will answer your questions. Yes. Okay. Go with your mother to watch film. I won’t be able to come. Listen! I’m already watching 70 mm thriller film here. Did you understand Sir! Tell me what is it The press is here. Tell me. I will come and cook food. Hang up now. Tell me what is it Sir, the press is attacking us with questions. What should we tell them Don’t they know what has happened here No matter what we do, they say police department is sleeping.

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They will ask a stupid question why we didn’t you nab the criminals yet. Our answer will be, ‘very soon the accused will be behind the bars.’ Their job is to blame. Send the bodies for postmortem. Okay, sir. Okay, I will come and wash utensils too. The minister looks very upset today. You are right, sir. Sorry, sir! Looking at the crime scene we understood..that your brother had tied some men to a pole. Either one of them or another man killed all your men. Forget about your brother. He has broken the bones of two men.

Your brother died of excess bleeding. What do I say, sir. There was a lot of bleeding from his nose and ears. Are you a crime reporter or an inspector Sir. I don’t want to know how my brother died. I want to know who killed him. I will kill him. Catch him. Catch him! Catch him! Is it a running bus so that we can run and catch it You tell me. If there is a call from an unknown number..how we say exactly who called You’ll know it after you get the call.

Absolutely. The problem is the killer didn’t leave any evidence behind. Good morning. Hi. Good morning. Here are the post mortem reports of all the bodies. Sir, the killer seems to be a very strong man. He is approximately 25 years old. He smashed all the bones in all the bodies. Just like talcum powder. Now you tell me. How can we catch that 25 year old young man..amongst such huge population How can I tell you that I’m sorry. How will you be able to say I won’t spare him.

I’ll surely find him. I won’t spare him. Is Cherry still asleep Of course. If he is awake all night it is bound..that he will sleep in the day. His entire routine is opposite. Cherry! Wake up. What is it, mom Your coffee is on the table. Don’t keep your hand here. It’s hot. Are you listening Let me sleep. Aunt. What is it I missed my college bus. My mother told me to ask Cherry for a ride to college. Rosy. What else did your mother tell you.

Will you hear me Yes, keep saying. She told me to give you whatever you ask for. She told me to hold you tightly whenever speed breakers come. What else I feel shy. You also feel shy You think I’m a fool to get memorized by your beauty I’m Cherry. Go. Cherry. Please go. Saraswati, are you reading beauty tips No, I’m reading English. What does brutal mean Brutal means utmost cruelty. Explain to me in Hindi. Forget about English. Learn Hindi first. Yes. Why are you reading crime news Go and do your work.

Mom, breakfast. Quick. Cherry, it is lunch time not breakfast. Understand You are late to office every day. What excuse will you give today I will say that my watch has stopped working..hence I didn’t know the time. But boss isn’t answering the phone. Even he must be sleeping like you. Really Uncle! What’s the matter Why did you cover yourself like that Do you have fever I’m scared. What If they ask for me at office, say I’m out of town. But uncle, why should I lie Because I don’t lie.

What’s the matter Tell me. I was going to office listening to the radio. I suddenly got a phone call. Hello. Hello, sir. My sister liked your photo at the marriage bureau. Please meet her once so that there is no delay. Okay. I will try. Finally, someone liked me. Planet Mars was favorable. I took a U turn immediately. Betel leaves is injurious to health. Put the weapons down. Keep a control on your language and body language. He shouldn’t find out that we are goons. Okay. The groom is a software engineer.

We should be soft before him. Okay. Did you understand Yes. His hair style is amazing. He also looks smart. His hairdo looks like Bobby Deol’s. His hairdo looks like Bobby Deol’s..and his eyes look like Hrithik Roshan’s. I will get my laptop repaired by the groom. Hello, sir. Have you come alone You expected me to bring even the wedding procession along I mean your. My parents died during my childhood. I didn’t mean your parents. Stop asking questions and show me the girl quickly. Take his blessings. No need for that. Sit down.

I like the girl. Talk to him for once. Stop it. ‘Talk to him.’ Whom should I talk to I like you. You can talk to me in private if you want. A girl talks to the groom in private. How can she talk to the groom’s father in private You misunderstood me. I’m the groom. And unmarried too. Then whose photo is this That’s my photo. Disgusting. Stop. Listen. Listen. Listen to me. You gave your teenage photo at the marriage bureau. But you came to see the girl in your old age.

There was traffic. I got a little late. A little late Your validity is over. Does a horse or a man ever become old For example, who’s the hero in the movie ‘Cheeni Kum’ Amitabh Bacchan. What about ‘Nishabd’ Amitabh Bacchan. Don’t girls admire him They do. That’s right. Though he is so old girls admire him. Does love has any boundary It doesn’t. If you liked my old photo, why don’t you like me now When a new heroine comes do we forget the old ones Answer me, baldy. No.

Similarly, we must not forget the old actors. Old is gold. I can’t wait. Fix the wedding date quickly. Don’t you think you are talking too much Wait. Even if you touch me, I can get your thrashed. Have you heard a physician named Babji Do you know him He used to play marbles with me in childhood. Just one phone call, he will come here and break your bones. Our boss is Babji’s right hand. We didn’t bring out our weapons since you are a polite man. Boss, shall I kill him Wait a minute.

I understood the matter clearly now. If we fight here then no one will watch. Let’s go out. If I fall unconscious, at least somebody will take me home. Hey! I’m alone and you are twenty men. Let me also bring twenty men then we will be even. Also bring cheerleaders along. I will become the umpire. Run. Hey. Stop. I managed to flee from there. If they had caught me, I would’ve been in the garage. They have my phone number. They are messaging me vulgar words all day. They are even threatening to kill me.

You are unbelievable. Is it not wrong to show your teenage photo..and go to see the girl in old age I did a bigger mistake than that. What is that I also used Babji’s name. If he finds out, he’ll surely kill me. You are scared of Babji, aren’t you Yes. Let’s go to his house. His henchman are already angry, don’t provoke the boss. As long as I’m there he won’t even touch you. Let’s go. Hi. Why are you going inside I wanted to meet Babji. Boss is busy in the meeting. Wait outside.

Okay. Whoever uses my name, encroaches property..he is finished. Uncle. What is it She is so beautiful, isn’t she If Babji finds out, he will kill you. Do you want to die Stop gazing at the girl. Look at me. She’s so beautiful. She made just for me. Nephew. Just think, uncle. If I hook up with this girl, you don’t have to fear anyone. Even you matter will get solved. Isn’t it a great idea Babji will thrash us. We are here to solve a problem, not create a new one.

I don’t want settlement. I’m going. Look here. Don’t look there. Hey! Boss has called you. Nephew, we got to see his cruelty even before meeting him. Not inside, let’s go from here. I’m with you. Be a man. Greetings, boss. Boss, this is the man that came to see my sister. No, he is my uncle. He looks good. Become his brotherinaw. Not the one standing in the front, but the one standing behind. Greetings, boss. You know he easily uses boss’s name. Idiot. He was threatening me using boss’s name.

How dare you threaten my men Moreover, using my nephew’s name How dare you What is your name ‘Jalebi’Sweetmeat. ‘Jalebi’ ‘Jalebi’ Yes. What kind of a name is that I’ve never heard it before. My dad had a sweet shop. His specialty was ‘Jalebi.’ Even I was juicy and sweet in childhood just like Jalebi. Is that so What is your name Cherry. Cherry Did your father have a fruit shop Cherry is nickname. If his name is a sweetmeat and your name is a fruit..will you use someone else’s name.

Break his hands and legs. Stop. Staying in Mumbai, what’s wrong if I used Babji’s name People are crazy about him. People take him to be God. That’s why he used his name. Is that wrong What was my question and what is your answer Be clear in what you want to say. I didn’t understand a thing. Doesn’t matter if you don’t understand. If Babji understands that’s enough. Babji is more famous than Vada Pavsnack in Mumbai. If you want to woo a girl then use Babji’s name, she will be impressed.

If you want a bed in hospital,..mention Babji’s name and ambulance will come to your house. People use Babji’s name even to buy kerosene in the ration shop. Am I right, uncle Are you flattering my nephew Uncle. What is it Let him speak. As you wish. You continue. Your maggots are very illiterate. They don’t know how powerful you are. If it is the bravo star Sallu’s film,..will you get ticket for first day, first show No, never. But I get. Because I use Babji’s name.

If you take Babji’s name..the traffic constable won’t ask for license..nor the police demands bribe. In that case, how is it wrong if we use such a powerful man’s name You take him to be a credit card You will use his name everywhere you go How dare you Uncle. Nephew. After hearing him, we come to know our value in the market. You are correct, sir. Sir, if you don’t mind, can I take a photo with you Uncle, take a close up shot. So far, you used only his name.

Now, he will use it along with the photo. Please shut up. Sir, please put your hand on me. Go ahead. Brother, I’m going to the college. Is she your sister Yes. Uncle, click a photo with her as well. Why are you bringing twist in the story Why do you want a photo with her a photo, uncle. The camera stopped working. What Not even my mind. Enough now. Enough of your melodrama. Why do you want my niece’s photo What’s the problem in it They’ll get publicity.

