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Divorce Custody Arrangements

Hello, have you ever wondered how to make child custody arrangements Well, I’m Dr. Felicia, and I’ve worked with custody issues for many years. I’d like to help you make this as seamless as possible. When you’re making child custody arraignments, very often, they call in a professional parent coordinator, if there’s an issue that you can’t resolve. Your lawyers usually try to help you make out arrangements, that are best suited for the child. What you want to do, is keep life as consistent as possible, for the child. The best way to do that, is let the child have one primary residence, and maybe the.

Alternate parent, that they see every other weekend and vacations. The other ideal way, would be to have the child go one full week to one parent, and one full week to another parent, but of course, this would require that you live in the same school district. That’s not always possible, so more than likely, you’re going to have the week on, and alternate parent on different weeks. What this calls for, is very specific changing of holidays, shared holidays, alternating holidays, and the other thing, is to communicate problems.

Or issues. For instance, if the child is sick and you need to send an inhaler, or you need to send some medicine, you can communicate by email, and it cuts down friction and tension between the parents, so email helps you keep a record that you actually did communicate the problem, and also, it keeps the emotional tone out of your communication. If you have to drop the child halfway to a district, be sure that you stop someplace in that district, and get a receipt. For instance, go to a McDonald’s. Get a timed stamped receipt to prove that.

Relationship Breakup Divorce Advice How to Make Child Custody Arrangements

You actually drove two hours, or whatever it is that you needed to do, and if the other parent doesn’t show up for the visitation, at least you have a record of that, so to have that custody arrangements, that way you always have a record, whether you use email, time stamp from a restaurant, etc. You always have a record that you actually did your end of the bargain. The other thing that’s important to remember, is honor the other person’s respect, when they’re in that household.If you’re supposed to call at seven o’clock on your off nights,.

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