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Dads Have Rights Too Utah

Police officials in hawthorne california responding to an armed robbery and while there was fine tonight armed robbery there were several residents in the neighborhood that were using their smartphones to capture footage of what was going on now there were armed robbers that had berry cated themselves inside a home and uh. as you can see in the tutorial that were about to show you there are multiple swatch cars uh. and upto armed police officers that are involved in a one hour and forty five minutes standoff now there was one.

Resident in the area that caught the police is attention and the following resulted this tutorial is very very graphic and give you guys as much warning as possible hot gases kids december breaking her heart interrupted and i will or were pattern and whatever had an a doing there okay so the context here is the bad guys being arrested the you’re seeing is obviously the owner of the dog and had nothing to do what was happening in the house but he did come out with a cell phone was according the cops he was by far the.

Closest to the cops the cops can’t tell them to go away well i actually have that he has a lot of the show that tutorial thing he has more context is the story and while the police officers responded the way that they did bird the his arrived the rumor of the room than anywhere in the neighborhood the reef ride said so they’re the guys recording that guy whose recording the cops is a lot of court is going on then uh. were saying like in a bid to become seriously in a lot of problems he.

Police Shoot and Kill Dog in Front of Owner Graphic Tutorial

Gives asking the cops why are there any black ops you know is that alan fortyfive minutes then dot mikasa wanna be dealing with this guy now but as you can see from the tutorial if he was pretty far from the cops accounts or had to come quite a way to come in a restaurant and then of course altercation anybody’s dug in the car for the dog jumped out of the causes some of the university of so but we have differing opinions here and this is dual conqueror still.

Sources of report by and was treated might take as an alligator sad that the police officers are guilty and the reason why i feel that way is because what and was doing in this case his name is liane ross be was not a legal okay he is allowed to film police officials while they are all in a public street he didn’t get close to the cops he didn’t do anything that interfered with their investigation he asked one question that irritated the cops and that was how come there no black cops on hand that’s a elected to the root of the.

Reaction from the police officials now hold on that one continue afterwards when they decided to arrest him alright he had actually put the rottweiler in the car but the window was down so as they were arresting him the rottweiler ke of course is protective of his owner uh. so he jumped out of the car and looked like he was get you know coming out the police officers right so the police officers responded by shooting alternate obviously we need more of an investigation because i’m not sure what.

They were armed with did they have a teaser did they have another way of etc how do you know again i disagree now i don’t disagree that situation didn’t have to hide adnan i do disagree with your but i don’t think you should disagree because that inspire incident didn’t need to happen overall is that the the legal by god it becomes should have had more patients they shouldn’t have gone after having said that he’s in the cops faces by for the closest to the cubs is right up to the.

Cop cars he stayed in a minority week it looked i’m in favor of handicaps and and we catch so many other the uses that way you go watch a hundred or tutorial secede okay it he in that someone subject how the well i don’t like us do we got standoff in their people are are okay i know you guys if they buy why did the white house i don’t know it’s not tired as i questioned i could see a white city only last night was now but.

The to me i got the sense that he’s trying to get on the last minute right and it is it again i want to be a good example on or whatever it is but we’re all the other side still they should go after large leaders rottweiler comes fishy stratigraphic he had a note with the other so there is try to grab a week on two different issues can get the leash and the rottweiler jumps up and joel i’ll jump up and they aren’t sure if i have.

I don’t take chances to be like all okay wait did i have occasion and i have this could have come up with it that said the interest animal meant it look any tried it right and then they had to put it down ido ido fault them for and by the way to school on let me finish i think based on one do you know we have i mean more evidence could come up that indicates that he was doing something to interfere with with what the cops are trying to do with our armed robbery right.

But based on that tutorial i mean there are no act like typed in came and went to resist arrest the guy ended in the hell out here top two men say look your interfering with our investigation right now but if you are usually diffusing the investigation because don’t worry about the armed robbery inside he’s got a good deal with this guy i suppose he’s not doing anything wrong okay he’s telling you casa like to be found again objects are some what and don’t you think that that’s a massive distraction.

