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Custody Issues In Texas

GRAPHIC Gunnstaks Law Office, 972’22300, Handling HighValue, HighConflict Family Law Cases, HYPERLINK GunnstaksLaw GunnstaksLaw, 5601 Granite Parkway Suite 350, Plano, TX GRAPHIC C. Luke Gunnstaks, Principal Attorney Gunnstaks Law Office has been handling high conflict child custody litigation for over 23 years in the Dallas Metroplex, and throughout the state of Texas. We have contested parental alienation cases, we’ve fought termination cases, we fought cases involving allegations of sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse. We have fought Child Protective Services in cases and the more challenging a case is, the better I like it.

In child custody cases, we understand that every case requires a different approach. We search for creative solutions for complex problems. We make it part of our job to monitor changing case law so that we can offer the court the most recent advice from higher courts on what is in the best interest of the children. GRAPHIC C. Luke Gunnstaks, Principal Attorney I have heard many times that people had given up on their case before they came to see me, and I’ve heard from these same clients that they appreciated that I did not give up. They.

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