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Custody Court Norristown Pa

High school soccer game in south carolina and out there was a bit of a fight between two of the female players out one of them is annette may call up actually thought that she was purposely tracked and here was this but he was her response to that higher rates have a good sign an inspiring is good level with a little bit of triplets who without banjara hyde park ny gospel bike ego to keep it a go exactly as upon moment but so you have so anyway she keeps going off the field and keep kate keeps going to go on.

And she’s leaving the field by reports of the red carpet jose he had that was for the most obvious that part of all time heavyweight always been like and go in there the fact that so now look bad its ability or two supreme court here because moshi charges ashy was charged with thirddegree assault and battery so it should not be thirty rehearsal matt i don’t see i’m a little tornup ok railing really really why what was your what what do you think that what she grabbed the girl.

By the herod and plans to repeatedly so you think it’s obvious that is thirty resolve them yes again and i hear you then they really need to do for it to be thirddegree assault none of his life uh. look at it among all the dates that broke out in fights that i remembered you run the story when i was in our a rugby game and some dudes choking me from the back and i get up and plus the wrong agent apparent that nothing major point but i think i.

Girls Soccer Fight

And so i mean just joking just pointing at me that’s emily that i have tim’s right begin or address the root on the other hand army she went on and on and on so and then that the other thing i guess is that wasn’t that much of a trip you know what i’m saying this is abc preparing for a little bit how can say right there no dot arrested nal correct insurance and that she won’t stop sowed dot that’s unacceptable and you can’t do that by plots ricky from sports.

It’s easy because i covered this story yesterday and i’m actually taking a poll anti likely sports whether it was uh. whether she was rightfully charged with thirddegree assault and battery so that you can cast your vote there either way album out of the us mention that macaws annette mccall the tech rear is eighteen the girl on the other team is fifteen are so that’s one other thing to yeah take into consideration i mean i think it’s a nasty either way so any even if it grocers bt was nineteen i still say it was pretty bad.

Nonchalant we which i was pretty serious like any other funny i know they should be injuries were minimal that the other dog the injuries were mineral minimal but it doesn’t matter you can grab someone by their hair and princeton repeatedly in the head no no i know i know i did that but like i guess i’ve been involved in so many flights and gerry curls and and it’s so that there was a bit i’m not acceptable height set the time unacceptable but nonetheless we move forward a boating bag in a book.

Uh. whether she should be charged with assault yet no what you see the told you a line in the road no she just leave a i played a lot of words growing up and i would say no proof that happens words so as part of territory you learn from it and yeah with them well university mike school soccer player for met last year two years ago the the one second poll does put itself is one group doublers it was it was a fight on the field to help the one gross motor noble.

Drawers paradise gaidar upon itself parts of the backing of the security guard again because the legal things this isn’t we’re not on the streets it’s like someone walk into a grocery stories that i can would you pull my hair dot double g online collect all this one dollar and a girl from the metro on the red she got kicked out she has suspended prior esa sees the stuff like that he was severe penalties seattle borden issue retaliated with some cities citizen number this is going down uh. in later years does love l like this.

Solo here so yeah okay receipt assaults artisanal anime initiation of like fracture happened just because of sports and that people can see it but some policy and inspired so you know i have reasonably assault the rather than a you swung the the other way of of course i didn’t ask uh. first unsettled because well it’s a sports that the it style guides the inside growth leads us so like every has some people in sports in europe and a lot but you probably can’t we look at every hockey fight we wrestle those esplanade jr.

So now there is a line though that’s what i think this is an interesting case so that’s why i think what elect these ponds and begin to wonder if you should be arrested because i mean like if you’ve got a ninety six yet but then unfortunately well that’s a web browser that’s not what it started out with the mostly wooded it brothers are going to look at as an of course the trip in this latest cd which is dead that was a sports move if u if if you get a take the street term of things release.

The long wait is on the streets if you walk up and double somebody in a fight with me to ask the you both off for instance you know you both unified the rest will feel that if i mean you find in the streets so we on the field he didn’t know what he actually gets to get down by a hair sits on the sports field you don’t get me parson you because you started as a man obviously has msn i’d you know why the field is irrelevant anyway so from what i mean i suppose.

That there is no sports because like you draw a line between what’s is cameras out about okay but there’s a difference between like you know what same basketball you’ve found someone ages so too hard and then it does it is that we not aggressively someone by their and placing on like this repeatedly until someone pulls you up about them when someone about the fighting move unprecedented writing them out on this well i guess is he’s got a lot of hug everybody involved but then there might be some arrest disease alot.

Yet uh. i identify think there is that there’s a turning point there cuz i totally agree with his is singer on that when you’re in it when you’re in the sports late i think the one one punch he kinda got to give a pass on mike as you get the you know the seat in the moment and especially the a trip to new york fall in your it hurts like you know that feeling where you just your schedule but it’s when she’s like holding the hair and then she just keeps going.

That’s where crosses the line from an ongoing democrats i’m leaning towards this cccccc here plus a look at some point that’s why i was originally going to rule them out com yet but they are required uh. isle of pieces argument against that he sent her home his or her so savannah and i will be remembered uh. ok hahahahahahahahaha hopeful also a sorry addresses should be arrested because now reply was too scared to get in louisville petfinder uh. million times mirror portman abroad breaks i would’ve roberts nineteen sports everybody gets antibody activity has a high note.

But yeah i pointed out that the fact right but they are the best just turning point there were seen knocks on the grounds yet so it once and then she died drags her over and then she really goes far and i think that turning point that that’s me asean trouble the uh. we can allow certain interest in the escaped from artists ok in sports emotions run wild so it’s acceptable she should not be charged nana lessons last liens okay with women whose children in writing i mean the bottom of oaks scrubs i can’t.

Take it up any strong for me i i’d like upward for my life at this point org date it’s a brief moment but i mean was it like you know i don’t have a second usually me for what baby ninetytwo down the street that’s obviously softened that he doesn’t know what we’re really didn’t there was no when i was in az from europe’s they try to punch in that army has got to constitute so that’s why if it sounds were still little different but on the other hand he awaited the it’s something we.

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