Five thousand focusing on i don’t and the matter is that you have time to go arrest someone i hear you let me let me go to the rest of good court here services the government dot borders so yeah might have a bias but step by i think you don’t want to keep reducing solve wrong because the if l but the they must be trained to deal with surroundings especially in these circumstances images fell that the the word data link net denoble kadha guy put them the dike in the carpet the windows are open.

Everybody saying if you hear the real good that’s going to jump out the doc spinach about their body also killed by somebody i haven’t the cops in the government to go close the guys know they’re going to get out there you could tell that what they see a doctor jump out of the car become a part the dot owner in fred that’s a soso dollars the right way to do the shakeup ballistic a get your dog under control they knew the guy was enough physical threat to them.

So they could at uncomfortable let him deal with his dog and that that i was voluntarily being arrested asking a lot of the console blood all over it but i think they watch it cheney i don’t want to be saying i didn’t know that if he should be ashamed water would be the first one of the dc trainer deal the circumstances like not everything’s gonna be so perfect for you to be like clearcut light at the least it just at our cnn did a radio again because that dog jumped up single in the.

Area i’m not saying that dog was an aggressor obviously a dot was aggressive but the way the hamlet was incorrect uh. twotoone against so far janet jackson curiously what time they would have been the situation is illegal after this guy who was a block away due to the station you can ignore you you’re trained police officers so they should have been position where they do stupid alex that industry the what he’s done it myself there in one of these situations where they got dog company in the dog didn’t.

Seem like you to do things you do anything to them spores attack was no light by i totally disagree with the all of you i i don’t see them part of the frost of removed from that circumstance to be like meetings writing like he was gonna get the jugular record as having which is why begins iffy shot the dog i mean that’s one of those things much about this in the face derived you’ve lost control of your daughter so now the early control do whatever they want to do to but they should have.

Been there in the first place kentucky so what is a scene in a large degree of it but can i often get any kind of agreement but the guy also should have been there when you’re looking for trouble dude you were looking for trouble any about was happy he’s a citizen he gets to be worry was to be in my opinion are thinking of the girls orleans under constant me down this morning no fuckin reasons sassy why you look at me actions say that but let me know if i wanna competition but i get to say that i i understand.

That but you know they started by looking at you for no reason right this guy’s up in their face because he’s dying for some sort of confrontation patient and i don’t like that you end up taking similar to that because even further i where to put myself in that same situation but if i would have been that situation over to lay off and let me take your mike dot com all morning you could cut me during copy me let me go i’ll take care of the rocks also what’s in that scenario it was a a black eye.

With his rottweiler it was some journalists and the journalist is filming everything that’s happening and decide saxophone city of questions it does that mean that the constitutes trappers and you know what’s going on no one local up to two things over what i will also brought a street one ruling became the cops ago people into the supreme court here to it now if i was a commissioner and i’m looking at that based on this and that is five would have said he listened only days that guy.

You’re in the middle of it important armed robbery situation just ignore them he’s half a block away i know he was a cause trouble so don’t give in too about the cause of trouble so i agree with you and i agree with you guys the cops shouldn’t have gone down there bios so would be super annoyed at the guy quiet off definitely don’t have much good phyllis would you guys feel like yet you would have done it but whatever he has a right to do it but i wouldn’t.

Be on the stock shot he got his longshot cuz you looking for trouble and is a cody’s so clever and then when the plunge on something on that point was commissioner big definitely let you know that’s where it’s a mixed into me that’s were saying what his dogs at the job with the police you must expect a mystery to them that’s the best the downside so that we should get out of the street prostitution who don’t know if that’s the question though faces a belated realization lebanon position to be.

Because i think the wrong the guy in the first with a firm on the other government had meant to us there are any wrong not dogs out not your fault about in their face and that’s what happened to your daughter i don’t think they should ban it ice but as a prosecution for that i didn’t look by the city center which is a i really think both sides are guilty but people were all wearing green with the consummate gone down there and then when the dollar jumps up win were more split on it.

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