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Dad You Were Right

Voiceover Do you wanna bang tonight doorbell rings Oh hey, can you stay the fuck in your room I’m pretending like I wasn’t frantically cleaning for the past 15 minutes. I tried on seven outfits before I decided on this one. both Bullshit about wine. I’ve been wine tasting once. Diverting this nervous energy by looking at a screen. I’m putting the burden of choice on you. Oh I’m not accepting that responsibility. Then that case I will offer up five or six.

Very diverse choices to show my intelligence, sense of humor, the fact that I went to college. Comment about that really popular series everyone’s talking about on the internet. Yeah. both But starting a series together is a lot of commitment. Who cares, we won’t be watching the movie anyway. Oh yes I just wanna make out a lot. And do other stuff. Alright getting ready to be nervous for 20 minutes about when to touch you. And how we decide to sit now.

Will determine a precedent about the rest of our relationship. Ignoring the fact that my arm’s gonna be numb in 10 minutes. Oh, too close to your butt. Oh, too close to your vagina. Too close gasps I’m not actually scared, I just wanted to touch your leg. Commenting on the movie to start an overlapping dialogue. I’m answering but I know what you’re actually doing considering how close our faces are together. I’m just kinda talking to talk. Angling my face hoping you’re gonna take a hint.

If Netflix And Chill Were Honest

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