They’ll print posters and distribute them. He looks like a spoilt brat. You go to the college, dear. Bye Sir, which college is she studying in Why do you want to know that Why did we come here and what are you asking him Uncle, try to understand. If we know which college she studies in, we can warn the brats there..saying she is Babji’s sister, stay away from her,..otherwise you will be finished. Right, sir Correct. B. Tech final year, Shreya Engineering College. Give him all the details. Pin code, postal address.

Give this brat all the details. So that someday he will come here with the wedding procession. What are you saying Are you drunk I’m here to meet my idle and you say I’m flirting with his sister Stop it. Otherwise, we will be dead. Why are you talking about flirting You are in Babji’s house..and you are involving his sister in everything Stop it. Sir, no matter what they say, I’m a huge fan of yours. You understand, don’t you I can understand a man by his words.

I see honesty in you. You are face reader. You can meet me whenever you want to. I will meet you. Thank you, sir. Sir, a small request. Tell them not to trouble my uncle. Alright. They won’t. Thank you, sir. Go. Bye. Sir, you are unique. What happened to your voice Did you lose it Not just my voice, I might lose my life because of you. Why did you want to take a photo with his sister What if they had killed you Never mind even if I lose my life. But I will marry only her.

I love her. I’m so unlucky. Why did you take left We are going to her college, uncle. What. Madhu. I proposed you and you rejected my proposal. If you don’t say ‘I love you’ to me, I’ll jump off from here. Will you say it or should I jump Madhu, did you hear him He says he will jump off. Say ‘I love you’ otherwise he’ll jump. As soon as he jumps,..the news channel will come and the college will lose its reputation. But why will they come Because when he jumps,.

.they will record in their phones and give it to the media. Say it, dear. What are you. She won’t say it. If every boy in the college does this,..will she tell ‘I love you’ to all of them You better come down. Keep your mouth shut, old man. Don’t try to catch the flying plane. Madhu, you won’t get a better guy than me. If you tell me ‘I love you’ I will come down, otherwise, I will die. Look, he is someone crazier than you. Nobody is crazier than me.

Madhu, don’t think so much. Say it. Hurry up, dear. Otherwise, he will jump off. Will you tell him or should I. Madhu! Why did he climb higher than that fellow Madhu, if you tell him ‘I love you’, I’ll jump off. What I don’t think that boy is from our college. But it is our college building. Who are you Don’t ask who I am. Ask me what I want. Madhu won’t say ‘I love you’ to him. I’ve seen people jumping off to make the person say ‘I love you’.

But for the first time, I’m seeing someone jumping off..asking the person not to say ‘I love you’. If you say yes to one, the other man will jump. Don’t worry. He always talks rubbish. Listen. Decide which one will jump and which one will stay. What is this, brother I put in the tender but you’re trying to take the contract. Why are you ruining my efforts Why are you putting in efforts If you enter the ‘no entry’ zone you have pay fine. Be wise and get down.

I’ll tell you a truth. What truth Get down and I will tell you. Okay. Wonder what he spoke to him and he got down. What were you saying You can threaten anybody for your love. But you shouldn’t threaten the one who already belongs to someone. She is mine, so go your way. What did you say You called me down for this Brother, you don’t know Babji. He is a murderer. He will finish you too. Aren’t you afraid of him I’m more dangerous than him. How.

You are still a kid. You will understand after you grow up. Where are you going I’m going to meet Madhu. You still want to meet her Are you crazy I’m petrified. Let’s go from here. Come with me. You are doing wrong. You handled the situation very well. Thank you. Thank you. Well done. Thank you. Thanks a lot. Come on Madhu, will you just thank me for taking such a big risk What else do you except Will Babji’s sister watch film with you, dine with you Let’s go.

Wait, uncle. I wanted to tell you something. I think I love you. What Should I take it as ‘yes’ Brother will decide on that. God, please save us. Don’t you worry Why should I worry You will die. Okay, let’s go. Nephew. Did you see Do you know what that rascal did He went up to the tenth floor and threatened..that he’ll jump off if your sister doesn’t say ‘I love you’ to him. What are you saying Don’t intervene. Did he say that or not.

So far, he only used your name, now he will become family member. If we remain quiet, he’ll ask us to get her married to him someday. Why are you quiet Why don’t you do something Will you get her married to him Cherry. How did he come here Why did you come here Cherry, tell them the truth yourself. Should I tell them as well, sir Wait, I will tell them. A guy told Madhu that she won’t say ‘I love you’ to a guy..otherwise, he will jump off the building.

Cherry saved by using his intelligence. Did he save that guy No, he saved the girl. It is not about him climbing up and down a building. Ask him whether or not he said ‘I love you’ to Madhu. Hello. If you get an electric shock..and I’ll hit you with a stick to save your life..doesn’t mean I hit you. The whole drama depended on the three words ‘I love you’. By mistake I must’ve said ‘I love you’, sir. If she is your sister then she is something to me as well.

Right, uncle Nephew, don’t trust him. He is a hypocrite. Sir, they think that you might make me your close aide. That’s why they are painting a wrong picture about me. And I guess they also manipulated your sister. How dare you complain my nephew. Shut up. I decide through my heart and not mind. I trust you. Thanks for solving the problem in the college. Go now. You are unique, sir. Uncle, let’s go home. Let’s go. He managed to make boss dance to his own tunes.

I’m getting angry on nephew. He got manipulated by that boy. You said something to brother,..something else to sister and you said everything to me. If he finds out the truth, he will kill you. Oh, that’s only if he finds out. He’ll get me killed. Jalebi! Come on, get back to work. I’m paying you. Go. Did you call me with love I called you with anger. Where is he I don’t know. I broke relationship with him yesterday. I’m not here to know what you did.

I want to talk to him personally. In 10 ten minutes, he must come and tell me ‘I don’t love you’. Otherwise, I will get you killed. Yeah! Sir, you are happy even after being insulted I expected a tsunami, but it was a simple cyclone. Thank God. The girl doesn’t love nephew. Now if nephew says ‘I hate you’ I will be safe. It was so much fun. Never take major decisions when having cold coffee. What are you saying Who are you I might be talking to you, but I’m after her.

If you are after her then why are you talking to me I’m scared if I will fall in love with her again if I saw her face. Nephew, why did you come here and what are you saying Okay, I’ll say it. Is it wrong if a person..that travels in an auto dreams of driving a car Not at all. Alright. Is it wrong for a handsome guy like me..to fall in love with a gorgeous girl like her Not at all. Just shut up. Okay. If you want to talk to me, talk to me directly.

Why are you targeting my bachelor uncle Let’s talk face to face. Look, never scare the goat which is about to be sacrificed,..it will be half dead already. If he gets scared, his blood pressure becomes low. I will have to take him to the doctor. Goodbye. Bye. You are such a good guy. Forget her. You will find many girls. Why did you stop I forgot to tell her something important. What is it again I’ll tell you. Excuse me. Hello. Even you listen to me. It will of help to you as well.

Look, one can fall in love with anyone and anywhere. It can also be one sided love. But to reject someone’s love, you need a strong reason. Also think how much the person will be hurt. Think about it. Finally, did your love chapter close or not I just opened the love chapter. Sir, an enquiry based on the detection of sniffer dogs..revealed that some people took a man called Sandhu from here..one day before Taxi Seth was murdered. This is the house, sir. Sir, does this mean that Sandhu killed all those men.

No, that’s not possible. If that was so then how can goons kidnap..a notorious murderer so easily I’m sure their leader is somebody else. Sir, I found this slip. Their next target is Mumbai. Since he booked a ticket from Kolkata to Mumbai. The criminal is hiding in Mumbai. I’m very sure. I have just reached Mumbai. Yes. Sir. Go away. Don’t give money to such people. You don’t know anything about them. They beg for alms with a sad faces..and at night they gamble sitting on the footpath.

They also smoke hashish. They also go to liquor bars and spend money on girls. Their income is more than your salary. Understand Did you get a job to any of them Are you crazy If I start finding job for these beggars,..I will become a beggar myself. Even they are helpless. They don’t enjoy doing it. Give alms. Here. You have fever. Go and rest. Why are you begging I have to work no matter how sick I am, otherwise they will kill me. Who Damu. You have fever You want to go to doctor.

You get cold, fever and headache only if you are alive. You’ll not even sneeze after you die. Let go. Let go my son. If you want to cry then cry while begging for alms. Listen, you’ve to bring 100 rupees a day whether you live or die. Otherwise, I will make your lives miserable. He is so cruel that he also gouges out children’s eyes. He was a very good dancer. He wanted to become a great dancer,..but Damu Seth chopped off his leg. Damu Seth’s men are spread.

.in bus stands, railway stations, everywhere. Whenever a new child comes, they promise to get a job and trap him. Once a child falls into their traps, he can never escape. Why don’t you complain to the police Two children tried to complain, but he killed them. We beg for alms because we are scared of him. Where can I find Damu Have you all come for my father’s wedding..or doing night duty Yes, boss. You eat three meals a day, but go to beg for alms just one time a day.

