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Custody Case Failed Drug Test

Hello! I’m Steven Hamilton, board certified criminal defense attorney, practicing in Lubbock, Texas and the South Plains area. Today’s tutorial clip deals with what is a TCLEOSE report A TCLEOSE report is basically the report the agency that handles the officer the police officer that arrested you. Every class, every training that the officer has done is on his TCLEOSE report. So, anytime I’m hired on a DWI case, one of the first things we do is request this report from the state agency. It will show us it will show you how long the.

Officer has been a certified police officer. What training he has received, what specialized training he’s received any field sobriety training, or breath test or blood test training. Now, why is that important Typically, because one thing that police officers almost always say is, I have training and experience in this area. I’ve had DWI arrests on police officers who’ve made his first DWI arrest first one. And yet, in the police report he says, based upon my training and experience. It’s his first arrest. So, that’s important to.

Know. Is he a seasoned veteran, is he an instructor in the field sobriety training, or is this is first, second, third, fifth arrest. Is he competent in these areas Those are some of the things we’re going to develop when we get this TCLEOSE report. The other thing we’re going to do is get his personnel record. Not to say he’s a bad person, but we want to see. Is he in the DWI squad, does he make a lot of DWI arrests. Do you that sometimes police officers are paid time and a half I don’t.

Lubbock DWI Attorney Stephen Hamilton Explains Police Officer Credentials in DUI Cases

Think there’s a conspiracy to go out and arrest people, but think about it. If a person makes person makes a DWI arrest, and they get paid time and a half to do the investigation they get paid time and a half to go to the driver’s license hearing they get paid time and a half to go to the criminal case that’s something that you probably want to know. Maybe it makes a difference in your case maybe it doesn’t but we don’t really know, until we look at all the data and we look at all the.

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