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Custody Of Child Victoria

Transaction was speaking to satellite radio enduring interview she was asked about todd eighteens comments about rape now as you guys can imagine that the trade jackson a former snl star a has come out in the past and talked about her republican ideology she’s not exactly the most loving person on the planet it’s looking to be a republican and a conservative it’s another thing to just stout out lies and hatred and think that you shouldn’t face any consequences for them but during this interview that she had with satellite radio.

To send the following she says oh crap the tiny campaign was so blown out of proportion hitzig show how many times you people get pregnant from rape exploit zero zero one percents it’s a joke i read lots of articles i’d know people because i’m fifty three out all kind of argument that is that she continues to say i’m not a lot of people and i’ve actually never known anyone who got pregnant from being rate lapped back in some that israel had a frightening on his side and i i think i think inside.

Comments not having read it was just a joke i mean victoria jackson has a lot of people and none of them dot thank you for getting raped yeah anyway to see you guys it’s suggesting to forge a john johnson five percent of women who have got raped in this country and up pregnant as a result of that rape and if you want an actual number that’s thirty two thousand women year ok so it’s a little more than what victoria jackson is claiming yet we actually we worked it out expertise actually for her best to be.

Victoria Jackson On Todd Akins Rape And Abortion Comments

True they would have to be thirty two million of rapes a year a as we’re talking about pregnancy that would just be the female half of the rates of so she’s a bit off their stats uh. i i almost every time we cover something that she says the is invariably something crazy by almost in starting to feel a little bit bad for because she’s got some sort of mental problems are not saying that like bose she’s a conservative she’s brain dead like bill o’reilly conforming argument you might not agree with that they forms argument if you actually watch her talk.

You can tell that there’s not there’s nothing going on in their she actually does it show called literature x within a week says marvelous it is a good name but the show is just she sounds like a crazy person they should not remain homeless person i don’t think i don’t know if she’s actually crazy and i i think that if you take a person who is not interested in the fact someone who is a hearing and you expose them to the type of propaganda that bill o’reilly spews on a.

Regular basis and foxnews fees on a regular basis well that person who doesn’t really is not i guess intelligent enough to go out and do his or her own research will take and that information absorb that information righteously propaganda and then regurgitate it i’d still like everything he does i think that’s all she does i think she heard me talk a consent and so you know it it does make sense and she claims that she’s obsolete prolife and if she got raped she would have that baby.

She continues to say in the interview if i’d get raped it’s i’ve got raped i would have the baby and if i didn’t want to keep it because i had these in a mocking tone horrible nightmares i would adopt it out but i think i think they’ve got can turn a backing into a good thing and that i got raped and a beautiful baby was innocent baby who was innocent was born out of it that would be a blessing okay the dna in the baby is individual it’s not the mother’s dna.

It’s not the father’s dna and that’s why i believe abortion is murder because it’s not the woman’s body it has its own dna if there’s a baby if there’s a aborted baby inside of me he has a penis that’s not my body okayed iraq prescription israelis like david thank you this isn’t the craziest us has ever said she tends to she seemed to be before glenn beck should repeat sort of is i’m talking points as opposed to legal rally or something like that but that the ways and that is perfect she hears it would balance is a writer had she.

Spits it out there’s no critical thinking going on in like even the crazy critical thinking that glen beck was doing he is trying to lick pulled strings and figure out the connections division of doing that suspended often something about the penis and like it’s also that there’s no consistent thought processed and the there’s no thought process carried because she jumps from one ridiculous argument to another and it sounds like she’s kinda babbling shes a really realize what she’s saying and there isn’t much thought behind it uh. and also.

Like the one thing that i i think a lot of conservatives don’t think about when it comes to old woman who’s been raped and she gets pregnant as a result of that rate shot one man has to deal not in all cases but in many cases has to deal with the man who batter pregnant right uh. that men actually has the same rights unless she actually goes to court improves she got raped and all that and suffered a lot of women would be great to want to go through that process right.

Unless she does that process she will have to deal with that guy who might want to have custody of that child who might want to be involved in that child’s life brief horrible is that to not be able to escape the person who raped you and another thing that you should keep in mind the majority of women who get sexually assaulted and raped do not get sexually assault and rape by strangers a lot of times it happens by antiquated a family member or friend someone that they’ve known she sums up all of a horrible service.

Horrible nightmares and nobody wants to insist it’s it’s it’s horrendous and it’s also so classic of somebody who can doesn’t think through an argument to say well i’ve never known anyone got part of a rate because if you don’t personally knows somebody could actually be a problem at other people’s lives and i don’t weigh i also don’t know anyone who user got raped or had a baby as a result of rape right advani anything that’s anecdotal that that’s that’s like the most worthless argument that you can make.

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