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Dad Wants Custody To Avoid Child Support

Hello everyone this is Tee with say it in love dot com I’m really befuddled because when we talk about hash tag black lives matter really do black lives matter especially when it’s a black man take a look at this clip and I will be back to give some comments Unbelievable story Detroit child support kid that’s not yours or go to jail order state Detroit man turned himself in 7 Action News Russell court Carnell Alexander Frank Murphy Hall of Justice freedom night sleep Cornell wanted man refuses to do what the state orders pay child support.

Child DNA test isn’t his child speak to him DNA test law dead beat dad judge scared attorney Harris volunteer help story 7 Action News Drudge judge jail thank you thank Ms. Harris future jail Carnell Alexander owes more than $30,000 to the state for a child that’s not his because the mom wrote his name down she needed to name someone in order to get welfare benefits I had to put him down as the father that was the only way I could get assistance almost homeless almost in jail out of work my money is being threatened to be taken Carnell.

Men dead dad father child that is not ours law in Detroit Kim Russell 7 Action News you would think that mother would have to pay that money back instead of him hypocrisy Carnell Alexander homeless jail lost his job dealing with this lady racist white supremacy system criminal injustice system garnish his wages life nobody really cares about black lives barber shop haircut three black women men 26 year old 5 children currently pregnant sixth on the way did not know who the father of the sixth child story lady barber shop man America father government father.

Black Man Has Pay Child Support For Kid That Is Not His or Go To Jail Ratchet Black Women

DNA test undermine knife fail job loan 4 different baby daddies child mother child’s father four two incarcerated in jail out of those two discontinued writing one of them quote fat black and ugly unquote black in black men black women brothers and sisters who made any one of us the standard bearer beauty perfection you taking racism supremacy tactics you using the European standard of beauty resident owned black African standard of beauty history black history w. E. B. Dubois black man call the mother black man called another black man.

Marcus Garvey fat black and ugly Carnell Alexander Read $70,000 biological father child life putter Serb perturbed men $30,000 court media help lady life multiplicity resources help Mr. Alexander celebrity hip hop rap stars Eminem Royce da 5′ 9 Dej Loaf Big Sean Trick Trick Mr. Alexander help political Congressional Black Caucus the Honorable John Conyers Jr the Honorable Brenda Lawrence help faith community the black church historically resources black people help Dr Charles G Adams Marvin L Winans Bishop Charles Ellis Dorinda Clark Cole Bishop J drew sheared Kiara Kiki sheared man help black people sharing our resources social.

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