I wonder why people give coins. Won’t don’t they give notes I have a tough time counting them. Hail. Every first day of the month, it feels like..Goddess Laxmi has come here herself. You must feel ashamed, boss. Do you call this as income Whether it is Ambani’s money or alms the rate will remain the same. The value of coins is more than the value of notes in the market. I will make you understand the value of coins. Should I tell you something about change How much can the army of beggars.

.save by collecting Rs. 1, Rs. 2, and Rs. 5. My dear, the amount is so huge that when it can’t fit in these sacks..how will it fit in your calculator If the underworld hoodlums find out..that there is so much money in this business..they will start the same business. My son has come. He looks like a hero. How do I look I’ll spend 50 crores and make a movie with you as the hero. Even if the beggars out there watch the film, it will be a super hit.

I don’t want to be a hero. Songs and fights are boring. I’ll become a villain. So what’s new about it Only that will suit my personality. Who are you Why are you beating him Stop it! What are you doing He will die. I want him to die. How dare you come to my area and beat my son Who are you I’m not a dog to come with your invitation. I’m a tiger. You can’t see your son getting beaten up..then how can any parents see their children begging.

Don’t worry. It will become blind and it also won’t feel the pain. Let go my baby. Forget her. Turn it blind. No! You will pay a price. Let go my son. Are you Mother Teresa’s disciple..to save these beggars becoming a messiah Tell him about me. Damu Seth rules the entire city. He chops the hands and legs of the old people children..and makes them beg. But you look very handsome. People won’t give you alms. Get going. Hey. Make him also a beggar. Hit him! Hello. Police station.

Being a human you behave like an animal You gouged out the eyes..of those innocent children with these hands, isn’t it The unlucky mothers who couldn’t bear children, you made them beg. Please stop it. He got punished for his sins. Now, beggars will give him alms. Don’t break his mouth. Otherwise he won’t be able to even ask for alms. Let go off him. He’s been screaming since long time. My ears are hurting. Check there. Sir, don’t mind. He is not in the state to salute. I have a small request. Shut up.

Take him in an ambulance instead of a jeep. He will at least be able to face the punishment. Your exposed the beggars mafia by putting your life at stake. You want to say something It was the job of the media, but I had to do it. Media Yes, media. You only know to run behind the ministers’ cars. But you can’t see thousands of children begging for alms,..they being molested and humiliated. For TRP ratings, you’ll run SMS contests. Whether the heroine will have a son or a daughter.

Whether the film is a hit or a flop..and how much business it makes. You see that. But can’t you see how much the innocent children are suffering Media should work for public, not for publicity. Look, I’m not a hero. Many people are doing good job in the society. 5 lakhs was needed for someone’s heart operation,..many people have helped the person. Tell the people about them. Rather than misguiding the people, write about honest people. Please. You are a real hero, brother. ‘We have heard about liquor mafia and drugs mafia.’.

‘But beggar mafia is more dangerous than that.’ ‘A brave man shattered that mafia and spread awareness in the media.’ ‘He saved the lives of many orphan children..by putting his life at stake.’ ‘That brave man is software engineer Cherry.’ ‘Everybody is talking about him now.’ He is a bravo. Welcome into my life. O beloved. Your sweet smile. O beloved. I got mesmerized by your smile. Oh. Why did you stop I feel shy. You look very cute when you feel shy. Okay. Why did you come here all of a sudden.

Actually Cherry has robbed my peace. He gave a new life to many orphans. Even I like him. You should hook us up. I’m dead. This couple will get me thrashed. Please. Why do you need my mediating Why don’t you talk to him yourself He is very unpredictable. He might suddenly refuse. I have ego problem. Bring him to me. She is so egoistic. I will fix her. You have ego, I have fear, and he has pride. I don’t think your love story has any future. Jalebi! Yes.

I also get angry. Oh. I’m so unfortunate. I’ll try. Cherry. Yes. You love your uncle, don’t you I love you so I stopped loving that girl. Don’t stop. Continue to love her. Come on uncle, you connect and disconnect whenever you want. It isn’t a joke. It is about my feelings. Don’t give me stupid examples. What She said you saved the lives of the orphans,..hence she changed her mind and fell in love with you. Come and tell her that you love her. That’s unfair. Won’t she love me if I don’t save children.

I don’t want such a girl. There are no conditions in love. Then no girl will fall for you. Be happy with what you get otherwise, like me. Uncle. Please agree. Okay. My ego is stopping me. Bring her to me. What Ego Can you hear the conversation even on the other side of the wall No. Why Even she said the same thing. Both of you stop being egoistic. Fall in love and start dating. Uncle, I have some selfrespect. Bring her to me. She will thrash me. She will not do anything.

She will kill me. Her brother is a hoodlum not she. Why are you crying Can’t I even cry in peace in the washroom Do I need your permission to cry Alright. Continue. Wash your hands. Oh God. Cherry will get me killed. How will I convince her Both have united. What about me Boss, looks like Cherry managed to woo madam. We have to inform Babji about it. You offered milk to the snake with love and now,..it has come to your house to drink milk. Shut up, you fool.

He was strict, but he managed to make his way through. He was lenient towards him. It is his fault. What did you say You can understand a person’s character..from his words and his eyes, isn’t it People will mock at you. He made a fool of you. Darn it. He made his life wonderful by flattering you. When I stopped him, you said I don’t understand anything..and asked me to be quiet. Now, pay a price. Madhu will come and say that she wants to get married to him.

Get her married. I will kill him. I don’t spare the one who betrays me. Before my sister tells me about her love, I will finish him. That’s like my boy. Bring the vehicle. Shall I kill him Wait a minute. Boss, the Romeo is right in front of me. He is on the bike wearing helmet. Shall I finish him The helmet can save him from accidents, not from us. Follow him. I will bring nephew and come. Hello. Where is he He went down the flyover and took a left turn.

Should we ram the jeep into his bike No. Babji will do it himself. You follow him. Okay. Hello, he came to the parliament. We will kill him there itself. Don’t you think it will be too risky If we kill him there, the news will spread in the entire state. Madam. Yes. Take 100 rupees and keep this packet with you. I’ll go inside and take it. Okay. Madam, the packet. Here. Boss, he went inside. Let’s go. Okay. Babji, this murder will be the highlight of all our crimes.

Sir, the D. G. P is in a meeting. We are here to I invite him. It is my nephew’s engagement. Please wait. Let’s go. Where is he There he is. Go and finish him. Sir! He shot the D. G. P so easily. He is dangerous than us. Listen, the murder plan is cancelled. We don’t even know his background. We should leave before he sees us. Turn around. Uncle, my chest is aching. Every part of my body is aching. Turn around and see if he is gone.

Didn’t you hear me Will he survive after taking in so many bullets You fool. I meant the killer, not the dead man. I think he is gone. We are safe. Babji has never had such high fever. I’m worried seeing him. This is not some viral fever. He got it because of a sudden shock. Did he see any shocking incident from close Yes, scary incident. That’s why no medicines is working on him. Just forget it. Forget whom My nephew No, the incident. ‘Despite of tight security, D.G.P was killed in the parliament.’.

‘Who could be behind the murder’ ‘Can it be some terrorists group, gangsters or naxalites’ ‘The police are investigating into this case.’ Babji, we were very lucky. If we had asked him why he loves Madhu,..he would’ve finished our game. Which game, sir The game of snake and ladder. The game in which the one who is bit my snake doesn’t ask for water. You are getting late. Brother! You were alright in the morning. What happened all of a sudden You are responsible for this. What did I do You.

No. I understood. I know everything, but still I don’t know anything. Go from here. I need to talk to brother. Are you showing concern or interviewing him He has high fever. Allow him to rest. You’re so talkative. Today is a very auspicious day. For what To kill him Will you be quiet Brother, I love someone. I knew something was fishy. He already has high fever. Don’t worsen his condition. No. Brother will be happy to know whom I love. He will be happy, but with fear.

Brother, you know the person whom I love. Who is that Cherry He is a smooth talker. Don’t trust him at all. Look uncle, I know you hate him. Brother will be upset if you talk negatively about him. Tell me, until when should we endure this Please go. Be quiet. Brother, Cherry is here to meet you. What Are you alright, sir Why are you lying like this He fell ill after seeing a shocking incident. What did he see ‘Not just one, but he was shot six bullets.’.

He is already petrified and you are showing him such scary news. Was this the incident that you saw Why will we see We didn’t see anything. Actually, he is going through ill luck. Nothing will happen to him. I think Madhu must’ve told you about everything. She said you never refused her anything since childhood. Now, she desires to get married. Will you fulfill that as well Do you have any objection I’m a good boy. Why doesn’t he speak How can he speak We agree to it. Smile only then he’ll believe.

Go and enjoy. Thank you, brother. Thank you, Babji. You should actually thank me. Why Who united both of you I. I went to see his sister using Babji’s name. And then I brought you here and you saw this girl. Then this girl liked you and. Stop your nonsense. You got what you wanted. Now, allow Babji to rest. Babji, I hope you don’t mind..if I take Madhu home to introduce her to my family. How can he refuse Take her. Nothing can be done. Wow! You are very unique. I understand everything.

