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Divorce And Custody In Delaware

Good morning. My name is Raymond Otlowski. I am an attorney in the State of Delaware, member of the Delaware Bar and the Bar for the Federal District of Delaware for 37 years. I have extensive experience in trial work and corporate law. As a corporate secretary of a closed end Investment Company, listed on the New York Stock Exchange, I filed IRS statements that were, quarterly and yearly, compliance documents, I issued stock prospectuses and became very familiar with the New York Stock Exchange and its workings. I first met CorpoMax, through Vincent Allard, who was a neighbor office so to speak, and.

We had a very enjoyable relationship over a number of years, specifically about ten years I believe. Taking that experience and seeing Vincent work very energetically and very knowledgably for all intents and purposes, I enjoyed being with him. We, by virtue of some buildings being torn down, for if you will, for further projects, Vincent and I now share office space together and work together for CorpoMax. I am on site, available at any time with Mr. Allard. Even though I am. too old, and many years in the business so to speak, I would encourage you because I learned something.

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