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Divorce Child Custody Korea

Go Cheok Hee, you psycho. So Jeong Woo, you rude bastard. You still have a bad temperament. You still show no promise of success. I am your boss! You grew up a lot. Three years ago, you couldn’t even look me in the eyes. Three years agoltbrgt Yes. Three years ago! ltigtEpisode 1ltigt Wait a moment. Wait, stop.ltbrgtltigtGo Cheok Heeltigt Fine, let’s get a divorce! You even throw ones that look like you! Wrinkled You throw ones that are wrinkled, like you. What Get out. Get out now! ltigt Fine. I’ll leave now, so give me money!ltbrgt I won’t give you any!ltigt.

You won’t Fine! Stop! Stop! Civil Code Section 8’2 provides that the Family Court, after considering the amount of property acquired by each party, shall determine the amount and method of division of the parties’ property. Therefore, Ahjussi, you can’t kick her out without giving her any money. See! You dummy! Civil Code Section 8372 provides the party who does not have custody of children, ltbrgtshall have the right of visitation. You can’t stop him from seeing his kids forever. See! You stupid woman! Fine. Then, we can do it according to law!.

Yes! Fine! House, money, shop, and kids can be divided according to law. However, law cannot divide your hearts in half. One side will get hurt, and that’s what divorce is. So please think about it carefully one more time. Once you guys split, you can’t go back. Excuse me, but. are you a lawyer ltigtDivorce Lawyer in Loveltigt ltigtEpisode 1ltbrgt That man, he ends it with that womanltigt Now, think of the face that gives you the most stress. I love you, I love you. I love you. I lov.

Divorce Lawyer in Love ep 1 engsub, indosub full screen 2015

Ltigt Go Cheok Heeltigt Go Cheok Hee ltigt Lawyer Go Cheok Heeltigt ltigtShe knows what a Monday is, but she’s a psycho who doesn’t know what a Sunday is.ltigt ltigtA crazy woman, who only has a work life and no personal life.ltigt ltigt Cheok Hee, who holds up a knife of Satan called divorce.ltigt ltigt Divorce is a blessing.ltigt ltigtChuk Bok Law FirmltbrgtLawyer Go Cheok Heeltigt I was passing by, when I noticed that this place had lights on even though it’s Sunday. ltigtDomestic violenceltigt ltigtFile for custodyltigt ltigtDivision of assetsltigt.

Divorce is a blessing Why is divorce a blessing It’s a failure. How many business cards did you get Pardonltbrgt How many lawyers did you meet How many business cards you got isn’t important. What’s important is whose business cards you got. If you don’t have to see a person you hate more than death, don’t you think that’s a blessing How much do you want ltigtChuk Bok Blessing Law FirmltbrgtSpecializes in divorceltigt ltigt Lawyers’ Towerltigt That guy, I’ve been working on him for three weeks. I went to a place to relieve stress, but I got more stressed.

LtigtGo Cheok Heeltigt ltigt The person you are trying to reach is not picking up the phone.ltigt How many times did I call Thirtyfour times. Woo Jeong Ho, this, really! Jeong Woo. So Jeong Woo. But why did you call us The rehearsal for Han Mi Ri’s case. ltbrgt We already rehearsed more than three. times. The situation has changed. You there, call him every three minutes. You should take off your fake eyelashes. ltigt Lawyers’ Towerltigt Good morning! Office Manager! Why didn’t you pick up your phone She’s really mad.

Did you guys spend the whole night here Oh, oh. You come out now Did you come, Lawyer Why didn’t you pick up your phone Oh, the thing is. I must have lost my phone at the supermarket. Your excuse is extremely lame. Why don’t you just say that your father passed away instead There are only two things that an employee needs to say to his boss. Yes, I understand. I’m sorry. Yes, I understand. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Are you out of your mind There’s Han Mi Ri’s appeal trial,.

