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Custody Battles With Sociopaths

I mean, you can, you can live with me whenever you decide you want to live with me. Yea, um, yea, Dad, though, but the one thing, one argument mom made was that you weren’t sending the child care stuff. And that she felt that if I didn’t change my name, that I was cutting her off. You know what I mean You know. Like, I don’t know which way to go. What is, what is she saying about the child care That you weren’t sending it in. The government takes it. The government’s been taking it for years. She should be running.

Out to the store and buying all three of you a very nice computer. Because I’ve paid her over I don’t know, I’d have to look at the latest number. one hundred forty thousand dollars $140,000 Well, yea, but the government says that you have to keep doing that for your whole life. guess who told the children that adult concept The government has been taking out the maximum amount, they have been taking out thousands of dollars above what the court has ordered. Yea. well you still have to do what they say.

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