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Custody Rights In Egypt

I we have more updates from Egypt unfortunately the violence continues um now since Wednesday thats mainly when the military start moving in on most brother protesters we’ve had over 800 deaths over a thousand Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers have been detained I’m so no worry about what happens to them as well uh ends people criticize me for saying that I’m yes the Muslim Brotherhood every time I do the stories but it has to be clarified I don’t agree with their ideology I and I would hope that they would lose every election in a landslide.

That doesn’t mean you get to detain them because they might be Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers you could detain someone for doing actual violence which by the way the Muslim Brotherhood is doing from time to time not all of them but certainly some other now churches have been burned down course oppose a brother denies it but they’re the ones that were constantly speaking out against the Christians in Egypt and it seems like it’s a for conclusion from the evidence that we see that was likely them you want to detain those.

Guys and ask them questions of course you should that’s police work okay their guys that had rifles and that were firing from crowds from time to time you wanna go after those guys of course you should right and many cops have been killed at least 24 policemen have been killed since Monday so these classes are going in both directions but at every turn the military goes way to for so for example out the thousand people detained in the Muslim Brotherhood 38 work espec ciated and kilt now the military says oh no no we had already brought him to prison.

Grisly Mass Killings In Egypt

And they were trying to a prison break and they had captured a guard and we a put tear gas in there and and they I guess what in ventilated enough may die from that other legitimate sources say no the pack 38 guys into the back of a van they couldn’t breathe and they all died from not having enough oxygen and the authorities didn’t give it their we don’t know which stories true yet but you really just crossed the military any government let along with the Egyptian government is doing right now.

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