And we didn’t even finish reading through all of the phone call records for Park Chan Woo’s adultery case. I love you like crazy. June 3rd, 732 at night. Can we just run away and live June 7th, 243 in the morning. Heart, heart, heart, lips, lips, lips. June 14th, 018. Wow, that’s right! How did you memorize everything ltigt I love you like crazy.ltigt ltigt HeartHeartHeartLipsLipsLipsltigt What nowltbrgt I’ll be back after eating breakfast. What You came to work at this time and want food If I don’t eat breakfast, I can’t work.

But since I didn’t work overnight yesterday, I will fill all the hours today and work hard to finish everything. Lawyer, you should have breakfast Have you ever seen her eat meals with us She eats with other lawyers, or she eats alone. Come back by 9 o’clock. Everybody must be here. If I tell her, I think I’m going to be scolded, and if I don’t tell her, I think I’m going to be scolded. So you should tell her. My mother told me that I should not open my mouth at the risk of my life,.

Even if a war may break out as the result of my silence. Lawyer. What If I’m not being impolite, can I tell you just one thing If it is something that is impolite, you shouldn’t tell me. But still. I think I already gave you the right answer. Yes, I understand. I’m sorry. Please give me two seolleongtang. Two ltbrgt I already ate breakfast. It seemed like you guys didn’t eat anything since yesterday. Eat a lot. But why did you have to pull an allnighter What more is there to rehearse for Han Mi Ri’s case.

The thing is. She found evidence. Ma Dong Goo’s CCTV. What I want a seafood salad without squid, broccoli cheese soup without broccoli, and carbonara without the cream sauce. And I want an iced Americano without ice. Um, customer. What Can I not order that Isn’t this a fivestar place Shouldn’t you make the food according to the customer’s order That’s not it. What is it There are only two things waiters can say to customers. Yes, I understand. I’m sorry. You are wearing a hanger. If you get up, I can explain in more detail.

You are wearing a hanger. Do you have Osso Buco We do ltbrgt You don’t. That’s why you can’t improve your ranking to a sixstar. I’ll have to go to another restaurant. He saw me like this and didn’t say anything So Jeong Woo, you! No, Lawyer! You should have said that before I went out to eat. You totally wanted me to be a fool. I was going to tell you. I told you to not say unnecessary words. I didn’t tell you to swallow words that you should say.

Ma Dong Goo’s CCTV. Are you really going to use it You got the evidence illegally! Seriously! It’s a lawyer’s ability to turn evidence that you can’t use into evidence that you can use. I object. We should not see evidence that the law says is inadmissible. Then do you want us to lose Winning by cheating is not winning. And Ma Dong Goo does not want a divorce. Do you still not understand Ma Dong Goo is not doing that because he wants to live with Han Mi Ri. While he’s dragging the suit on, he’ll sell land, sell stocks,.

Make bank accounts under a borrowed name, and move his fortune into them. Once it’s roughly organized, he’ll probably cite extravagance, turn the tables, and bring suit against her himself. That’s a commonlyused method to chase her out without giving her any money. Ninetynine percent of men who do not want a divorce are in that category! Then that means that there is still one percent left of the other possibility. Read this. Lawyer Go Cheok Hee. A lawyer decides whether she’s going to use the evidence or not. I’m about to go crazy, seriously.

If the fact that she installed the CCTV illegally is known, she will receive all the blame and repercussions. Illegal That startled me! Hey, hey. Why are you coming out from over there I don’t want to touch the toilet that Go Cheok Hee’s butt touched with my butt, so I use this bathroom instead. So. that CCTV was installed illegally I can’t do this. I’ll be going to the courthouse, okay ltigt The person you are trying to reach is not answering the phone.ltbrgtLawyer Jo Soo Ahltigt This person, again!.

Seventysix calls, fortyeight texts. I get sick of women who obsess over me. Lawyer. ltbrgt Why are you looking for me when you’re not even going to give it to me once If I give it to you once will you answer the phone Today is Ma Dong Goo’s trial. Rather than looking for you until the day of the trial, I’ll just give it to you once and call it a day. Wow, you’re pretty harsh for a woman. You know that attendance is mandatory for the Family Law Team, right.