Stop flattering. Now, go from here. Let’s go. Bye. Jalebi. Did you call me Yes. Cherry, the two of you are together now. So, go and enjoy yourselves and we will party with your uncle. Okay, sir. Uncle, enjoy. Thank you. Listen, Babji’s sister’s marriage is fixed. Now, also get your sister married. You won’t find a better groom than me. Why are you staring at me Now my background is bigger and stronger than yours. Am I right Bring the plate. I want to have food not sleep.

Serve food. Do you want to make me fat like you You will become lean if you eat. Eat. How can I eat so much food Even he can’t eat so much. Buddy, I feel dizzy seeing so much food. Jalebi. I feed others with a lot of love. If the person doesn’t eat the food that is served, I finish him. You need to decide. You will remember this feast all your life. Get started. I think it is a new style of murdering someone. Others beat you to death, but he will feed me to death.

What happened It will happen later. Mummy! Papa! My stomach has bulged. I will die if it explodes. I will get stuck in the machine. You are so greed for food. Couldn’t you control yourself How did you eat so much food I didn’t eat. They stuffed the food into me. I know the issue is something else. Tell me the truth. Take your hand off. It is my stomach and not a drum to play it. Sorry. But tell me the truth. Are you a doctor or a lawyer.

I’m dying and you are posing questions That’s how I am. I don’t really care how you are. Operate me and take the food out. Don’t annoy me. We operate to get the baby out, not the food. This way, sir. The body is here. We have all the recordings..of the CCTV of the day the murder took place. Play. Second camera. Third camera. Hey, who are they They are present in all the cameras. A famous rowdy called Babji. And that is his uncle. What is he saying Let me hear the audio.

His voice was not recorded, sir. Is there a lip reading expert in the Intelligence Department..who can make us understand what he is saying There is a person. Who is he Sir, he is Muhbola. He does lip reading. Hello, sir. I think he is a drunkard. You are right. I’m the only one in sync in this out sync world. Are you drunk all day No, sir. Liquor ruins a man’s life, but I drink liquor wisely. I drink when I have to kill someone in an encounter.

Tell me something. Do you drink local brew or foreign liquor There is dearth for foreign liquor in the government job. I drink local brew. Okay. Show him the tapes. Play. Stop. Rewind and play. ‘Babji, this murder will be the highlight of all our crimes.’ Great. Great sync. You’ve synced the lips perfectly. For years I’ve learnt how to sync being in out sync, sir. Arrest and bring them here immediately. Okay, sir. Will you go alone or should I send police force along I go with force to the liquor shop.

But to nab the criminals, I’ll go alone, sir. Great confidence. I like it. Thank you. Go. I’m afraid thinking about the future, uncle. I see darkness in our future. The remote is in his hands. We will have to watch whatever film he plays. We are ruined. Hi. My house is hut compared to his house. Who are you How did you get in I’m thinking of how to reveal the matter. We are not doing anymore settlements. Leave. How did you stop Are you crazy Should I give you a reason.

My nephew is ill. Does he drink local brew Are you mad This is not the place to drink. Get away from here. Like the vehicle needs petrol, I need liquor. My mouth needs a drink to talk. He is acting too smart. Throw him out. Wait. It won’t take much time for a CBI agent to finish you. I want to interrogate you. Come. Even if the police commissioner calls, we don’t go. You look like a constable. Stop blabbering now. Get going. I’m not a policeman. I’m from CBI. Central Bureau of Investigation.

I’ve come from Delhi to. interrogate you. Decide if you will come in shorts or pant. Come. You go. We are coming. Hello. Hello. Hello. What do you do We do small settlements, sir. Keep your mouth shut. We do small settlements, sir. Meaning Matters relating to poor people’s lands, payment delays. We also solve the issue between husband and wife. If you have problems in your house,..we will solve them too with guarantee. Not fight, we teach how to live with love. With love. Tell me why did you go to the parliament on 21st.

Parliament What is that Actually sir, since my nephew has fallen ill we’ve never been out. False. That’s a lie. Tell me the truth. Why will we lie We always speak the truth. We know ministers and MLAs. We are close friends. So you went to meet them Where did we go We meet in our house. Why are you asking the same question. What were you saying there I said, Today is Friday, let’s go to the temple. This is what I said. The murder took place on a Tuesday.

Whether it is Tuesday or Friday, one has to go to temple every day. Since I’m growing old, I’m teaching him some things. We were talking about temple. Oh. I’m sorry. ‘Babji, this murder will be the highlight of all our crimes.’ That’s not my voice. What are you doing, sir I remembered everything. You were right. You are absolutely right. I said those words. What situation A guy trapped our niece. We had been there to threaten him. We went there to warn him. But before that, we ourselves got scared.

So, the one you went looking for is the real murderer You just want to reveal something from us. Where you were at the time of the murder I don’t know. Sir, please don’t ask anything about it. I don’t know anything. My nephew has fever and I have chest pain. And I have tooth ache. Don’t mind. After all, it is sir who hit you. Alright. You may leave. The enquiry is over We can go CBI is very simple. Let’s go. Listen. What is the name of the guy who loves your sister.

Charan! His nickname is Cherry. What does he do He’s a software engineer. In which company Tell him. CG Tricks. Panvel, Sector2. Alright. You may leave. Let’s go. Sir, why did you let those criminals go You shouldn’t save the bottle after the liquor is over. Similarly, the witness after the matter is finished. Am I right Can’t they be the killers There was fear in their eyes and their voices. I noticed when you enquired about the boy. You are right. You are drunk but your mind works well.

Thanks for your compliment. Shall we arrest them Stop flattering. Sir will decide. The killer is not an ordinary man. He is a very intelligent man. He completed his target even in the midst of..so many ministers, MLAs and security guards. What a dedication, determination and decision power. I don’t understand how a single man could do this. It is unbelievable. We need strong evidences to arrest him. The boy who works in CG Tricks,..I want his biodata with all the details. Sir! Yes We’ve got all the data of CG Tricks.

Find Charan’s details in the staff list. Check if he went to work on the day of murder, the 21st. He was on leave. Yes. Match this photo with CCTV cameras in parliament immediately. We didn’t find a match, sir. I think he is professional, sir. He made sure he wasn’t captured in any camera. I once saw him on news channel, sir. When He exposed a beggars mafia last month. The people who got beaten up by him were arrested and put in jail. Bring them here. Come, boss. Jump.

I’m there. I won’t let you fall. Are you alright Careful. Come on, jump. What’s the hurry Walk slowly. It is not a race. Stop. Hello, sir. When you walk, why does it sound like a robot walking You heard the sound, didn’t you Yes. Except for liver, and kidneys and heart..everything else is made of steel in the bodies. Why is that He got thrashed so much that all his bones broke. So all the steel that was found has been put inside his body. ‘His mashed up all the bones in their bodies.’.

You see even this is steel. ‘Just like talcum powder.’ Was he the one that beat you It’s him! It’s him! Seeing his photo, all the screws has loosened. Please turn that around, sir. Forget that. Didn’t you try to take revenge on him Seeing their condition, you think they will even think of avenging him Just like their bodies, even they are of no use to us, sir. According to the information,..he is the one who killed the minister’s brother. Greetings. Inspector, did you catch him or not I’ve got Intelligence reports that the one who killed my brother.

.is going to kill me in the Kumbh Fair. What are you doing He can’t kill you, sir. When you return from Kumbh Fair,..he’ll be standing before you in handcuffs. You can go there boldly, sir. Go and search. Hurry up. You go there. Search everywhere. He will be somewhere. Hurry up. Don’t miss even a single corner. Oh God. You think this is picnic spot to stroll You know whose house is this It is Babji’s brotherinlaw’s house. We are searching for him. We are from CBI.

Who are you I’m Cherry’s uncle. My name is Jalebi. Jalebi Believe it or not, my name is Jalebi. Had you named yourself Spicy Chips. I would’ve had you with liquor. We searched everywhere, sir. We didn’t find him. Whom are you searching for Cherry or Babji Cherry. Where is he He went to the Khumb Fair. Khumb Fair Let’s go. Take him. Why me I’m suffering from stomach problem. Shut up. What else are you going to do Sir, we could’ve gone to Switzerland. Why did you bring me to Kumbh Fair at such young age.

The CBI must’ve spent lot of money on my free trip, isn’t it Keep your mouth shut. Call your nephew. Okay, sir. May God fulfill all your desires! Greetings. Yes, uncle. Hello. Where are you Put on the speaker. I’m in the Khumb Fair. Me too. When did you come here I’ll tell that later. First tell me where you are. I’m at Lord Shiva’s temple. Come on. Freeze. Don’t you dare to pull out the gun..Probably, you wouldn’t have heard my name. Surrender yourself. Sir, my son is a software engineer. You have mistaken.

You’ll find out everything after the interrogation. They caught brother. He is not our brother. What are you saying Then where is our brother Listen. Let’s start the vehicle first. Brother will come there. Give way. Sir, let’s go to the hospital please. I thought he was dead, but he’s still alive. I will kill him. I won’t spare him. Sir, as per rules, we shouldn’t fire weapons in Khumb Fair. Let go. Listen. listen to me. I’m really sorry. Since you both look the same..I unnecessarily doubted you. Your son is innocent. You may go.

