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Emergency Custody Order Delaware

In limited circumstances where a court finds that irreparable injury has occurred, or will occur to a child, the court has the ability to use its authority to make emergency orders regarding temporary parenting time, and legal decision making, among others. When a court makes emergency orders it does so without notice to the other party, because urgent action is needed but once those orders are entered the petitioning party must serve the other party as soon as possible prior to the emergency hearing that will be set soon after the orders are made. A quick hearing needs to be set in order to satisfy the responding.

Parties right to notice of the allegations being raised against him or her. For example, emergency orders may be granted in cases that involve physical abuse of a child, by a parent or custodian. Emergency orders can also be granted when a parent is exposing a child to drugs or other illegal substances while the child is in their care. Depending on the circumstances courts can suspend parenting time or greatly restrict it, in order to preserve a child’s safety and wellbeing. If you believe you may be in a situation that requires an.

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