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Custody Evaluation Arizona

It’s very important that you’re thoroughly prepared before you start an evaluation with a child custody evaluator it’s important that you understand the psychological testing that’s going to take place, it’s important that you understand each of the issues and your position on those issues, and it’s critically important that the child custody evaluator is informed of all of the important information that’s relevant to the child custody decision if there’s past domestic violence they need to be informed about that, if one of the parents has been more of a primary care provider for the child than the other parent, that’s important.

To explain to the child custody evaluator, and theres other things that are relevant as well, but my point that I want to make now is that you need to make sure that you outline every single issue so you don’t forget anything thats relevant to any of the factors that, that child custody evaluator is going to consider. With our clients, I prepare a detailed letter to the custody evaluator that can be 2030 pages long on a complex case we attach exhibits so if there was domestic violence, for example, we’re going to attach.

A copy of the police report, if there has been damage to the home and there’s photographs of that, from domestic violence we’re going to attach photographs of that to this letter, and we’ve outlined everything in detail so the client can use that as a road map, but the child custody evaluator has it in their hands before our clients even start the process. It’s been our experience that these have been very helpful to our clients in getting them organized and prepared for that evaluation and in influencing the outcome of the child.

Preparing for a Child Custody Evaluation

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