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Custody Film

BABU BABU RECOLLECT HIS MOTHER’S VOICE Babu deare lets eat.Mum has prepared your favourite dish, have your food and then go and play dear You can study well only if you eat well. come dear come come come. Gaurdian lady calls in harsh voice Hey Babu where are you maaa. The time is 5pm. Dont you know you have to go the boys are waiting for you! Hurry up! Where were you that lady was shouting. I went to take my shirt from the terrece OK come lets go for our work.

Why is RAM not coming His legs are not yet healed from those beatings he got from that lady Hey.have’nt started yet Started maa. Hey.Hari wait. why are you ll standing you both can go. Ok ma.going. Hari, go and call that constable Venkatesh We are orphans, why did your uncle bring you here He is not my uncle, people used to call him as uncle so iam calling him as Uncle, after my parent’s death, I had no one, he was one who cheated me left me were telling I will be given good education.

You so pity! we cant study even if we try here! Its our fate ! Ok come lets start our work. Sundal, Murukku Snacks Sundal, Murukku Snacks sir, Do you want Sundal, Murukku Snacks How much 10 Rupees sir OK give Sundal, Murukku Snacks RECALLS HIS FATHER’S VOICE Babu.you should study well and become a big officer You have to achieve something big you shouldn’t be for just living sake but do some good deeds for this society. this is my wish will you do that BABU OMG ! he snatched my chain.


Someone catch him, he is running catch him.catch him. Hey you.!! dont run.stop. Give the chain, give it to me. dont run.stop That grandma so sad give me her chain Give me.give me.give me chain That grandma so sad give me her chain Give the chain, give it to me. Shit. You hit me you hit me wait I’ll see through it Get lost ! Did u got any hurt No sister.I’m alright Here is your chain Grandma.take it What is your name son BABU grandma. is it.have it my son.

What is this Grandma I dont need all these, I did’t do that for money,you look like my Grandma. so what i did this. you are also my Grandson only my child. Grandma he will arrange you for vehicle, go safely. Ok dear Thankyou dear, Thankyou very much BABU.you are very great, your parents are gifted. Laughs yes sister they are gifted so much, so they have gone to Heaven very soon. Why BABU What happen to your parents Where are you from My native is PARAMAKKUDI sister, I came to Chennai.

I dont have anyone Iam Orphan sister. FLASHBACK I and my Uncle reached Chennai Hey Auto ! Stop. where do you want to go Besant Nagar Get in. Come BABU get in slowly sit as I was born and brought up in village, Chennai city’s atmosphere was very strange to me. I with my uncle with thought of fulfilling my parents wish But i was not aware that my uncle is to cheat me. Oopsss. What BABU Thinking about village Ok Ok go ahead. whose house you are going.

Our Amsa House. what Amsa House give me 100 Rs. and get lost you asking for extra money I dont want anything.! first you get lost.! ok take it That place is so near No. No. first get lost.! Its very near man. You first get lost man Ok get down BABU why are you doing like this man !!! get last.!!! get lost.!!! go go Amsa will pump you. Hey stop man why are you doing like this He is afraid.! you come BABU Uncle ! will they give me Education.

She will do that BABU! Uncle also will visit you often.ok mind voice Arrogant lady is beating someone He’s looking at me differently. SCREAMING Nothing BABU, Amsa likes Kids very much. someone would have beat them so what Amsa is punishing him, you dont worry Amsa sister. Sister. k the next time this happenes I’ll screw you up and throw you in the sea. You fool ! why did you come by walking Auto man running by hearing Amsa sister name. Thats good for you people otherwise people may fool me.

Is he the boy whom you told me yes sister ! he is the boy.BABU sister will you be obedient yes sister he will.BABY say wish to sister.! Greetings sister. dont call me sister, call me as Maa Ok Maa ! Hey Hari. Yes coming Maa. Take him and explain him about Everything. E V E R Y T H I N G….!!! Get in BABU.! Sister will take care of you Boys are there to play.get in OK uncle whats your name my name is BABU.