That’s why I came here to buy clothes. How about my father He’s attending. He’s going to take a herd of lawyers and lower their confidence, I assume Anyway, how did you know I was here From the first street in Cheongdamdong, I walked straight until I found you. Pretty women are also smart nowadays. Here, I want to buy the shoes and the bag as well. Yes, CEO. He is attending. The thing is. He dropped it in the toilet so he took out the battery. Yes, we will go directly to the courthouse.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry. What do I do It seems expensive. It is expensive. About 20,000,000 20,000,000 ltbrgt$20,000 I can’t live with you! Seriously. If I bought you something that I didn’t want to buy for you, you should have at least eaten it carefully. Yet you go rub it all over someone’s clothing. What am I going to do with you What are you doing right now You said that it’s expensive. It is expensive. It is, but even if it’s expensive, it’s just clothing. Do you think that clothing that costs 20,000,000 $20,000.

Is more valuable than the innocence of the child It’s the adults’ fault for building the road like this. How can we say that this happened due to a child’s simple mistake Grow up to be kind and strong. Buy a new one to eat. ltbrgt Thank you. Where are you going I have to rebuy one. Lawyer! This is Seoul Courthouse, where the divorce trial of the century between DK Electronics Ma Dong Goo and Actress Han Mi Ri is taking place today. ltigt Because it was a marriage between a nameless actress and a secondgeneration chaebol,ltigt.

Ltigtthey surprised Korea once,ltigt ltigt and now with Han Mi Ri suing President Ma Dong Goo for a divorce,ltigt ltigtthe catastrophe worsens. ltbrgtDivorce after 7 years of marriage!ltigt ltigtIs Ma Dong Goo’s affair with a beautiful secretary the cause of DK Ma Dong Goo Han Mi Ri’s ‘tragedy’ltigt Gosh, I guess they want to film the lawyers as well. Are the rumors true Do you think that you will be able to win this fight Lawyer Jo Soo Ah from BF Law Firm! You are defending President Ma Dong Goo. Please make a comment.

The plaintiff is saying that President Ma Dong Goo had an inappropriate relationship with his secretary. They keep mentioning that, but as you know, they lost the suit due to lack of evidence. As expected there was no substantiated evidence submitted to the Court of Appeals, and as long as there isn’t a different view, we’re expecting that the second trial will have the same judgment. Han Mi Ri’s lawyerltbrgt Yes. There are rumors floating around that Han Mi Ri coaxed Model Jo Yoo Sang to go on a honeymoon trip.

And that she is getting a divorce because of that man. There are such rumors. What Which company are you a journalist for That you ask questions like that You must be the one who is spreading rumors, aren’t you Seriously. So annoying. What is it When did you come here Don’t use the CCTV. ltbrgt Hey! How dare you go over your line! To save one person’s life, you can’t ruin another person’s life! You are a lawyer. I am the lawyer. If you are that smart, you should be the lawyer instead.

Yeah Move. Hey! Hey! Hey! Stop right there. Hey! If you get caught, I’m going to put you in jail for thievery! Stop right there! Stop! Just where are you going until Give it back now! Give it back! You, you, you. Don’t you dare throw that away. I’m going to put you in jail for theft and vandalization! Please give me the CCTV CD. If I get it, I’ll give you this bag back. That laptop. I took off the cover for the first time yesterday. Please. If you drop that bag, your laptop is safe.

If you do that. No! My limited edition mouse! You! The color that stopped being produced in 2010! Let’s not be like this and end it peacefully. Take the CD, and in return, save my bag. Okay Okay, okay! Deal. The inner pocket of the bag. Drop it. Dro You should drop it. Yes. One, two, three!ltbrgt One, two. Since you are here, do me a favor. What As you can see. Stocking A lawyer, who must be trustworthy, cannot go into court like this. It’s not like I’m part of a girl group.

Get me one with a coffee color. We have ten minutes left. Woo Jeong Ho, that rude bastard. Does he think he’s the goddess of justice or something He’s not even a lawyer, but always talks about the law and whether evidence is valid or not. Go Cheok Hee, this psycho! Mary. Kkamji. Cchong. In this day and age where people even call dogs by their names, To those kids She memorizes her client from three years ago, but she doesn’t know the names of her employees who have been working for three years.