Sir, who is that man Why do you want to know about a murderer Wait a minute. The real criminal got arrested hence you are free. Otherwise we would’ve been in jail. Sunrise and sunset look the same, but the temperatures differ. Similarly, you are very different from him. Just a minute. Why are you reading his book Uncle, the book says that he is a hero. The media writes anything to sell their product. By paying money, anything can be published. You read love story. I want to know about the man who looks like me.

Shut the factory! Save lives! Shut the factory! Save lives! Shut the factory! Save lives! Shut the factory! Save lives! Shut the factory! Save lives! Get one thing. My factory will remain where it is. If you want to protest, then continue. The government permitted you to manufacture medicines,..not drugs like hashish, heroin and LSD. Because of the illegal drugs manufactured by you,..the air and water are getting polluted..and people are dying falling ill. Understand our problem and shut down the factory. My factory is not spreading pollution.

The government has given me the permission. Your illegal slum is spreading pollution. Go away from here. Get going. We won’t move. The factory will move. My factory is not a toy to lift and place it anywhere. My factory is worth 100 crores. People’s lives are more precious than money. Bhairav. Yes, brother. If you threaten one man then ten men will get scared. If you thrash one man then 100 men will get scared. And if you kill one man then thousands of men will get scared. Kill him. No.

There’s no pollution in heaven. Would you like to join him there Nobody can raise voice against me in Kolkata. If anyone dares to, we will kill him. My brother is coming from hostel after years. I’m looking for him. Please be quiet. Siddhu is there. Where Sister! Siddhu! Hi, sister. How are you Hi, Siddhu. Hi, brother in law. How are you Did you do your exams well Yes. Stop posing questions. I will. I took leave from the hospital just to talk to him.

You won’t let me talk to him at home. You won’t talk to him. He topped in the entire state 10th standard exams without talking. Similarly, if he remains quiet even now,..he will top even in the central railway exams. I have a strong mind, sister. But let me tell you something. I wouldn’t have done well in math and science without you. You always give the credit to me. Hello. Seeing her brother, she is throwing her weight around. Every husband has the same complaint. Come on, let’s go home. I will call the coolie.

Why Your brotherinlaw will is here. If you remain quiet here, people will think you are dumb. Sister, I’m famished. Okay. Take a shower, I will lay food. Thanks, sister. Hi. Siddhu, when did you come inside What are you looking at If you want something, ask me. I won’t refuse. Look, put on the clothes and close the door. Everything I studied is going out of my mind. Is that so I will make you forget everything you studied. 50 percent what I studied came back. If he passes the railway exams, his life will get settled.

He has nobody other than us. And then we will get him married. Get him married to my cousin sister. Your cousin is superfast and my brother is dead slow. How will they manage He’ll sit in a corner like me. What did you say I said he will be happy like me. Listen. Your brotherinlaw bought this fish..from the market just for you. It is your favorite, isn’t it Thanks, brotherinlaw. Hi. Didn’t you recognize her She’s my cousin. Oh! I saw her in your wedding. ‘Thank God he didn’t say that he saw me without clothes.’.

She just finished her studies. She is waiting for the results. I see. ‘He is good at acting.’ Sit down. I’m fine. Please sit down. She doesn’t look like the girls of this generation. I think she is a quiet girl. You are right. You met her for the first time, but you guessed it right. She is a very delicate and shy girl. ‘Shy girl’ ‘Bhairav committed murder in broad daylight.’ Mr. Riyaz had raised voice against..the poisonous smoke coming from the factory..but he was murdered brutally.’.

‘Whenever there’s an incident like this..infamous goon Narpath, his brother Bhairav..and Tazi Seth are behind it.’ ‘But there won’t be any evidence against them..nor will anyone raise voice against them.’ ‘The public and the police know who killed him.’ ‘And so does the media. And what else can you do’ ‘You make news out of our interview and show it to the public.’ Who is Narpath..and why do people fear him They are murderers. Their terror is spread all over the city. So take transfer as soon as possible.

I don’t want to live in this city anymore. Don’t the police do anything No policeman has the courage to arrest them. They don’t fear anyone. They don’t fear because no one raises voice against them. They only watch the melodrama like cowards. Forget it. Why should we discuss about them We are happy. Yes. You are right. We have nothing to do with them. They are not related to us. We are happy. People are dying so let them die. Right Brotherinlaw, it is not our state or city. Forget it.

Even Mother Teresa wasn’t from Kolkata. She came to another country. She was here to spread love. She was an inspiration to millions of people. And today, these murderers are walking free in the very same city. Someone has to punish them for what they have done. They have to. Have food. Brotherinlaw. Listen. Brother. Close the file immediately. Sir, the witness is mentioning Narpath and Bhairav’s names. So what He can also mention our names. Change the names in the FIR. Greetings, Mr. Narpath. How are you Come in, Mangal.

Place your hand on my head and bless me. Greetings. You are my partner. Not there, sit here. No, sir. I’ll gain confidence when I sit at your feet. He is trying to flatter him. I heard you were called to Delhi. Hereafter, you take care of the center..and I will take care of the state. You will never stop being greedy for political position. You are right. The greed for political position will ruin the person. These dialogues will be good in films and not in real life. The higher the position the more the power.

Am I right What about the liquor tender The minister refused to give us the contract. He says there are enough liquor shops for people to drink and die. And anymore shops will bring his government down. Yes, sir. That minister is a useless man. He is very much concerned about people these days. He is right. When we tried to acquire some lands illegally he created fuss. You made him a minister thinking he’ll be useful to us. But he has kept my promotion still pending. Call him. Greetings, Mr. Narpath. I understood the matter when I got your call.

I think your men instigated you against me. Tell me. Don’t act too smart because you got the position. I’ll make your gunmen shoot you. Try to understand, Mr. Narpath. You’ve spread so much filth in the city. Try to understand. You and your brother Bhairav killed that old man..before thousands of people. I’m finding it very difficult to answer to the state. And on your orders, your stupid men created..false land documents for Mother Teresa’s lands. He made it on his mother’s name and he made it on his grandma’s name.

Will people stay quiet Why won’t they be quiet Is Mother Teresa still alive She is not. Why do dead people need land I made the land on my mother’s name. Is that wrong Shut up. If you say this in the assembly,..the opposition party will create commotion. So what You are not given power to think about people. Think about our men. But that’s not. When I come back from Delhi, I should see him as I.G. And these men should be happy. Understood Siddhu! Let’s go for movie. I don’t want to watch movie.

They already bought the tickets. They’ll feel bad if we don’t go. Who My fans. Fans Yours fans Who are they Popat and party. You don’t know the kind of following I have. Come, I will show you. Hail Gabbar Singh! Hail to the statue! Popat, you are the president of..Kolkata Power Star Fans Association,..you should display courage. Why are you so scared I’m not scared. I’m just shivering. What Nandini always used to call me..having pizzas, burgers and cold drinks. But today, she had two movie tickets booked by me.

That means her intentions are bad. You are absolutely right. Then why are you tense If she has asked you to book two tickets..it means she is interested in you. Really Take this ring. He is happy today. Like Salman is the superstar of India,..Popat is the superstar of Kolkata. Really You are a rock star. Catch this. She will fall for you. You are a Tiger. Really You are lady killer. Really Take this gold chain. If you give away all your gold you won’t have money to buy popcorn.

My girlfriend is very rich. I distributed 250 grams of gold amongst the poor and you’re upset Oh no. Hi. Hi. She looks beautiful. But who is the action hero with her He also looks like a romantic hero. He looks great. Give back my ring. What happened Give it back. Take. It doesn’t matter who he is. If he is a VCD, you are a DVD. You take this. Thank you. Hi, Popat. Hi, Nandini! Who is he He is my cousin’s brotherinlaw. Brotherinlaw I was tense. I’m Popat, local Power Star.

What Yes. Take brotherinlaw and buy him all the snacks. Nandini and I will sit in the corner seats and. We can’t sit together. Why not My guest will get upset. I forced him to come. If I don’t sit beside him, not only him..but my brother and sisterinlaw also will feel bad. Let’s go, Siddhu. Why will she sit in the corner seat with her brother’s brotherinlaw You need to wait. You will get the answer to it in the movie. Meaning He can be her boyfriend too. Really.

Shut up. It is like he is riding your horse. I won’t let him ride it. Let’s go. You created magic by looking into my eyes. You drew away my loneliness of ages. Listen, see what they are doing. She got started. But he is away from here, right Will anyone let go the opportunity If they so open in the matinee show itself..then wonder what they will be doing in night show. I won’t let them do anything. Shall we finish him The audience will get disturbed.

We’ll finish him in the interval. Listen. I won’t tolerate my girl with someone else. So, I brought phenyl for her and knife for him. When I stab him with this knife, click my snap. Why For Facebook. One popcorn, one cold drink, medium French fries. Where is he There he is. He is watching a movie with our tickets. And he is eating popcorn and snacks you’re your girl’s money. I stab him with this knife and remove the popcorn. What are you waiting for I was kidding.