Ok sister iam leaving.hehehe Ok Ok understood ! follow me. hehehe super sister huh There is a hut near the stone house ! why sister ! you alone living in stone house and the children in Hut house dont talk too much, shut your mouth. I know where to keep children. come in sit Whats his name BABU sister will he obedient yes he will sister. Like this one man brought a boy saying the same. But utter waste ! k No No sister.! he is very good. iam guarantee for him.

OK wait.! MIND VOICE hmmm Amsaveni is very wealthy hmm Have it ! sister, what is this sister hmm enough its enough ! let see next time. Im coming from 600 KMs sister.! enough enough.go go we will see next time. Ok sister I believe your words, you must give more next time. now go go. do something more next time Thats my Uncle did your uncle leave you here he is not my own uncle. who hit that boy Ok Amsa sister im leaving, lets meet next month.

Hey dont go stop. ok ok go, i will take care stop dont go Uncle. hey dont run.stop. Hey.what .get inside. Maa. what.!.you was about to tell something.!!! Nothing ma, My Uncle brought me here, so that you will educate me.will you educate me maa. you pity boy. what are you going to do with education an iam educated. No. this is also a school only.teaching to earn money. Amsaveni school.hahahaha. go.go.get inside. hey.your uncle was right.hahahaha.hahaha.haha Ok sister.times up.let me go. Hey.BABU. my home is nearby here.! visit me often.

My place is also near only sister.let see. who dare to hit you come let see Thats Amsa boy. hey.where is Amsa. why you looking like this. go and call her. let her come.we’ll see.let her come.we’ll see. who is the cheap chap that come sistere hey.what.huh. chek what your boy have done.! hey fool.how dare you come in front of my house and shouting me. I cant go to Governor’s house for the mistake done by your boys. dont you have any other work get lost.

Hey.whose that boy SHOW ME New boy. what sister he is so tiny, ask him.! dont simply shout.! you get lost.i ll see through it. Ok iam going as you said.but if this repeats again, I cant help it. hmmm.go.go maa.maaa.maaa. come.get inside you dog. get up I’m the gangster of this area ! but you made a simple theif to question me. ma.maaaa. You think yourself as a hero.! wait you will be good only if i burn your leg. dont maa.dont maaa. are you fighting what do you think in your mind.

Fighting. take it. maaaaaaaaaa. if this happen again ! i’ll kill you and throw you in the sea Get up slowly BABU MIND VOICE who is she how dare she come to my home so bravely. BABU. BABU. hey.who are you who are you hey tell me who are you I heared that BABU got hurt so what I’m here to see him. who is this heroin for BABU Im not his relation’ but I heared that he is hurt so what I have to see him.

Hey who the hell are you he has nobody here I’m the each and everything for him.go.go.get lost. see.dont talk to me like this. I’m not an ordinary girl, iam a press reporter. if you dont allow me to see BABU, I have to go to the police. k.who the hell are you. I’ll show the police for you. hey police !e here. what sister what happen hey mane here i say. MIND VOICE your uncle is coming see. what is the matter ask her what she wants.

Sir, iam a reporter, a boy called BABU is being is being locked tortured here, she is not allowing to see him you yourself ask her sir. You be anyone ! you know whats this place this is FORT OF AMSA MIND VOICE what did you think me huh. why are you talking like this sir hey.dont you understand what sir told ! go get lost. what Amsa sister any problem can i come come MUTHU come. What sister the girl looks crazy. Hey muthu ! she dont know who iam !.

Teach her and send her. hey.what your problem with sister.huh. throw her out that dog. go go get lost, bring some elders go. go what look. what look.its AMSAVENI. hey BABU wait. I was waiting for you BABU Sister its you ! I’m sorry sister for what happened yesterday I’m the reason for your shame. nothing like that BABUe lets go. Did you eat BABU I’m sorry sister. nothing like that BABU if a Lotus like you fells in nthe mud it is obvious we will get dirty I dont bother about it.