I should have quit a long time ago. If you quit, how are you going to survive All women have a lottery ticket that has not been scratched yet. If I pick right, the lottery ticket will be daebak. What is it Marriage. It was wrong of me to expect much from you. But Han Mi Ri’s trial. Doesn’t it seem like there is something Seeing how Jeong Woo is that worked up. I don’t know. You probably won’t know. You don’t know anything. Hey! Actress Go. It’s been a while since I heard that nickname.

Why are you in court It’s been longer than a year since you last had a trial. My dad called me out.ltbrgt You are here to catch me, right It seems like I’ll be seeing your method acting skills which I haven’t seen in a while. Remember, I was a fan of your acting since the mock trial sessions in college. Ladies first. You didn’t make the trial private It’s more fun to see fun things with other people. I guess you’re killing two birds with one stone. I’m like this. I didn’t think that far.

That’s why I guess people say to go to a big hospital if you’re sick, and to go to BF Law Firm if you want to sue someone. Han Mi Ri. It’s ironic. I opposed you so much because I didn’t want you to become a part of my family. But now, I’m here trying to convince you otherwise. Hyungnim, I. Chopin’s Nocturne No. 8, in D flat major.ltbrgtltigtChopin’s Nocturne in Eflat major, Op. 9, No. 2. is playing in the backgroundltigt Park Tae Hwan listens to music before his races so he doesn’t have to hear any useless sounds.

Useless sounds I heard that there are many lawyers, and now I guess I’m seeing some useless ones in court. How dare a wretch who cleans up after a celebrity’s mess say that I’m talking nonsense I think it’ll be better if you limit your talking. Please have a seat. Why isn’t he coming Did you buy it Give it to me. Give it to me! The restroom is that way. I’m going to be late. This will be better. Lawyer! Whatltbrgt Throw it away. You worked hard. Long time no see, Jeong Woo.

Yes, long time no see. Ahjumma said that you gained some pounds. I guess it’s true. It’s nice. You look relaxed. You look good as well. The judge is coming in. All rise! I think I need to go in. Let’s keep in touch. Yes, okay. Since the petition of appeal last July, 2.8 of the share of DK Distribution was handed over to his sister, Ma Dong Mi. This looks like a typical case of trying to protect his wealth. The share of DK Distribution was already expected to be given to his sister with her appointment as the CEO.

That is insufficient as an evidence of protecting wealth. There weren’t any definitive conclusions from the preliminary interrogation and even the arguments for unfair actions by the plaintiff are all circumstantial, without any direct evidence. There is evidence. What is it This is the CCTV data that show the inappropriate relationship between Ma Dong Goo and his secretary. She did not submit that evidence in advance. When was it filmed January third. Do you know what kind of tutorial it is This is a trial of appeal. You had plenty of time to submit it in writing.

What is your reason for submitting it now I did not want to submit it. This is evidence that could be harmful to the defendant. I wanted to avoid it as much as I could. However, Ma Dong Goo worked together with his secretary in the same office then sent her overseas right after he was sued for divorce. That’s why we were not able to get further evidence. Where was this filmed Ma Dong Goo and Han Mi Ri’s house. ltigt What is thatltigt ltigt Seul Gi’s previous tutor was a little strange.ltigt.

Ltigt We installed the camera because our child always had bruises after class.ltigt ltigt But we didn’t use it for a while after we changed the tutor, so it isn’t working right now.ltigt ltigt Does President Ma Dong Goo know that there is a CCTVltigt ltigt We even watched the footage together before.ltigt ltigt You’ll have to stop by Yongsan.ltigt ltigt Pardonltbrgt Find one that looks exactly like that model.ltigt ltigtLawyer.ltigt ltigt How many rooms are in this houseltigt ltigt There was a CCTV in the houseltigt That’s clearly an illegal act.

