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You seem to have had a special experience in the Poland campaign Haven’t you just been sent to West Prussia Yes. So you had the opportunity to liberate your own homeland as a soldier of our leader! Where have you been the last time Ulrich Wilhelm Graf Schwerin von Schwanenfeld has witnessed the atrocities in the East with his own eyes. Before his execution, he states in his testament that in his forest in East Prussia a wooden cross shall be placed, with the following inscription Here rest 1,400 Christians and Jews. God rest their souls and be gracious to the souls of their murderers.

You only can have been driven by a pervert love of Germany. Pervert! Mr. President, my personal political experiences have brought many difficulties for me, because I’ve been working very long for the germanisme in Poland and have noticed multiple backandforth in the attitude towards the Poles. Hmm. That’s a..multiple backandforth, and you are blaming the national socialism for that I was thinking of the many murders. Murders!. that happened at home as abroad. You are just a shabby lump! Do you break under your meanness Yes or no, do you break.

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