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Custody Of Child After Khula In Islam

GtgtAnkerberg How easy is it for a Muslim man to divorce a wife gtgtEmir Caner The comparison between a man allowed to divorce and a woman allowed to divorce is stark. A man, for any reason, can just simply go outside and say, I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you. He says it three times. There’s a waiting period to ensure she’s not pregnant, he takes care of a child, and it’s over. For a woman, she can only divorce a man if he leaves Islam, if he’s committed adultery, if he’s impotent,.

Or if he’s insane. So you have the example in Afghanistan. There is an Afghan who is a Muslim who comes to faith in Christ, but he’s divorcing his wife at the time. She turns him in for spiritual infidelity, and the government system is about to put him to death. There’s a cry from the international community, and they declare him insane. Therefore he can move into exile instead of into death. That’s the picture that’s happening across the Muslim world. But those are the only four reasons she is truly allowed to divorce, according.

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