Even if it is her house, installing a CCTV with an objective of watching over someone else’s personal life is a violation of privacy, and can be punishable under terms of sexual harassment. This CCTV was not installed to watch over his personal life. It was installed a year ago because of Ma Dong Goo’s daughter, Seul Gi. ltigt Your husband and his secretary have meetings everyday here, rightltigt ltigtYes.ltigt ltigtThat camera, it was installed one year ago.ltigt ltigt Do you know what I meanltigt ltigt It was installed to see if Seul Gi was beaten by her tutor or not.ltigt.

The plaintiff, who left the house to film a movie, installed the CCTV to watch over her child. The tutorial of the defendant was captured by this CCTV coincidentally. Ma Dong Goo, did you know the fact that there was a CCTV installed in your house Did you know I knew that there was one in the living room, but not in the office. It’s been over a year since we changed the tutor, and I Did you know Yes. Have you ever watched the tutorials from the CCTV before Yes.

Can I play it Your Honor! Turn it on. ltigt Nobody is looking.ltigt ltigt It’s my house.ltigt ltigt Han Mi Ri and Jo Yoo Sang must be filming by now.ltigt ltigtWhat do you think those two are doingltigt ltigt What should we doltigt Silence! Silence! We will close this hearing here and continue the trial at the main court at 4PM on March 4. You set this all up, didn’t you What did you say your name is I’m Go Cheok Hee. I’ve expected many different situations, but I didn’t know that a child would be used.

I thought that BF Law Firm could predict anything. Keep this in mind. A person who uses unexpected methods to get to me, most definitely, due to an equally unexpected method, will see the bottom. Again, I learned something from you today. As expected, something enjoyable is more fun when we watch it together. Lawyer Go! Please tell us something! Did you expect that from Ma Dong Goo How did you expect him to react Did you already know this would happen I think the courts lack too much motivation for any change.

Are you talking about the trial No, the chair. Couldn’t they change them to the ones with the cushion After a reconstruction, there is no improvement whatsoever. CEO, is it alright for me to take off Because my back hurts. Go. Yes. Aren’t you going too easy on him Only that rascal doesn’t know that. DK will not just sit idly by. What shall we do When you’re climbing the Himalayas, do you know what the hardest thing is It’s not the wind or the snow. It’s sand. One grain of sand inside your shoe rolls around,.

Then you can’t think of anything else. For now, just think that we’re going to appeal and prepare for that. What are you planning to do She said she was Go Cheok Hee, right So it’ll never get into my shoes again, it needs to be extricated. Completely. Sit down like this. Comfortably, please get into this position. Now, bring that person’s face to your mind. I love you. I love you. I love you. Hey, are you sure this is the way to relieve stress I think I’m more stressed.

Just try it. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. ltbrgt I lo. I love you.ltbrgt I lo. I love. I wanted to clean up during the day, but I don’t dare to. Get rid of that trash that you don’t even look at or at least store them away. Let it go, Mi Hwa. I’ll clean it up later. Let’s clean up a little, Mr. Jeong Woo. You think I’ll be fooled again. Oh, that! Don’t throw that away. As if this holds good memory.

I’ll take care of it later. Jeong Woo, garbage or memory, quickly get rid of what you need to get rid of. Only then you’ll have space to put in other things! ltigtCivil Law Teaching Materialsltigt ltigt Yoon Seong Haeltigt Daebak! Ma Dong Goo’s tutorial is up. Really Shocking! The nation’s asshole, Ma Dong Goo’s tutorial. Let’s see it. Stop. Over there. I want that. Ma Dong Goo No. That’s money right there. Really. But that one, isn’t that the one Ha Mi Ri was also carrying Ma Dong Goo has another woman.

Absolutely!ltbrgt What do you mean Only 3 came into the country, and on the day they came in, DK took them all. That means Ma Dong Goo bought them. Han Mi Ri got one. If the secretary has one as well, that means there is one left. If only that was me. Rather than giving ankle monitors just to rascals who sexually assaulted or kidnapped someone, they need to give shameless gold diggers ankle monitors, too, and watch over them. ltigt Yoon Seong HaeltbrgtShocking. The nation’s asshole, Ma Dong Goo’s tutorial!ltigt.

