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Divorce And Custody Lawyers In Fayetteville Nc

Hi, I am Johnathan Wright with the Wright Law Firm In Fayetteville NC. If you are looking for the Best Lawyers In Fayetteville NC or for the Best Attorneys In Fayetteville NC you have came to the right place! We focus our law practice on area of Criminal Defense, Traffic Defense or any criminal matter, felony or misdemeanor. Including domestic violence offense, 50b or 50c restraining orders. And in the traffic offenses, anything from DUI, Speeding Tickets and anything inbetween. Such as driving while license revoked, license cleanups. If you have a traffic ticket or traffic offense in Fayetteville NC we got.

You covered. I have practiced law here my entire career. I started here as an assistant district attorney. I prosecuted here, then i left and start my own law practice 9 years ago. We like to be accessible to our clients, we want our clients to be able to speak with an actual fayetteville nc attorney and explain their cases and to maintain contact with us as they go through the process. Our clients leave here very satisfied, feeling good not only about their representation but about the relationship we build with out clients.

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