Inside the theater you said the audience will get disturbed..and here you are saying that you were kidding Shut up else I will stab you. I’m planning. We will kill him with a plan. Sorry, I didn’t see you. Will my clothes dry if you say sorry Kiss me with love, it will dry. Where are you going Let me go. Shut up. Let me go. Shut up. You are talking too much. It was an accident. Let it be. How dare you touch How dare you touch Viju.

You are staring at me Will you hit me Will you hit me What is it I came to take their bodies. Take them away. Okay. Let’s go. Why is your hand bleeding It is tomato sauce. Tomato sauce The shopkeeper didn’t have paper hence he gave it to me in my hand. Wash your hand. Bye. Goodbye. She is cunning. She is cunning. If you drink raw your liver will get damaged. If the liver gets damaged, I will take loan..go to Apollo Hospital and get myself a new one.

You know it is not the terrorists who are a threat to this country. Girls who break hearts are the actual threat. Be precise. Then listen. Cunning girls are like bar dancers. They wander like fireflies in the dark. They shy with their slipping veils develop feelings in us. She traps the customer as soon as he gets in. She increases and decreases her interest. She makes us sit in the general compartment saying it is reserved. He talked about reservation. I planning to go back to village. 5 year. I wasted 5 complete years following her.

If I had gone around India on foot..I would’ve been in the Guinness Book. Just as they throw the cup after eating the icecream..just as they remove the fly from the tea..she removed this innocent Popat..from her life and threw him away. Don’t lose hope. Tell her your feelings and she will understand. What is she says she will marry only him All the money will be wasted on bouquets. I think this fool’s girlfriend is having fun with someone else. Doctor, how is my daughter.

Are you really her parents Yes. You gave steroids to a 14 year old girl..to make her look like an eighteen year old. What kind of parents are you Not us. Narpath’s brother Bhairav and Taxi Seth did that. Because of poverty we are forced to send our children to work. There they give them steroids..so that they look younger and sell them for prostitution. They are doing injustice with our children, doctor. And we are not able to do anything. 50 percent of the taxis in Kolkata belong to Taxi Seth.

They kidnap girls and turn them into prostitutes. They also send some girls to other countries. We are very much worried. Why didn’t you complain to the police Nobody has the courage to go against them. Whether or not someone has the courage, but I do. What Yes. The girl mentioned Bhairav’s name before dying. These are her blood samples and DNA reports. For the first time I saw a man who has so much courage. These proofs are enough to arrest him. Yes, Siddhu. Come on brotherinlaw, you are late even on the anniversary day.

You were supposed to come home for lunch. Where are you I’m going to Old Binni Mills. Binni Mills What work do you have there I’m going for an important work. Ask Seema to have food. I’ll come later. Okay, come soon. Why did you come here Where is Bhairav Police and dogs are not allowed here. Inspector, did you come to arrest me You are right. Someone has brought evidence against you for the first time. But he doesn’t know that I’m your man. Thank God he didn’t go anywhere else.

Doctor, think about the diseases that are spreading. Why are you concerned about people If you raise voice against me in any part of the city, you will die. He may have sold himself. If the police can’t do anything then the media will see the evidence..and India will decide. Yes, brotherinlaw. I’m Bhairav. Whether I sell girls or kill people, nobody questions me. You might kill me today, but one day you’ll die like a dog. Hello, brotherinlaw Kolkata belongs to my brother and me. Brotherinlaw! Brotherinlaw! You are doctor’s brotherinlaw, right Yes.

He had evidence against Bhairav, hence he killed your brotherinlaw. His body is lying there. Take it if you want to. Brotherinlaw. Brotherinlaw. Brotherinlaw. Take the body and leave. If you try to complaint even you will die. And your sister too. And if they have kids, we will kill them too. Who among you is Bhairav I asked who is Bhairav Who is Bhairav Me. Why Will you kill me If I don’t kill you on the busiest roads of Kolkata..I don’t deserve to be called Siddarth Nayak.

Come. Move. No, don’t kill me. Please, spare my life. So many people must have begged you. Did you spare them Hit the rascal. Kill him. What did my brotherinlaw’s fault He complained against you, right ‘Somebody has to realize and punish them for their mistakes.’ The man who killed Bhairav has no right to be alive. I will kill him myself. Where does he live I’ll stay right here. Brotherinlaw was right. Someone has to raise voice against them. Enough is enough. I will free Kolkata from Narpath’s terror.

Why are you concerned They killed your brotherinlaw. What if something happens to you We can’t run away with fear. They should run away with fear. And they will run away. You are coming with us. I bind you by oath. Why don’t you understand You lost your brotherinlaw. If you don’t listen to me,..you will lose your sister too. What are you. Let’s go. Son, I heard that you killed Bhairav. Therefore, I’m here to bless you. He killed my four sons. I don’t know whose son you are, but I will consider you as my son.

Will you stay in Kolkata and bring justice to us Let’s go from here. Let’s go. You developed hope in us. Now, don’t go away. I beg to you. He is not here for this. Let’s go. Brother, please don’t go. You are our courage. If you are with us, we will develop the courage to fight. You are our leader. Run! Where did these vehicles come from You think you can get away after killing my brother Do you know why you are still alive Because I wanted to kill you myself.

I will grant you such a death..by which even your soul will be petrified. All of you are happy that he is still alive, isn’t it But I will kill him right before you. Take sister and go away. Nothing will happen to me. Please go. People are ready to die for you. That means you are their leader now. Am I right Why don’t you answer me Are you a leader You are right. My brother is a leader. Listen Siddhu, I want you to stay here. And stand by every needy.

May be people are afraid of him..but he should be afraid of you. He should be afraid to hear your name. Bring her. Hey. Hey. I can kill you at this very moment if I want to. But I want you to see your empire falling down. Your ears should hear about your defeat. I will bring you such a state that people should get scared..to even think of committing crime. Without my permission you won’t be able to even breathe by your will. Nayak. Siddharth Nayak. He threatened me. How dare he.

He put me shame before the people of Kolkata. He has to die. I will kill him myself. I will kill him. Boss, he went to the factory with his people. Nayak. Nayak. Nayak. Nayak. Study well. Let me know if you need anything. Okay, brother. Nayak. He became an instant leader like instant coffee. Brother, he should be killed and hacked into pieces. He thrashed us. Don’t even go near him, boss. If you touch him..east, west, north, south, the whole state will be shaken. His fan following is increasing by the day.

They shower flowers on him when he walks. They worship him like God. All the MLAs, MPs, IAS and IPS officers everyone is on his side. Even our minister is supporting him. ‘You can only hear Nayak’s name everywhere in Kolkata.’ ‘Nayak saved the girls that Narpath and his brother were about to sell.’ ‘People are considering him as God.’ ‘That’s not all. He also brought back all the girls who were sent abroad.’ I never thought I’ll see you again. He is more than God to us. He saved our children’s lives from getting ruined.

Until now, people picked up weapons. To commit crime and make others do it. For the first time, someone has picked up weapon to bring justice. I want to meet that great man. It would’ve been better if he had killed both of us. He has ruined my peace. Shoot me. We never faced so much insult. I can’t live like this. Either he will be alive or I. We won’t go. He will go..not leaving this city, but leaving this world. Call all the rowdies, goons, partners,..supporters and every criminal in the city.

.who looted innocent people using Narpath’s name all these years. Tell them Nayak wants to meet them. Greetings, boss. What are all the rowdies and goons of the city doing here You were Narpath’s slave until yesterday..now why have you come to meet Nayak today What if Narpath finds out Listen. Let’s follow the trend. Today, he is in the form, hence we will follow him. Understand Follow me. Why are you standing outside We were asked to wait here. We should go in only when our name is called.

Oh, he’ll call us individually and discuss..the percentage without anybody else’s knowledge. I’m scared that he’ll beat us up inside. Not just you, even boss is scared. Shut up. Just as we cover the body with a shirt,..hide your fear with a smile. Okay. Greetings, Nayak sir. Greetings, Nayak sir. You gave us one hour, but we came in halfanhour. Come, Mangal. You are very punctual. Will you have something Coffee, tea or cold drink I’ll take a photo with you. Photo Yes, I’ll tell everyone that Nayak is my friend.

People are very fond of you. I committed 100 murders and 50 rapes till date. I illegally occupied all the lands. I made the whole Kolkata weep. But even the stray dog doesn’t know about it, except the police. Whereas you committed just one murder and became popular. Just say yes. I’ll gather 100 crores by evening in the name of donation. We will share it amongst ourselves. Give me permission. Our lives will get settled. 100 crores How will you get so much money Even Tata and Birla won’t be able to give so much money.

How will they give They are not goons like us. What will be your property worth 500 crores. Do rowdies earn so much money This is nothing. It is just change. Say yes, I’ll give you 100 crores extra than Narpath. I’ll turn this old house into a palace. Just agree and decide the percentage. 5050 for the legal schemes, projects, and tenders. 6040 for all the illegal works. Are you ready How can anyone let go such a proposal Percentage is okay. Go inside and sign the documents.