Oh my, the nation’s asshole came to me, too. I’m leaving. You are acting as if I created that asshole. Am I the one who made him have an affair He became an asshole on his own. You didn’t make him have an affair. You executed him publicly. What I think what is bad is all equally bad. Not what is worse. I’ll be leaving. ltigtFatherltigt Yes, Father Hey, hey! Mi Hee, that wench, went to Seoul! What That crazy girl wasn’t satisfied with just ruining everything here. She went to your house!.

Go there immediately. Mi Hee. Let’s eat before you go. You don’t see thisltbrgtltigtLease Deposit Contractltigt I am here to take your rent money. It’s been 3 years since we’ve seen each other. Eat before you go. Don’t pretend to be kind. It’s disgusting. I’m living like this because of whom Who is gone that I became like this! I’ll pay it back, forever. That’s why, go after you eat. Why should I Meals are eaten with people we’re friendly with. To me, you’re not even family. Mi Hee didn’t come here.

LtigtShe didn’t go thereltigt No she didn’t. ltigtThank goodness! You’re safe then. Hurry and change your locks.ltigt Okay. At least she left this. You didn’t forget, did you How could I forget It’s Han Mi Ri’s winning day. No, it’s Office Manager So’s birthday. I started reminding you a month ago. But why should I celebrate his birthday Because he is your employee. Okay, I got it. I will deliver the verdict. Year 2011, Number 2846 Plaintiff Han Mi Ri. Defendant Ma Dong Goo. Child in custody, Ma Seul Gi. Plaintiff and defendant will be divorced.

Defendant will pay the plaintiff 50,000,000 $50,000 as alimony. Defendant will pay the plaintiff 8,400,000,000 as her share of the property division. How do you feel about this ltbrgt Make a comment please! Will you appeal this decision How do you feel about this decision You will appeal, won’t you I’ll see you at the High Court then. Did the petition not reach you yet What It will come soon. The one for housebreaking and violating the criminal laws against sexual harassment. I believe I told you already. That you will be made to see the floor.

You have to manage your employees well. Did you bring the present Where is he I told you it’s a surprise. I invited. Where is he Who Me Lawyer. ltbrgt You dare betray your senior lawyer Are you suspecting me How can I trust you Just because you’ve been working in this field for a while, you dare tell me to use or not to use an evidence! You are acting like you are a lawyer, but you are nothing! Can you be in charge of a case or argue a case in court.

Lawyer, he’s been working in the legal office for 3 years now. There’s a saying that goes A dog at a school yard, in three years, it’ll recite poetry. So. Did you ever see a mutt become a master A dog will always just be a dog for life. Jeong Woo. Mom. Is this woman crazy Wait outside. Who the hell do you think you are that you can throw seaweed soup, that I made, at him I said to leave! That. that. mannerless. It’s just a misunderstanding, Mother. Please calm down.

Even if she were to knock over the seaweed soup.ltbrgt Please calm down, Mother. Don’t try to dissuade me. ltbrgt Mother, Mother. Your personality is rough, but I respected your skills. I wanted to learn from Korea’s best divorce lawyer. But this is the total result of my 3 years here. I’ve protected this yard for three years, yet if the master still cannot trust me, then yes, this dog will leave. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. To the office manager that we love.

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday! Make a wish. ltigtDivorce is a blessing.ltigt You said living without having to see someone you hate is a blessing. Yeah. Until my last day in this world, please let me never lay my eyes on this woman ever again! It’s not him Don’t make me laugh. I saw him talking to the opposing legal team with my own eyes. Wow, you really are the nation’s asshole. Kidnap Help us reconcile. I can’t. How much fee did you agree on 10 or 15 of the winnings.

You rather pay me 2,000,000,000 rather than lose 10,000,000,000 to Han Mi Ri It was a mistake. A mistake is mixing sugar in place of salt. I’ll pay for my sins. If I can be forgiven, I’ll pay any price for the rest of my life. Don’t you think having to lose everything due to one mistake, is too harsh Not everything. Just all your wealth. I was stressed about Jo Yoo Sang’s scandal. Just thinking about my wife being with him. Haven’t you made a single mistake in your life.

