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NIN MAND The vision for BC Youth Custody Services is to be a leader in the delivery of youth custody services in developing innovative, evidenceinformed practices that support the youth that we care for and inspire our youth workforce to reach their full potential. We’ve made many changes in how we deliver services to youth, shifting from a traditional correctional model to a child centre, therapeutic model. And we continue to lead the way in developing unique, evidenceinformed, strengthbased services to help work with the young people we have in our care.

JIM ARNOLD The average youth in custody in BC would be between 15 and 17 years old. They come in with a number of health general health and mental health issues that we try to address. The Teach, Reach and Inspire Program, the TRY Program, is a program that we borrowed from the state of Connecticut that teaches the value of community for the youth and it recognizes the fact that many youth have traumatic backgrounds and they need special help in coping. ANNIE SMITH McCreary Centre Society is an independent, notforprofit.

And we do youth health research and communityengagement projects and we are hired by the Custody Services to do an independent research and evaluation project. Definitely I’ve seen some real changes here, a move to much more traumainformed practice. Custody Service have really recognized the significant history of traumas that young people come with and have responded accordingly. NIN We’ve undertaken staff training and development programs to help our staff understand the profile of young people that we’re working with, what the research is telling us, how do we best respond to young people.

BC Youth Custody Services Striving for Excellence in Service Delivery

Who have complex traumatic histories in our daytoday practice. JIM Some of the unique programs that we offer to youth in youth custody is lifeskill programs such as the home ec program where they can learn to cook and be selfsufficient. We also offer the cultural program, so we get them involved in smoking salmon, different Aboriginal ceremonies, which will help connect them with their home communities and their culture. NIN My hope for the youth is that we have fulfilled our role as mentors and teachers and we’ve helped them develop.

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