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Custody Vs Detention

So you’re 0 many in more trouble and now a last week I he a was apparently being reported by his own brother who sent out a tweet saying that he is going to get divorced a the that his wife shows have been has filed for divorce now breaking news today and why we bring this two storey this story to you in the first place turns out that he has been detained in the Central Florida town up for threatening his a now estranged wife Shellie Zimmerman and her father.

With a gun not look the police use the Bracknell says any this is in Lake Mary he says we’ve only heard one side so far we have heard Zimmerman side yet and you know the police are predisposed to listen Mizoram is i’d okay so they’re waiting on Matt this is happening right now okay but the you know you got the news choppers in there at cetera and David and Michelle D know the parents here and apparently obviously they’re involved area in the story as well now why is a merman possibly the neck so did not because of what he’s into his.

Wife known look if he threatened her with a gun that’s reprehensible there should be legal ramifications for that its center but that’s not what I mean it’s at the sky as we told you immediately after the verdict came in loves the spotlight he he can’t get enough of it that’s why he went to the gun manufacturers that produce the gun that killed Trayvon Martin and he was smiling and he’s taking the photo there cuz he’s like somebody somebody give me a little bit if it did you know I loved it you know.

George Zimmerman Detained By Police Over Possible Domestic Battery

Done that then said and you know that he’s reasonable over twice for speeding including last week is you know Stevo who works here was so story about his kids in you know when they were really young one of the girls would do something and then would say look at me got a look at Big Daddy I guess what kids do right it’s understandable and I hate to compare anybody’s kissinger’s airman but he’s doing that on a grand scale and Ana sad scale waz basically stole a whole country look at me does he look at.

Me I’m right here please please please don’t take the spotlight away welcome speedy look I happen to show up at a traffic accident bchamel in the middle of the morning ready with a fire hydrant fire extinguisher I say that was a curious story okay and then his as a lawyers say all him going to the gun manufacturer was not part of our PR campaign indicating that there was a PR campaign which made its way max’s situation and he is was ever speak again his wife files for divorce and now there’s a story out today about how he.

Might have pulled a gun on her your parents now what happened OJ after he was acquitted 00 when they took the spotlight away he was so sad so so sad OJ love the spotlight whether use a football player he was an actor war even during his trial so what do you do get up against the wall mother fucker as he famously said when he went back to get his sports memorabilia and then wind up in jail for a long long time in hope goes with gone to go get their sports memorabilia.

If they’re OJ Simpson you do that if either you have a tremendous guilty conscience which might be the case having come on I belong in prison I cut two people’s heads of rate I gotta find a way to get back into prison and or you think are somebody look at me look at me daddy look at me own yes I’m back in the news and I think Zimmerman has an even bigger case about so he’s not going to let this thing go until he’s back in a big big way and I’m afraid what he might do to get there to.

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