Han Mi Ri doesn’t even want to hear you breathing. How can she live with someone whom she can’t even stand to hear breathing What do you think is the most important thing for a person like me Although unexpected, it’s family. A lawyer who was in the Central Public Prosecutor’s Office and just opened his own practice. And they say that this man is at Atlantic Corporate Law Firm. And over here, the top among those who passed the bar this year. When your mom called from America, I told her about them.

She said she likes this one. I like this one. Woah. You want to marry me off to another guy You told me to marry Jeong Woo since I was seven. Mrs. Kim said that female lawyers are like leftover soup. The only people who will marry female lawyers are male lawyers. I saw Jeong Woo. He agreed to meet you No. By chance. I know. How nice would it be if you had both passed the bar together Don’t feel disappointed by him avoiding you. It’s not because he doesn’t care but because he lacks confidence.

Let’s send Jeong Woo to law school. What Jeong Woo was a better student than I was. If it’s been four years since the accident, it’s about time for the memory to have faded. I just saw the most terrible thing when I visited him at the office. If I had any money, I would’ve sent him to law school years ago. What is this You said the only people who will marry female lawyers are male lawyers. Make him a lawyer so I can get married. Why are you alone ltbrgt As you know Office Manager So left yesterday.

It looks like Hye Rin left too. Her phone is off. What is this Han Mi Ri was accepted back into the drama. She sent you a gift. Oh. That’s the designer purse Hye Rin was talking about. ltigtOnly 3 were imported into Korea but all three were sold the day they came in.ltigt ltigtMa Dong Goo supposedly bought all three.ltigt ltigtHan Mi Ri has one.ltigt ltigtThe secretary has one. That means there is still one left.ltigt This is from here, right Only three bags were in Korea. Yes. Is there a problem.

I heard that DK bought all of them. That’s right. You must be very important. What Oh, Han Mi Ri. She only ordered one, but she bought all three to give them away as gifts to important people. If you don’t like it, do you want an exchange Oh Even Go Cheok Hee comes to places like this Cheok Hee! ltigt Han Mi Riltigt Who are you Oh, she is Lawyer Go, who is helping me. This is model Jo Yoo Sang. We are practicing our lines. Sunbae, I’ll be going there first.

Why did you come here This is one of the three bags that were imported to Korea. The person who bought them is Han Mi Ri, and the people holding them are you, Hong Eun Seol, and me. They said that you are good, You have a hole in such a random place. Right What are you doing right now No one will know anyway. Lawyers must protect her client’s confidences. Then the rumors. We’re are all the same people. Me, Hong Eun Seol, and you. ltbrgt What People who didn’t have that much to begin with can get some money from those who do, don’t you think.

Why do you think I came to you instead of a giant law firm I investigated you quite a bit. In the end, didn’t you go that far to get my money You didn’t want any consolation money or child support. You asked me if you could just raise the child. When there’s someone already carrying a knife and running wild, what’s the point in me touching the knife If I want to eat or want something, I can just hint it with my eyes. ltigtHan Mi Ri, we are filming soon!ltigt.

Then. ltigtThe tutorial of President Ma Dong Goo, who is called the nation’s asshole,ltigt ltigt has been spreading wildly,ltigt ltigt and DK Electronics is at risk.ltigt ltigt People have been boycotting purchasing DK products, and commercials have stopped.ltigt ltigt The executives have even requested to quit.ltigt ltigt The citizens are angry at the immoral actions of the collapsing chaebol.ltigt ltigtEven the stock market expressed worries about the falling rate of DK Electronics’s stocks.ltbrgtLawyer Go Cheok Heeltigt ltigt As more people are getting angry at President Ma Dong Goo,ltigt ltigtmore people are sympathizing with his wife, actress Han Mi Ri.ltigt.