But I want to save you. i want to do something for you thats my wish you correct sister I dont have any problem in getting hurt by that lady but there are so many Babu’s and Amsaveni’s in this society. we should keep a full stop for this as my father said we should achieve something my heart says it will happens after meeting you sister. very happy to hear BABU, in this small age itself you have so much of knowledge, I have to do something for you. tell me BABU.

What you want me to do hey BABU.he looks like that thief boy. yes sister. hey stop hey.wait.dont run.wait wait wait. did you hear all what we spoke are you going to tell it to my ma no no i didn’t see anything.i didn’t hear anything. go to my house in the evening and tell my mother that i was talking to this sister. dont tell her what we spoke just tell her that we were talking. ok if he say like this.that lady will surely hit me.

And our plan will work out. OK. What what job a thief has here heye here.whats the matter huh heyyyy. you bloody dog. how dare you speak with that reporter. I said you not to talk to her.huh. There are 1000s of peoples who thinks to crush a blooming bud There are 1000s of peoples who thinks to crush a blooming bud a blooming bud There are 1000s of peoples who thinks to crush a blooming bud you have the strength to shed blood you have the strength towards it.

You have the strength to shed blood pains will run away after seeing your face run away after seeing you pains will run away after seeing your face run away after seeing you the Sun will shine for you tommorow the Sun will shine for you tommorow the Sun will shine for you tommorow Brother its going to shine for you Brother its going to shine for you ma.if i was your own son.will you beat me maa. how dare you back answer me DOG. hey BABU get up.slowly. slowly careful.

VELICHAM TV NEWS GREETINGS.! Today’s flash news. in Chennai a small boy named BABU have been abused by a lady named AMSAVENI who is doing Anti social activities. to put a full stop for this, BABU with a help of a reporter named POOJA captured a tutorial lively with the help of a GPRS camera which has been sent to the Prime Minister, Chief Minister, Human Rights Commision and posted all social media websites. the News has been spread all over the country, the PM took immediate action and triggered up the Police force over night to release numerous abused children all over the country.

Hey.leave me.leave me. come come. Heyyy.Venkatesh you too.! i’m not authority for this action, you screwed by DELHI yes sire in sire in miss POOJA. yes come tell me sir. you have done a good job. Actually i just helped in this case. BABU only did the key role he bared all the pain given by that lady he was done a very great job sir, what we did was.!!!!!! you should do something which makes this world to know the brutality of that lady the officers who watches that should do something good for us sister,.

I have a hope. there are good souls exist in this world OK BABU ! then do what i tell.I have a camera which works through GPRS. set that camera somewhere inside of your hut, I’ll somehow record it, and send it to PM, CM, Human Rights Commision and will post this all social media websites after that something good might happen to you. as we planned AMSA should abuse BABU for that we should make her angry we used a boy for that. then i gave the GPRS camera to BABU.

To set it in his hut. as we planned everything gone well and we got the abusing tutorial we are very thankful for the Government who made thousands of BABU’s set free. Is BABU here now I’v applied medicine and made him sleep. I’ll bring him. Mother.! give some coffee to IG uncle yes coming child. welcome sir yes I have seen you somewhere.you are that news reader right yes sir ! mmm.Mother News Reader.Daughter News Reporter.very Good. yes sir. careful BABU ! slowly come sir.BABU. BABU comee.sit down.is it painful BABU.

No sir.sister applied medicines even though it is pain inside but i am really happy by heart Even though the Government does so many things to eradicate Child Labour. but there are some Anti social elements still doing this. But you have done this bravely efforts with the help of few people Hats off to you BABU OK POOJA ! We have to hand over the children in the Orphanage sir,. one minute. I have decided to adopt BABU Iam going to educate him as his wish. very good But there are a lot of formalities for that.

You can do all that and adopt him.no problem OK sir.I will take care of all formalities You may proceed, I’ll come shortly along with BABU hmmm OK BABU National Award is waiting for the Effort done by you. yesssss. Our BABU set himself free with is wisdom but there are lot of Children like BABU all over the Nation, who have lost their dreams and living like slaves, To eradicate this social disorder from the country, not only Government but even we people should help them, whenever we people see these Child Labour, we have to.

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