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Custody Order Modification

Custody rights can be modified in florida custody is actually referred to as time sharing in florida and what that means is the law looks at it in a way that examines what percentage of overnights or days per year each parent shares time with the child that amount of time if you already have a timesharing or custody order in place that time sharing order may be modified by court order by filing what’s called a supplemental petition for modification of time sharing in order to modify time sharing or custody in florida you must show that there.

Has been a substantial change in circumstances which which means that you have to show that there has been some change that wasn’t contemplated at the time of the first custody order being entered that now um. warrants a change or modification of that time sharing and that the time sharing change that you’re asking for it is in the best interest of the child so yes time sharing can be modified it’s important that if there are circumstances that ever risen that uh. place the child in danger or the welfare of the child in danger that you.

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