Agreement between rowdies Hats off to you. Where should I go to sign the agreement He signed with his left hand so we have to go right. Let’s go to the right. I’m Mangal, Nayak’s partner. What’s this Policemen, lawyers, judge, registrar. He has made all white collar people his partners. This man is really great. He is an educated man. Not an illiterate like you. Yes. Where should I sign Sir, are they your properties Yes, they are mine. That is mine. Mine. That is mine. Mine. All are mine.

I see them every day. Don’t waste my time. Tell me where to sign. Sign here. Please, come on. Give me the pen. Congratulations. You are Nayak’s new partner. I will rule the entire city now. On this happy occasion, have chocolate. He is offering chocolate as if I did great service to the country. You really did a great work. What did I do You gave away all your property to an orphanage. What are you saying When did I give away my property Look, I’m heart patient.

The document you signed says that..you gave away all your property and you have no right on them now. You invited me here, gave pen to me and ruined me. You took away all my property and left me with nothing. I’m Mangal. You will pay a price for cheating on me. I will kill all of you. My men are standing outside. They’ll come in as soon as I whistle. Why are you yelling, Mangal Are you upset What else should I do You took away my property worth 500 crores.

.and offered me chocolate of 50 paisa. You expect me to appreciate you Hail to the courageous one. I don’t know the further lines. You probably didn’t understand what’s going on here. Come. I will make you understand in the next room. You gave me a chocolate in this room. Will you give me a biscuit in that room The kid is remembering his school days. He needs to be punished. I came to this room. Now what. All of you are bodybuilders. Injustice is taking place in that room. What are you doing here.

You’ve developed your body. You have body and I have brain. Let’s finish him together. If not today then we will never become anytime. Why are you staring at me Boss, I smell something fishy. I don’t think their intentions are right. Whistle immediately. They can’t hear you whistle. Why The sound system is great. Even in a dream it takes a whole night to lose so much property. Whereas he took it away with just a signature It is like a dream to me. They didn’t tear the clothes, but tore the skin apart.

They are so well trained. Even trained policemen don’t thrash like this. Eat the chocolate. Throw it away! Throw it! Whenever I will eat chocolate,..I remember my property that was looted. Oh God. What are you doing sitting here We are sitting here because they asked us to sit. Have they planned to thrash us inside Why will they thrash us What wrong did we do How much did he ask for and how much has been finalized There was no need to say anything. Our terms and conditions were accepted.

They also gave chocolate as soon as I signed the agreement. Very simple. Is it okay if I increase the percentage You will get whatever you ask for. But you will have to sign. I didn’t bring pen. You will be given pen, stamp and chocolate. You will get everything inside. Go. Greetings, Nayak. Come in, Rajput. Be it forgery, piracy, fake passports or court stamps. You’ve earned a lot of money doing illegal business. If you give him two minutes, he’ll forge your sign too. Shut up.

Why will I forge a real man’s signature I’ve earned a lot. That’s why I called you here. Fix the percentage soon. I wish to have chocolate. They’ll get chocolate inside. Go and take it. Thank you. Thank you. Are we going to meet again after having the chocolate No. After that program, you will have to go through another process. He must’ve got chocolate by now. Congrats. You gave away all your property to Mother Teresa Trust. What are you saying Am I fool to give away all my property.

Boss, the music has started. I think even he is getting thrashed. We somehow managed to come here. I think he will collapse there itself. Mangal, why didn’t you tell me what’s about to happen inside If you had sent me SMS, I would’ve escaped. Then you SMS those who are standing outside. Let it be. Let them also get thrashed. Even I had the same feeling when you were outside. Let them also enjoy the chocolate. Is everything alright Why are you guys eating chocolates like kids They are treating us like kids inside.

We don’t look like rowdies and goons to them. Go inside, sign the papers, take the chocolate and leave. Even you go. Fatso, he is able to walk even after getting thrashed. I think I was thrashed more than them. You also made plenty of money. Oh God. You told us about the chocolate. Why didn’t you tell us about the sound system Would you’ve gone inside if I had told you Welcome, Raja! You were very excited while going inside. Now you all look very tired. Are we going to get thrashed inside.

Why will they thrash us They are providing great hospitality. They treated us so well. Now, it is your turn. Go inside, sign the agreement and have chocolate. And then come back and sit with us. Something is fishy. I’ll switch off my phone and sit at home. Brother, he got away. What’s going on Thank God they caught him. Otherwise we would’ve very jealous. Are you happy Yes. If our house is on fire..then even our neighbor’s house should be on fire. That’s human psychology. I like it.

Has everyone come inside or is there anyone still outside All of us were thrashed. Brother has called you inside. How will we come Our legs have been broken,..eating chocolate diabetes has increased. If you thrash us anymore, we will die. Allow us to go home. Will you come inside or should I call brother outside No. We’ll come taking each other’s support. Nayak. We are ruined, we got duped. You duped us. You took away everything from us. Illegal businesses, money extortion,..scams, schemes that you were running in Kolkata.

.you will stop everything from today. Go back to your respective hometown. Give us 15 days and we will shift in two months. I don’t give time to anyone. I grant death. We have weapons to kill him, but there is no one to kill him. So, I brought these men from Tihar. Listen to me carefully. He is not an ordinary murderer of a goon. He has followers in every street and in every house. If you mess up, he’ll kill us along with you. Why are you so scared He is just a human.

We will have to press the trigger and finish him, right Yes, but do that carefully. Where is he There is wedding reception in his colony. Who sent you Narpath and D.G.P. Sir, our men got caught. And they revealed your names He will surely attack us. Never mind. Inform him that we are in the minister’s house. He will surely come here in fit a rage. One shot, two birds. I got it. Why are you petrified Then what do I do After all, even I’m a human being.

My shadow might leave me, but Nayak won’t. He took away my property, he killed my men. He ruined everything. I just have my life left. Save me. Boss, he is here. The snake that I nurtured is trying to bite me You work for me and you praise him Sir. Siddharth Nayak killed the minister. What rubbish are you talking People consider you as God. They consider you as messiah. But Gods are only in photos and idols. They are not alive like you. They lands that you distributed amongst the poor.

.will again be mine soon. I will start my business that you shut down. I will find your followers and kill them brutally. The minister died. Now, I will become the new minister. Hey. Yes, boss. Check if he is dead or not. He is dead, boss. Throw his body in the river Ganges. Make an FIR stating he fled after killing the minister. Okay, sir. Only we know that he is dead. People will surely wait for the new minister. ‘The Goddess saved me.’ ‘My aim was not to prove that I didn’t kill the minister.’.

‘But to finish the demons became the aim of my life.’ Mom, let’s go. Where are you going That train is going to Kolkata. We are going there. Why I’ll tell you. Nayak. Someone came to meet you. Who He looks exactly like you. Hi, my name is Cherry. Siddharth. I read about you hence I’m here to meet you. But why Oh, my God. On one side there is police,..on the other, there are people that he killed..and on the other are those who want to kill him.

How can we software people handle such hardcore goons Greetings, Narpath. Where had you disappeared He thrashed me so much..that it became difficult for me to even go to the bathroom. Don’t worry. We are still by your side. Nowadays people die of septic infection. You are alive even after he stabbed you with a spear. You are really great. Correct. He is already a suspect in the minister’s murder case. And there are proofs that he stabbed you. He will be put to gallows. Put to gallows But he is very cunning.

For safety, tell our men to kill him before he is presented in the court. That’s not possible, sir. Why He’ll be surrounded by his followers tomorrow. Is that so Thousands of people will form a human chain to bring him..safely to the court tomorrow. Nayak! Nayak! Even at such young age, he has a huge fan following. Your fan following depends on your works, not age. Don’t worry. Nothing will happen. He will be finished today. People won’t be able to do anything. The judge will grant him death sentence.

Siddhu, everyone is saying that you will be given death sentence You are worried that I’ll get a death sentence. But I’m worried that he is still alive. Don’t say that. Your Honor, he is a suspect in Home Minister’s murder. He killed the D. G. P and Taxi Seth in a very brutal manner. He also attacked the home minister Mr. Nirbhay Namchand. We also have strong evidence. Such criminals should be given death sentence..so that nobody dares to become a criminal. This is what I request the court.

Tell me. Do you accept that you did these crimes Judge, why do you ask him You have strong evidences against him. Without wasting the court’s time give him a death sentence. Silence. The court has some rules. Tell me. Do you accept these crimes Yes, sir. I did all those crimes. Since he accepts his crimes, under IPC sections 302..and 307, the accused is sentenced to death. Wait a minute. Oh, my God. He looks exactly like him. It is difficult to find out who is real. They look like twin brothers.

He was supposed to go to Mumbai, but has come to Kolkata Greetings, your honor. Who are you You look exactly like him. My name is Siddharth Nayak. I did those murders. No, your honor. I’m Siddharth Nayak. I think he is one of my fans. I wonder why he is taking all the blame on him by dressing up like me. No, Judge. He is my fan and he is trying to take all the blame on him..by dressing up like me. Look, to save me,..don’t ruin. I’m telling you the same thing. Don’t ruin.

