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Definition Of Child Custody In Islam

In the event the parents can’t decide who should have Custody of the kids What is the ruling regarding this matter in Islam Maintenance Payments are to be paid by the father without exceptions The Quran says, the woman bears the child, but she bears the Baby under the name of her husband. The child which was born for his father has to clothe, provide food, shelter. etc. for the child in Surah AlBaqarah Maintenance should be paid till this daughter gets married the maintenance for his son should be the same.

It shouldn’t stop when he reaches the age of puberty what should he eat or during It’s not going to be enough and he would stay hungry. resulting to possible death. The father has to look after his kids. Who should the custody be given to after a divorce There is a different Islamic ruling between boys girls, if it is a girl, she should remain with her mom till she is 9 years of age, and after that she should be turned over to her father. The female child shouldn’t be removed from her mother till then.

The male child should remain with his mom till he is between the ages of 5 and 6 after that period he should be turned over to his Father. Why is the male child being turned over to his father sooner So the male child can grow up around his father and other males. if he would to stay around women most of the time, it could influence his character In today’s society it has been brought up and researched that when a person who has many feminine traits grew up around women. at least that is what we are hearing.

Who should have Custody of the kids in a divorce Boanma Durumunda ocuk Kimde Kalmal

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