Ltigt The person you are trying to reach is not picking up.ltigt ltigt President Ma Dong Gooltigt Excuse me! Excuse me! Where did he go He was just here. What should we do He must have died! ltigt The police stated President Ma Dong Goo, who committed suicide,ltigt ltigtwas psychologically affected because of the divorce and malicious comments.ltigt ltigt According to Secretary Choi.ltigt Did you appeal it I submitted it the day before yesterday. Find out if Han Mi Ri received the petition. Hurry. Yes. ltigt Ma Dong Goo, who left his wife Han Mi Ri and had an inappropriate scandalous affair with his secretaryltigt.

What happened ltigt President Ma Dong Goo made an extreme decision.ltigt ltigt Because President Ma Dong Goo committed suicide.ltigt Suicide Did you petition for an appeal If she received the petition then they’re not legally divorced yet. Wow, Go Cheok Hee. She can’t even get any money for winning. ltigtThe entire balance of Ma Dong Goo’s fortune is now Han Mi Ri’s and Ma Seul Gi’s.ltigt ltigtSeoul Family Courtltigt ltigt We should not see evidence that law says is inadmissible!ltigt ltigt There is still one percent of possibility.ltigt ltigt To save one person’s life, you can’t ruin another person’s life!ltigt.

LtigtTiming and subtitles brought to you byltbrgtThe Marriage, Not Divorce Team Vikiltigt Yesltbrgtltigt Is this Go Cheok Heeltigt That’s me. ltigt A complaint has been filed against you.ltigt ltigt You must come to the police station to be interviewedltigt ltigtfor the criminal justice violations of burglary and sexual harassment.ltigt ltigt On Thursday, 10 o’clock, come in comfortable clothes.ltigt ltigt Hello Are you listening to meltigt ltigt Three years later ltigt ltigt Actress Han Mi Ri became a strong candidate to receive the Academy Award for Best Actress.ltigt How does she not age.

She probably did something. Isn’t that bag really pretty Yeah. How much is that It must be very expensive. Did you come out, Lawyer What should we do I feel like I’m going to get pregnant by just looking at him! Wholtbrgt Don’t you know Pregnant Smile The new lawyer on the fifth floor! ltigtI was runningltigt ltigt to a strange place again ltigt ltigtThe shining sky and the wind that embraces meltigt You have an interview for an office manager at 9 o’clock.

The CEO is going to be a bit late, so he asked you to see her before him. ltigtYou, who move my heartltigt ltigtLawyer So Jeong Wooltigtltbrgt ltigtEven if we are still inexperiencedltigt ltigtEven if we are still afraid, it’s okayltigt ltigtIf I have youltigt ltigtI want to love againltigt ltigtI want to believe in loveltigt ltigtI, who met you, want to start dreaming againltigt ltigt Seon Taek Choice Law FirmltbrgtSpecializes in Divorceltigt Yes She came. Come in.

You came, Lawyer Oh. Oh. It’s been a while. Why are you here Lawyer, why are you here ltigtI keep remembering your way of talking and facial expressionltigt ltigtYou always get mad. ltigt ltigtWe fight whenever we meetltigt ltigtLawyer So Jeong Wooltigt ltigtIt’s strange, my heartbeatltigt ltigtLa la la la la la la la laltigt ltigtSomething feels differentltigt ltigtSweet darling, babyltigt ltigt ltigt ltigtDivorce Lawyer in Loveltbrgt Preview ltigt ltigtLawyer So Jeong Woo!ltigt ltigtHe was a dog reciting poems in my yard.ltigt.

Ltigt But you want me to work under himltigt ltigt In this office, I am the lawyer!ltigt ltigt This isn’t right!ltigt ltigt I will try to take care of Go Cheok Hee.ltigt ltigt I nominate her as the office manager!ltigt ltigtWith her confidence stature and this face.ltigt ltigt Are you not going to get a divorceltigt ltigt So Jeong Woo, this bastard!ltigt ltigt So you are going to come out like thisltigt ltigt Go Cheok Hee!ltbrgt Oops.ltigt ltigt Get out, please!ltigt ltigt Now there are three people who want to fire you.ltigt.

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