Stop it. Stop the melodrama. If you are Nayak then who is he My fan. If you are his fan then who are you Siddharth Nayak. No, I’m Siddharth Nayak. No, it’s me. No, it’s me. I’m Siddharth Nayak. My name is Siddharth Nayak. Judge, I know who attacked me. This Nayak attacked me. Hang him to death. Don’t listen to him, your honor. I think he is confused. Please send him out for 5 minutes..I would like to talk to you in private. Court is adjourned for 5 minutes.

Everything got ruined. The match that could be won easily had to be stopped due to rain. Who is the other man He is Cherry, software engineer from Mumbai. Initially, even we got confused and arrested him. What are you saying You had seen the other man earlier He was innocent. We had arrested him and later released him. Who made you a CBI agent Take it easy, sir. Sir, it is 5 minutes break. I think they must’ve definitely changed places. Be careful. Tell me who amongst the two attacked you.

They must’ve definitely changed places. This man. Earlier, you said that man. What did you say Didn’t they change places No, they didn’t. You idiot. Hang both of them and finish the matter. Hang both of them. Don’t spare them. Sir please. Hang both of them. I say. Silence. You are a man with a responsible post. You shouldn’t be talking like this. It is okay if hundred criminals escape,..but an innocent shouldn’t be punished. That means the case is over. Since both of them look exactly the same.

.it is difficult to identify the real murderer. Therefore, the court orders the CBI to keep both of them..under house arrest with their friends and family members..identify the real murderer and bring him to the court..within 10 days. Keep a watch on both. Sir, it is futile. Both are intelligent. It will be difficult for us to identify the real one. Stop praising them and do your job. Go. Sorry, sir. I don’t how I will repay for your favor. We are humans. We should help each other.

Narpath. Watch what I will do to you. After 10 days, the judge and people too will be in the court and me too. But you won’t be there. Because I will kill you. Since he gave a warning then he must be Nayak. I’m Nayak. If you are Nayak then why did he give the warning I sent him because he was free. Hey you, is he your nephew When CBI agents like you can’t identify him..how can a mere CEO like me identify him I will have to do something to solve the case.

Boss, I will give you an advice. Give up the idea of killing him. Because when he attacked you, he was alone. Now, there are two. Boss, listen to me. Tell the police that you’ve nothing to do with Nayak..and you don’t know him. And leave Kolkata. I suggest you to leave India. I’m telling you again. It’s better for you and us if you withdraw the case. How can that be possible We filed a case against him. We should make Nayak confess that he is Nayak. You are right.

Go to Mumbai and pick one of Cherry’s family members. Nayak has to tell the truth to save his life. Who are you And what’s going on Is your daughter in love with Cherry Yes. So what Boss Narpath has ordered us to bring your family to Kolkata. Their love story has become popular even in Kolkata Who is Narpath Don’t talk toomuch. Come with me. How dare you threaten our boss Even I’m a goon. I’ve been working for boss past 20 years. Understand Stop it. Put the guns down. Kids will get scared.

Can’t you see the guns in their hands Boss, Nayak’s men are here. Where are Narpath’s men They ran away. Please come with us. It’s not safe to be here. Come with you Who are you now We are Nayak’s men. Who is Nayak You will know after you come to Kolkata. Even your daughter will come with us. Why should she come Even Cherry is there. I see. So, it is his doings. Dear. Yes. We’ve been kidnapped. We have to go to Kolkata. There chaos at home and she is applying lipstick.

Where is Cherry, brother Where is Cherry He will be somewhere around. Welcome. Welcome to Kolkata. Ever since you’ve come into our lives, we’ve become very unlucky. Now, you called us even here Don’t worry. Nayak sir has told that you’ll be safe here. Nayak. Why is Nayak concerned about my safety Don’t be upset. The real twist is yet to come. We’ve had to leave our state because of the current twist. Will you make us leave the country too Cherry. She should at least think about the elders.

It is futile. She is out of our hands now. Excuse me. Actually, I’m not Cherry. What I’m not Cherry. Why does he say he’s not Cherry Jalebi had mentioned about the twist. How was your journey Journey We were kidnapped. You are Cherry’s family member, isn’t it What is your name I’m uncle and he is my nephew. If you want to know more, go ahead. Jalebi. What is it Did he lose his memory If he had lost his memory why will he call you here.

Look there. Hi. Hello. Madhu, I’m Cherry. Are you sure Embrace me and you’ll find out. Uncle, he is Cherry. I’m sure. Alright. Please don’t do this at least in front of us. How many more will she embrace I heard there are 7 lookalikes for each person. Shut up. Even two are too much to handle. What will happen to my nephew if another five men appear What’s going on My mother is inside. She will tell you everything. Go. Okay. Uncle, what happened Why are you drinking raw alcohol.

If you add even blood to liquor, I will drink it. Sir, I want to say something. This chaos is happening because of him. Don’t mind. If he had not wished to get his sister married to me,..all this wouldn’t have happened. Just think. I wouldn’t have met him or I wouldn’t have met you. The story would’ve been something else. Why did you kick me Then what should I do What was the hurry to get your sister married..when your boss’s sister is still unmarried But boss’s sister is younger than my mine.

So what If you had waited for few more years,..you wouldn’t have got groom for your sister You think your sister would’ve become old Uncle. What happened There’s lot of confusion. I kissed Siddhu thinking it was Cherry. I wonder what he must be thinking about me. Will you apologize to him You kiss him and I should say sorry You expect me to do even that Sister. What happened I made a mistake. I took Cherry to be Siddhu and opened the bathroom door. That’s okay. Why did you go to the bathroom.

You should’ve gone to the bedroom. I did go, but I got confused there too. Boss, do one thing. Guard the bedroom during leisure time. Stop talking rubbish. Otherwise I will break your head. Jalebi. Sir Help her identifying her lover. When they couldn’t identify them then how will I Since you are the first character of the story, get up and go. Okay, sir. Let’s go, girls. Poor Jalebi. Even after so much effort, he couldn’t identify who Nayak was. He is a drama king. When his heroines couldn’t know who is who, then how can we.

Scoundrel, your one mistake is costing us so heavily. You ruined the entire game. First we had to deal with one, now there are two. Don’t worry unnecessarily, sir. I’ll give you a fantastic idea..with which you can finish both of them together. Tell me soon. Both will die. Hello Nayak, I know that you love people of Kolkata. Come to Kolkata Steels in ten minutes. Otherwise school kids will be blown up in a blast. Come soon, kid. Hey! Are you searching for the school kids Do you want to save them.

I lied to you to call you here. This was a plan to kill you. You can’t win even if you kill me. I’m not Nayak as you think. I’m Cherry. Then why didn’t you say that in court Shut up! Should I tell you a small twist You had called up Nayak. But I answered that call. Nayak is not my long lost brother. He is a good man. You are a bad man. He should live to kill you. So, I came here to die for him. You both have turned us into fools.

I will kill you as per your desire. Sis, where’s my phone I don’t know. It must be on the table. Nayak, Cherry is dying for you. Come and save your duplicate. I give you 10 minutes. Or you can take his dead body from here. No! One left a while ago. Now another one is leaving. Is he Nayak or Cherry How would I know Darn it! What Sir, I suspect that he’s gone in anger to kill Narpat. Boss, Nayak is dead. Yes! Nayak is dead!.

He is dead, scoundrel! Superb, boss. Kill this duplicate as well. Otherwise people will turn him into Nayak. That’s right. Are you dead You finally died in Kolkata. Put that bomb jacket on him. Happy death day! I think he’s going to kill Mr. Narpat and then he’ll kill us. You would’ve just eaten sweets from Kolkata..now let me make you eat Indian burger from Mumbai. Why is he putting the bomb jacket on him Chocolates for us and jacket for him. Boss! Sir, it is better that he dies rather than living like this.

What happened here Where is Mr. Narpat There. On top. How did he reach there He didn’t reach there, he was blown off. Was he a firecracker to get blown off Sir, only this remains if he had blown like a firecracker..had he considered this as rocket. Who did that to him Nayak. There are two Nayaks now. Which one of them Actually, the one. Shut up! You’ll fare better if you stop your loose talk. He is not an ordinary policeman, but from CBI.

I didn’t see anything, sir. Then what are you doing here I heard we get Puttur oil to heal broken bones. We came here for that, sir. You only get steel here. Who sent you here Sir, he told me. I took debit from people for travelling. I’m already into debt. If this continues, I will have to beg for alms all my life. Sir, one man was blown to pieces. The other ran away. Our witness won’t be taken into account. We’ll close the case as it has no evidences.

I knew that this case won’t get solved. Yes, Gayatri, I’m coming home to wash clothes. Jalebi! Yes I hope all the twists are done. Will there be any more twists before we get to Mumbai There’s one twist left. Cherry and Madhu’s wedding. Please get me also married. Hey! I’ll kill you if you talk about your wedding again. Cherry, you took a big risk to save me. What if something would’ve happened to you Brother, I’m always ready to save the truth and diminish the evil. Yes.

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