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Custody Power Of Attorney Form

Sadly my parents’ health has declined considerably over the last couple of years. Well, my mother has dementia along with Parkinson’s. My father has a lot of considerable physical health difficulties. The time came when I needed to seek Lasting Power of Attorney to manage their affairs and help them. When James came to me he was in a bit of a difficult position because his parents needed his help. He’d heard about Lasting Powers of Attorney but just didn’t know enough about them so he needed some professional help. James’ parents had bought and sold houses through us and drafted wills with us.

Before so it was quite a longstanding relationship of maybe tens of years. They needed to know what his responsibilities would be as an attorney. What his duties would be and his parents also wanted to know what kind of power he would have over their finances. Monika was always very responsive to any calls or requests I made. She dealt with things very professionally, very sensitively. I’ve got to say Monika in particular had the people skills for the job. Working with people, especially with mental capacity issues, it can be.

Challenging but the thing is that every day is different and often at the beginning when people are first diagnosed they still have plenty of clarity and can make decisions so it’s just about empowering them and talking to them. What was potentially a nightmare situation to try and deal with yourself was very easily accomplished without any stress due to Monika’s handling of the processes. If they didn’t have a solicitor doing that for them on their behalf they could make mistakes, they could even have to pay fees again themselves if they did it wrong.

Securing Lifetime Power of Attorney

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